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8/26/2022 2:54:03 AM

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Bai Wanjian opened his eyes and his face was livid, thinking that the other party had spared my life. His intention was to take their son to walk, and he was defeated. How could he be beaten and stopped again? What's more, even if he fought again, his two fists could not defeat his four hands. After all, he fought with his wife. Remembering that his beloved daughter had been killed by his husband and wife's son, he led the people to the Central Plains. He lost seven younger martial brothers and sisters in the Changle Gang. Shi Zhongyu got and lost, and the snow mountain swordsmanship that he had been conceited all his life was no match for Xuansu's two swords. His reputation was lost in the running water all his life. Suddenly. By this time Huyan Wanshan and Wen Wanfu had heard the news and returned to the temple. Seeing that the Elder Martial Brother had been defeated, they shouted in unison, "They fight the few with the many. Can't we follow suit?" Eighteen men, each with a long sword, attacked Shi Qing and Min Rou from all directions. "Elder Martial Brother Bai," said Shi Qing, "my husband and I have joined hands. Although we have a slight advantage, we have not yet won or lost. Take it!" With these words, Tingjian stabbed Bai Wanjian. In the capacity of Bai Wanjian, since the other party had just spared his own life, he could not fight again. But Shi Qing himself sent his sword, but he could parry it. "Well," he said to himself, "I'll fight you to the death one by one." He immediately raised his sword and slanted back. Bai Wanjian and Shi Qing started the fight, and the situation was different. Just now he was one against two,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and he was pinned down everywhere. The defense was extremely tight, but it was difficult to give full play to the counterattack. When attacking Shi Qing, he had to prevent Min Rou from attacking. When the sword stabbed Min Rou, he had to respond to Shi Qing. At this time, one person fights one person, single sword to single sword, and he is ashamed of the defeat of Shicai. He immediately makes the seventy-two snow mountain swordsmanship incisively and vividly, and attacks with all his strength. Shi Qing was secretly surprised: "There is nothing under the name of'Cold Northwest ',Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but it is a first-class swordsman in the world!" Lifting his spirits, he displayed all that he had learned in his life. He thought to himself, "I want to teach you to know that my Shangqingguan swordsmanship is not inferior to your Xueshan Sect.". I have ordered my son to worship at the door of your school, but it has another profound meaning. Don't be arrogant and think that I, Shi Qing, am not as good as you, Bai Wanjian. The two men really met their opponents in this fight. Bai Wanjian's moves are swift and violent, and the sword moves vertically and horizontally. Shi Qing, however, is as calm as a mountain, and the law is rigorous. Bai Wanjian changed his swordsmanship more than ten times in a row, but he couldn't get the upper hand all the time. He was secretly surprised: "This man's swordsmanship is even higher than his reputation. But why did he order his son to worship under this sect?" Then he thought, "Just now I was defeated by the sword. It can be said that two fists are hard to defeat four hands. Now I'm fighting alone. If I lose one and a half moves again, the Snow Mountain Sect will really lose its reputation.". I must seize his vital point and spare his life, or I will not be able to wipe out my shame. As soon as he is eager to win, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, he can't help taking risks when he makes a move. Shi Qing was secretly pleased: "The more eager you are to win, the more likely you will be defeated by me." More than ten strokes in the past, as expected, Bai Wanjian even encountered a dangerous move, his heart a Rin, immediately closed the mind, to strange and take the right path, change to rush to attack for the first, at this point, the two people are really a well-matched fight, too close to call. Shi Putian watched the two men fight, although he did not know the reason, but he could see it. Shi Qing and Bai Wanjian also fought so hard that they forgot their love affair. After more than two hundred strokes, Bai Wanjian felt at ease. He felt that today's fight was really a great pleasure in his life. He had already forgotten the shame of being controlled by Min Rou's sword. Shi Qing is also deeply pleased to meet this strong enemy. Two people naturally give birth to the feeling of sympathy, hostility gradually, and the heart of the competition is more and more prosperous, each show their unique skills, to see how the other side disassembled. At the beginning of the fight, there was a clanging sound in the hall, but at this time there was only the clanging sound of the two swords. At the end of the fight, Bai Wanjian made a move of "dim fragrance and thin shadow", and the blade of the sword slanted over. Shi Qing gave a low praise: "Good swordsmanship!" As soon as the vertical sword stands, the two swords intersect. Both of them used their inner strength in this move, and with a clap, the green steel sword in Shi Qing's hand was broken. As soon as the sword in his hand was broken, a sword from his left was handed up. Shi Qing took it with his left hand and made a move to "have it both ways." The long sword drew an arc in front of him from left to right to prevent the other side from continuing to attack. Bai Wanjian stepped back and said, "This is because Shi Zhuangzhu's sword is inferior in quality. It is not because he won or lost in the sword.". If Lord Shizhuang had a black sword in his hand, how could he break it? It's the brother's fault.

"As soon as he said this, his face suddenly changed, and he realized that it was Min Rou who stood on the left of Shi Qing and handed him the sword. The eighteen younger martial brothers of this school were lying all over the ground.". It turned out that when Bai Wanjian was concentrating on fighting with Shi Qing, Min Rou had already stabbed the eighteen disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect to the ground one by one. Everyone was slightly wounded by the sword, but Min Rou's internal force passed from the tip of the sword to the acupoint, which made them unable to move any more after being hit by the sword. This is one of Min Rou's best swordsmanship. She was benevolent and did not want to kill the enemy, so she was ingenious and melted Shangqingguan's acupoint method into swordsmanship. Although the eighteen disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect were hit by the sword, they were actually hit by her internal force, but her internal force was not up to the best level. Otherwise, if the tip of the sword touched the opponent's acupoint, it would be able to defeat the enemy without injuring his flesh. As soon as Min Rou handed her husband a long sword in her hand, she picked up a long sword from a disciple of the Snow Mountain Sect from the ground, held it in her hand, and stood three steps behind her husband's left side, so that she could grab the attack at any time. Bai Wanjian's heart sank and he thought, "Shi Qing and I can only fight to a draw. If Mrs. Shi joins the battle group again, what else can we fight?" He said sadly, "It's a pity that Elder Martial Brother Feng is not here. Otherwise, if Feng and Bai join hands, they can have a fight with the virtuous couple.". What else is there to say now that the defeat has been achieved? "Yes," said Shi Qing,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, "I'll meet the Wind and Fire Dragon in the future.." Before he had finished a sentence, he remembered that Feng Wanli's arm had been beheaded by his master for the sake of his son Shi Zhongyu. Even if he met him in the future, he would not be able to compete with the sword. He immediately stopped and stopped talking. His face was deeply ashamed. He was not happy that the couple had joined hands to defeat the nineteen disciples of the Snow Mountain Sect.