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8/26/2022 2:54:18 AM

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Unable to recover the monster force, then Zhou Tian simply planned to let the monster come directly as his enemy. Anyway, according to the law of evolution of the world is also the need for war to promote, although according to his strength, the main plane of the general war he is no longer possible to join, but leaving this monster force as an opponent of the orcs, it is also a good choice for Zhou Tian to say. Anyway, with his existence, even if there are really other forces developed, Zhou Tian can also guarantee the strength of the orcs in the advantage. What's more, the development of the orcs themselves will not stop, so whether to subdue other forces, now in terms of Zhou Tian will be even less important. And when Zhou Tian did not want to subdue the idea of the monster forces, then how to deal with each other, Zhou Tian will also have a lot less scruples. If Zhou Tian still wants to subdue that force, then he must also need to consider the idea of those monsters. And in this case, even if it is to deal with the other side, at that time Zhou Tian must also need to show mercy, otherwise the other side will be too miserable,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, Zhou Tian is also worried that the monster will be forced. However, after Zhou Tian did not have the idea of subjugating the other side, then how the monster forces would think at that time was naturally not important to him at all. So what if Zhou Tian does things a little too much? According to the strength of Zhou Tian, even if he hit the monster again, it is estimated that the monster will not have any ability to resist, and in this case, even if Zhou Tian brings great harm to the other side. Apart from deepening the hatred between them,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, it would not actually have any other effect at all. If you want to subdue that force, Zhou Tian naturally needs to pay attention to the monster's perception of him. After all, even if surrender, I believe that any creature must also hope that they can take refuge in a more pleasing Lord. Otherwise, if they take refuge in the hands of their enemies, even if the other side how to guarantee, it is estimated that they will still worry that the other side will announce personal revenge. But now that there is no idea of subjugating the other side here on Sunday, what if the monster will hate him again? Anyway, they are all enemies, even if the other side's perception of him is so bad, there will be no way to let Zhou Tian drop a piece of meat. And in this case, the idea of the monster at that time was told by Zhou Tian. Naturally, there is no need to care. And in that case. Zhou Tian, who had not had any movement, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, made a change in his mind, and immediately launched a new action at that time. Kill the small boss inside the monster force. If you just want to cultivate the other side as your opponent, what will the monster force look like at that time. Zhou Tian naturally did not care at all. And in this case. At that time, if he had killed all the small bosses inside the other side. At that time, it will naturally have a considerable impact on the monster forces. However, no matter how much impact Zhou Tian's actions will have on the other side, what does that have to do with him? Anyway, he didn't want to subdue the monster force at the moment. And in this case. At that time, whether the monster force was strong or weak, good or bad, it naturally had nothing to do with Zhou Tian. In this case, even if his actions would cause great losses to his enemies, it was absolutely impossible for Zhou Tian to change his decision. So. After Zhou Tian's plan was changed, the'amulet 'that basically represented the group of monster bosses was no longer there at that time. And in this case, when Zhou Tian had the intention to deal with them, that group of monster bosses, naturally also died at that time. Do not even need any corresponding plan, Zhou Tian to kill those monsters, those monsters must be dead. In this process, Zhou Tian only needs to do it in the simplest way, which is enough to achieve his goal. As a result, after Zhou Tian had made a decision in his mind, he began to walk towards the position of the group of monster bosses.

The small boss of the monster group thought they were safe when they hid, and in the absence of leaks, even if Zhou Tian was strong enough, it would be difficult to find them and pose a threat to them. But in fact, those monsters are also too small to see the strength of Zhou Tian. According to Zhou Tian's perception at this time, as long as the group of monster bosses did not leave their territory, then Zhou Tian released his mental power, and immediately knew where they were hiding. There was no action before, but it was just that Zhou Tian did not have the idea of dealing with them. Now, since Zhou Tian has already had the idea of killing those monster bosses, it is impossible for the other side to escape Zhou Tian's killing intention by means of hiding. As a result, when Zhou Tian stepped towards the monster bosses, he immediately frightened the small bosses who thought they were safe at that time. Just like their previous performance, that group of small bosses do not value the lives of their Xiaoguai at all, but they attach great importance to their own safety. After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Zhou Tian, they did not have the courage to fight with Zhou Tian at that time. Now, just when they thought they were safe, Zhou Tian suddenly came to their hiding place. Knowing that they would never be Zhou Tian's opponents, and that they would lose if there was a fight between the two sides, the small bosses would naturally feel afraid. If they were blocked by Zhou Tian, they would be dead. Run! After seeing Zhou Tian's action,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the group of monsters at that time immediately came up with the idea. After all, in the case of not wanting to die and not beating Zhou Tian, it was very difficult for the group of monsters to have any other means to ensure their own safety except to escape.