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8/26/2022 2:58:30 AM

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Gu Yuzhou looked around the small bathroom, after all, soft-hearted, waved to Dongzi, "come in, I put water to bathe you.". With an excited "whine", Dongzi rushed in like lightning and jumped directly into the bathtub without water. This pair of monkey anxious appearance is really too funny, Gu Yuzhou covered his stomach and giggled for a long time. At the beginning of the release of water, Dongzi was quite honest, lying in the water. Later also do not know how, began to move, but also throw wet hair on the body, make Gu Yuzhou a body of water. Wet clothes on the body is very uncomfortable, Gu Yuzhou hesitated to take off his clothes. Anyway, Dongzi is just a dog, although it is a male dog, after all, not a man, what is there to worry about! Thinking like this, Gu Yuzhou got up and prepared to take off his clothes. But as soon as I lowered my head, I saw Dongzi's big black eyes looking at her for a moment, as if they were drooling. Gu Yuzhou stopped and turned out of the bathroom. By the time she turned back, she had a raincoat on her body. Raincoat. Chapter 025 dog man.. Dongzi low "whine",warehouse pallet racks, head powerless on the edge of the bathtub, the heart can not help but sigh, no matter whether Gu Yuzhou has the memory of their time together, some practices will never change. For example, when bathing the dog, in order not to wet the clothes, do not expose yourself in front of the dog to wear a raincoat! He Jindong, who turned into a dog,shuttle rack system, was very disappointed. Before, he thought that people were not as good as dogs. Now it seems that people and dogs are the same. What benefits do you want to get from Gu Yuzhou? One word, difficult; two words, extremely difficult! When it comes to becoming a dog, He Jindong himself is also very helpless. In the first few days of his rebirth, he was quite beautiful. He was planning his future with great interest. He wanted to live a good life in this life. By the way, he came to find Gu Yuzhou. Unexpectedly, on the night of the full moon, he turned back into a dog. At that time, he wished he was dead! I just changed from a dog to a man, and I haven't been happy for a few days and I've been beaten back to the prototype. Get, become a dog he also recognized, but why not send him to Gu Yuzhou side! After a painful night, he changed back when the sun rose the next morning. It was not until the full moon next month that he changed again. He concluded that he not only had some dog characteristics, but also turned into a dog on the night of the full moon. He had read science fiction before, in which werewolves turned like this on the night of the full moon. A man who becomes a wolf is called a werewolf. What does he call a man who becomes a dog? Dog man. He Jindong firmly does not recognize this name! As it happens, mobile racking systems ,warehousing storage solutions, tonight is the night of the full moon. He especially turned down the training in the team and ran back. He wanted to use his dog identity to return to Gu Yuzhou and find out the feeling when we were together. Well, now that I feel all back, Gu Yuzhou really hasn't changed at all! o(︶︿︶)o Gu Yuzhou has never seen a dog who likes to stay in the water so much. She washed Dongzi clean and thought about getting the dog out to clean up and sleep, but Dongzi didn't come out anyway and collapsed in the water like a dead dog. Of course, it does not want to come out, come out may not enjoy the gentle caress of Gu Yuzhou. One person and one dog were deadlocked for more than an hour, and finally Dongzi was defeated, because Gu Yuzhou was so tired that he yawned with tears, and it looked very distressed. Coming out of the bathroom, Gu Yuzhou did not rush to take a bath again, but took a big towel to wipe his hair. In fact, as long as Dongzi throws hard, the water on the hair can be almost thrown, but it is not like this, it falls on Gu Yuzhou's thigh, lazily letting her wipe it. It took a long time to clean up the dog, and Gu Yuzhou went back to the bathroom to take a shower and go to bed. Dongzi also particularly consciously lay down beside Gu Yuzhou, and stuck out his tongue several times in the palm of her hand. Gu Yuzhou rolled around the bed several times and sweated all over again. Come on, it's almost eleven o'clock. Go to bed quickly! Finally, Gu Yuzhou ordered with a stiff face. She thought she was very dignified, but in fact, her fierce appearance had long been seen through by Dongzi. It lies prone on the bed to hum twice, seems to yield, Gu Yuzhou is relieved to lie back on the bed, it again fart bump fart bump stick to come over. Later, Gu Yuzhou also found that the order was useless, and Dongzi did not eat hard. She just lay there and let it go, tired, and soon fell asleep. Gu Yuzhou never turned off the light when she slept alone. The bright light hit her sleeping face. The quiet sleeping face appeared clearly in front of Dongzi's eyes. It stared at her face with a pair of black dog eyes for a moment and was fascinated. Do not know how long, Gu Yuzhou restlessly turned over, it was pulled out from the state of the fan dog, impressively found that its saliva flowed a sheet. Gu Yuzhou had a nightmare again, and this time the content of the dream was richer than before. She dreamed that she was sitting in a wheelchair and living alone in a villa in the suburbs of Beijing. Gu Yuran went to see her and sneered at her, but she just suffered numbly. Later, she picked up a dying dog, one person and one dog depend on each other. When Gu Yuran came again, she abused the dog. She stood up for the dog and pushed Gu Yuran down the steps on the second floor. The blood spread and stained the floor red. Gu Yuran is like a stranded fish, imprisoned in the red shoal, the body is constantly twitching, a pair of eyes looking at her painfully and helplessly. What should she do? Find a way to save people, of course. But at that moment, she hesitated, so cold and numb watching Gu Yuran twitching and struggling in the blood. "Woof, woof, woof." The urgent barking of the dog pulled her out of the nightmare. When I opened my eyes, I saw Dongzi holding her arm and looking at her worriedly. He must have had a nightmare and cried out, which scared Dongzi. She sat up with a sigh and reached out to rub Dongzi's head. Don't be afraid, I just had a nightmare, it's all right. "This seems to be said to Dongzi, but also to herself.". I looked at my mobile phone, and it was just past zero. Lying back on the bed again,asrs warehouse, she hugged Dongzi sideways, her hairy dog hair sticking to her skin, and she felt relieved.