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8/26/2022 2:52:43 AM

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The cruel reality made him realize how terrible the estrangement between Hu and Jin in Youzhou Army was. Duan department of Xianbei rebellion, this clearly ridiculous rumors unexpectedly will make the original in the upper hand of the deep and remote States army therefore into chaos. And left the power of the Xianbei people, oneself even have no ability to maintain the war. Although what Jiang Zuo said was not pleasant to hear, it really hit his soft spot: the whole army of Youzhou really relied on the Xianbei people. If I had known this, if I had known this.. Oh, that's all. Now, there is nothing to say. Look at the cavalry on their left and right, the ugly state proved that they simply can not continue to fight, even want to reorganize them, restore their will to fight is not a short time to do. The battle of northern Xinjiang has been lost. Such a military operation, which mobilized huge forces and was carefully planned in advance, ended in a disastrous defeat. Even Wang Jun Fortunately, Yuwen and Duan all suffered heavy losses, and the Hu chieftains had to appease the people first, and they couldn't do anything for a while. As long as he can safely withdraw from the thistle city, relying on the foundation of operating in Yan for many years, he is not afraid of Hu Er's instability. But to be on guard against someone in the court of Luoyang taking this opportunity to stir up trouble. Wang Jun has always been so far-sighted, even in the process of escape, will be able to consider the balance of power of the Hu clan in Youzhou in the future, but also for the Luoyang Dynasty may cause criticism, draw up more than ten refutations. Around him,Magnesium Oxide MgO, a lot of Youzhou knights seemed to be thinking about something, silent, regardless of the horse to whip the horse. Wang Jun and Duan Jilu's family, the two senior generals of the Youzhou Army, chose to flee first, leaving the scattered soldiers behind. For the military merit sent to the door, on behalf of the county army how can polite? People at first also rules and regulations strictly under the army attack,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, to later, Xianbei people completely lost courage, on behalf of the county army is like killing cattle slaughter sheep, unreasonable platoon head slash. This hard to kill, how many enemy, simply can't count, as Lu Yao assault the enemy on behalf of the county cavalry, each person killed at least two or three deep and remote state foot soldiers. Arrived later, even if the armor bright Xianbei Hao, senior officers, the men are too lazy to cut the head, directly stabbed to death. Apart from the dead, the number of soldiers of all nationalities of Hu Jin in Youzhou Army who fled in disorder was not in the minority. Lu Yao had no intention of getting entangled with this. He was worried about the safety of Ding Miao's front troops. So once the situation in the main battlefield was settled, he selected a number of elite troops who still had spare capacity and went north to meet them. Only Xue Tong led some of the troops to clean up the battlefield and arrest them. Xue Tong lined up his own headquarters, from east to west, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, and then from south to north. In addition, several blocks were divided, and several generals were responsible for their own work. There are many officers in charge of this work, two of whom are in the highest position, one is Shen Jin and the other is Zhu Sheng. Both of them are veterans around Lu Yao. Shen Jin was born in the Bingzhou Army under Sima Teng. He was an old acquaintance and comrade-in-arms of Lu Yao. And Zhu Sheng was also reorganized into Lu Yao's subordinates when he was reorganizing the army in Yueshigongji City. Along with Lu Yao, they fought in Qixian, Jinyang, Yecheng and Daijun, and made many achievements, so their official positions and power soared. Now Shen Jin is a partial general, and Zhu Sheng is the general manager of the county army intelligence information. On behalf of the whole county army, Lu Yaoxin heavy degree can exceed them, just a few people. But neither of them was able to take part in the battle. Zhu Sheng and his scouts naturally can't easily consume, and Shen Jin and his men are arranged by Lu Yao in the rear side of the army, to guard the two rivers into the water zone, and to use as the reserve of the army, did not get the opportunity to fight with Xianbei people. Mobile phone users can visit the WAP. Mianhuatang. La to watch novels and update them synchronously with the official website. Chapter 56 captives (2). One second to remember "Cotton Candy Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with a wonderful novel to read.

As the two generals of the Youzhou army fled one after another, Lu Yao and Liu Ya's cavalry on behalf of the county were in hot pursuit of them, and the main battlefield, which had been so noisy, suddenly became quiet. The early autumn sunshine fell on the gentle plain meadow and shone on the soldiers' uniforms soaked with blood and sweat. Staying here to clean up the battlefield at this time, only the main force of step soldiers led by Xue Tong and Shen Jin's troops. Lu Yao's method of fighting was accustomed to suddenly concentrating his forces and launching a strong surprise offensive in the process of a stalemate between the two armies, and the victories in Tuanbai Valley and Yecheng were the results of this tactic. However, the concentration of forces to launch an offensive does not mean that they are reckless. In any case, he will try to ensure that he has a strong reserve in his hands in case of emergency. This is just as Sun Bin, a great master of the art of war in the Warring States Period, said: "With the formation of three points, the teaching formation has a front, and the teaching front has a rear, all waiting for orders to move.". Fight one to defend two, with one to invade the enemy, with two to close. Shen Jin's troops are the general reserve of the county army in this battle. The reason for using him to take on this task is that Shen Jin and his subordinates are brave and skillful in fighting, no matter where they are used, they can play a considerable role; but also because Shen Jin is old enough and his prestige among the soldiers is high enough to shock the scene at the critical moment. From the point of view of the division of labor in the campaign, the importance of Shen Jin's troops is exactly the same as that of Ding Miao, Xue Tong and Liu Ya. However, Shen Jin himself is not very satisfied with this. Since it is a reserve team, it represents that this war can not be meritorious. He scattered under the command of people, formed a huge net to collect all kinds of military money left behind horses, also catch those alone Xianbei people. He looked at a leisure, looking for a bend in the river, some worry to think about it. Several QinBing followed him step by step at first, and he quickly waved back. In the past, the Japanese company Ma Teng failed to manage Bingzhou. After he fled to Yecheng, the rest of the Bingzhou army,calcium ammonium nitrate price, including Lu Yao, was in a constant state of anxiety. It was not until Yue Shigong rode into the army that he destroyed the Xiongnu general Liu Jing in the first battle of the edition bridge and exiled soldiers from all over the country. Be able to belong to, put up the Jinyang army on the ruins of the shelf.