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"Don't forget that you are my son and must obey my arrangement. I want you to stay in the house." "I denied it when I left here seven years ago, and I don't want to repeat it." "But you have my blood on you, and your name is Ren, which is a fact that cannot be changed." "They can't control my thoughts. Besides, if you want me to stay in Ren House just to make up for my past sins, I advise you not to bother. Some sins can't be remedied, and I won't stay here again." "What if I insist on arranging for you again?" "Both sides are hurt. I have nothing anyway. You are different." "Is it?"? I remember you have a group of good friends, one named Zhang Haoran, died and wanted to donate his corneas to Xiaokai, let me not embarrass you, but unfortunately I only want you, I only want you to listen to me. There is also a girl named Zhao Lanyun, right? I don't think it would be difficult to invite her to tea. "She's my bottom line. Don't touch her." "If you care about her, why do you give her to your friend? Ridiculous!" "If I were you, I would feel ridiculous, too." Is she your bottom line? What about quiet? Didn't you choose family love? "So is she." "Do you think you are great for helping others?" "In front of you." "You call me mean?" There was a brief silence. Everyone has his own pursuit. What you pursue is power,Teardrop Pallet Racking, so you become its slave. It dominates your thoughts and makes you do something against morality. So I can understand what you did before, but I can't tolerate it. And for a person who grew up in an orphanage and was often ridiculed for having no father or mother, what they pursue and value is true feelings. On the surface, they are cold and lonely, but in their hearts, they yearn for the friendship of others. They will manage every relationship with their heart. They would rather sacrifice themselves and hope that others will be happy. So I hope you will not find trouble with my friends. I have never refused to use my corneas,industrial racking systems, but the law of the country does not allow the use of living corneas, and there is already an AIDS patient willing to donate his corneas after death, so I will not make unnecessary sacrifices. After a period of time, Xiaokai and that person can be operated on, and then I will go to the hospital to see Xiaokai. "So you still won't listen to me." /Friendship Collection) "94" Chapter 94: Page 9 from the bottom 2 Forgive me for speaking frankly, I think you should go to see a psychologist, your current position makes your desire to conquer too strong, has become a disease, if you do not go to a psychologist to solve the problem, it is bound to affect the harmony of your family. I have said what I want to say. You should think about it carefully. I hope you can cherish everything now. "Brother!"! Elder brother "Xiao Yan?" "Xiao Yan!"! What are you doing here? Go back to your room! "No, I just heard it all. What's going on? Dad, why are you doing this?" "Don't worry so much and go back to your room!" "No." Xiaoyan, industrial racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, go back to your room and have a rest, or your brother will ignore you when he gets angry. Get in there. "But.." That I If you leave, can I call you brother later? "Of course, but you have to go back to your room now." "Oh.." There was another silence. I can promise you not to touch your friends, and I will never look for you again. But if you really meet Jingjing when you transfer to Bishui Middle School, you must inform me and help me take good care of her by the way. "I can inform you that as for taking care of her, I will be filial to her." "Aren't you afraid it's just a rumor that she's not there?" "I've seen her. I'm not sure now. I'll go to her this Sunday to confirm." "You can go into the clear water without my help." "You use power, I can use money." And silent. I know that you have already gone through the formalities of entering Bishui, and you can live there as soon as you have a holiday. I really want to know how you explain to the present school, teachers and classmates, especially your so-called friends. After all, you have always been a power in their eyes, and they may not know your experience. "I will try to take away everything there." Whether it is material or spiritual? Doubt, miss, care, do you think you have the ability? "Try it." How can this be? Invite me to tea? Care? Fulfill? Who is Jingjing? Family love? I repeated these key points, which I did not know from Xiaoyan. It's so annoying. How can it be like this? It's really annoying. I poured out all the things in my schoolbag, piled them on the ground, and then made a mess, as messy as my mood, so that I would not feel that I was the only one in a mess, at least the pile of things on the ground was messy. A piece of white paper inside caught my attention. In fact, it was not conspicuous in such a messy pile of things, but its special feature was that one corner of it was still sandwiched in the review material left by Ren Yefeng, on the ninth page from the bottom of the book. I took out a paragraph of flowing words, which is the handwriting of Ren Yefeng. I don't tell you many things because I don't want to add to your troubles. I would rather you hate me, do not want you to have any doubt and miss me. Because I know it's easier for you to get rid of resentment than to miss. I hope when you find this note, I have reviewed all the previous content. And think that I am an insignificant person, not worthy of you to have any feelings for me. I hope you are happy. Let the night wind blow /Friendship Collection) "95" Chapter 95: The End of the Journey of Clear Water 1 I hate him, more than ever. Why is he so kind, so calm, so calm, why is he so good to others, why is he so considerate to others, considerate to make people feel guilty, people want to die. If Bai Yuxuan's thoughtfulness is like spring rain, which makes people comfortable and makes everything happy and grateful,heavy duty cantilever racks, then his thoughtfulness is the rainstorm after a long drought, which makes people feel shocked, surprised and ecstatic but unable to bear it.