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8/26/2022 2:53:25 AM

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"Eh.". Nothing. I'm saying I'll treat you to dinner. I tidied up my train of thought and sat there smiling at Murong Ruoqing, who was like a porcelain doll in front of me. Then I couldn't help observing her face. Looking at her lovely and innocent face, I unconsciously put an evil smile on my mouth. Invite me to dinner? Why? Murong Ruoqing said to me in astonishment, apparently very surprised at my practice, and could not understand, so he asked me out. Of course there's a reason. Have you forgotten? Last time I dirtied your clothes, I said I would pay for it, but unfortunately you didn't, but I said I would invite you to dinner, you should remember this, but at that time you were pulled away by the frost, so I didn't have time to invite you to dinner, this time since I saw it enough to explain the ape dung between us, so I must invite you this time. Make it up to you, otherwise I'll feel guilty. You know what I don't like most is to owe others a favor. I said half-jokingly to Murong Ruoqing in front of me with a half-smile. Mmm. Here's the thing. All right, but. Don't have any bad intentions. You should know that there is only one person in my heart, and I am very powerful. I know martial arts. Murong Ruoqing said to me with a smile, then half-jokingly waving her little fist, you can see that she was just playing, but it made me feel uncomfortable again. Don't worry. Of course there is no problem. Am I that kind of person? Ha ha, if you are not at ease, I see you call Qingshuang, that should be no problem. I said to Murong Ruoqing in front of me in a secret message. Well, that's a deal. You invite me to dinner tonight. Murong Ruoqing smiled and showed a small tiger tooth and said to me, then winked at me. Chapter 212 Ruoqing's first boyfriend. "Hee hee, just kidding, I won't call her, and I won't go even if I call Qingshuang Sister. Instead, you will be scolded by her. Say,Magnesium Oxide MgO, when and where?" Murong Ruoqing said to me with a smile. Well, well, I think tonight, at eight o'clock in the evening, the place should not be too far away. It's the Tianyi Bar at the school gate. The environment there is not bad. What do you think? I thought for a moment and then said to Murong Ruoqing. Yeah, well, all right. Murong Ruoqing thought for a moment and then said to me. Then it's settled. I smiled at Murong Ruoqing, and then began to listen attentively. In fact, to tell the truth, I don't want to listen to those boring old men chattering there. But I can't help it. Who let me pretend to be a hero? I can't lose my grace in front of a beautiful woman. Even if this beautiful woman has a heart, she has little hope, but she has to make a show. A lesson for me is quite long, the day passed unconsciously, I have not been sitting beside Murong Ruoqing, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide price, because I have divided her from my hunting target, for the time being, I do not have any hope for the Lord who has a heart. Uh. Why do you say? Why haven't I heard from him yet. I've had people looking for me for months.. But there's no news yet. In the middle of the night, Murong Ruoqing, who was drunk, said to me in the street with a slightly crying voice. At this moment, the autumn air is crisp and the moonlight is bright, while Murong Ruoqing beside me, dressed in a lovely pink doll outfit and shorts, looks very attractive, but his face is blurred, with a little confusion and pain on his face, shouting at me. Don't get me wrong. In fact, Murong Ruoqing and I didn't have anything. I didn't get her drunk for any ulterior purpose. This girl was fine, but when she talked about her first boyfriend, she felt uncomfortable. She drank a glass of beer, and then it was terrible. She drank and drank, and after drinking, she became a standard drunkard. A man drank more than a dozen bottles, and by getting drunk, he is now talking nonsense here.

"This.." I'm sure you'll find it. How long have you been back? Don't be so anxious. I said persuasively to Murong Ruoqing next to me. After listening to my words, Murong Ruoqing stood there and looked at me unsteadily. After half a ring, he giggled and said, "Hehe.." How interesting Yeah, I forgot how long it was before I got back. I'm sure I can find it, you're right, hehe. In this regard, I feel very helpless, I think if I am bad, this will be Murong Ruoqing to the hotel, absolutely can strip her naked, and then have a good time, but I thought about it or gave up the idea, I do not lack women, why should I go to harm people, look at this situation, if I really Murong Ruoqing how, then she woke up or suicide is strange. I admit that I am very lustful, but not to the point of letting a woman pay for her life for her own desire, and the other side is such a lovely girl, people can not bear ah. Hey, you guy, what are you doing? What did you do to Murong Ruoqing!!! Just as I was helping Murong Ruoqing to send her back, a woman's angry roar came from my side. Fortunately, this is the garden of the school. Fortunately, the area of the school is very large and the environment is good enough. There is a shade everywhere. Otherwise, just this sound,dap diammonium phosphate, I can't get rid of the name of a lady-killer. Following the voice, I looked back and found that Qingshuang was running over with a gloomy face. He grabbed Murong Ruoqing from my side and said to me ferociously: "You lady-killer, what do you want to do?"? Don't you know that Ruoqing can't drink? What do you want to do with her when you bring her here drunk? 。