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When Le Tong sat down, Han Qingmu sat in from the other side. Chapter 318 Gangster Young Master VS Doctor Sister [42] The car is on the road. Perhaps because of the modification, the car is very stable and will not shake at all, the sound insulation effect is very good, Le Tong can not hear the noise outside. There is a feeling of drowsiness. Han Qingmu looked sideways at Le Tong, "or send you to the hospital?" Le Tong sobered up a little. "Send me home." She asked for a month's leave, there are still two days to end, since there is a chance to rest a few more days, the future can not be so relaxed. It happens that the hospital is not very busy recently. As a doctor, the mobile phone should be online 24 hours, can not be turned off, to deal with emergencies at any time, even on vacation, a phone call should be rushed back to the hospital. Her cell phone is very quiet recently, and it is estimated that nothing important has happened in the hospital. Han Qingmu faced the front, and Yan Xi, who was sitting in the co-driver's seat, ordered, "Go to Greentown." Le Tong was surprised. "How do you know where my home is?" "I sent someone to check." Do such a thing also said justifiably, Le Tong some want to laugh, joked, "since so concerned about me, how can you not come to me for so many years?" Han Qingmu cleared his throat and explained, "The Han family is complicated. I can't pull you into the water." This is also the reason why he did not express his love, with that person's personality, if the existence of Le Tong was found, it would certainly be unfavorable to her. He can't afford to gamble. He has been watching Le Tong's every move all these years,drive in racking system, but he has never looked for her, because he is afraid that someone will notice it. Of course, he also knew that Qiao Fanchen had been pursuing her, but Le Tong did not meet him many times, and kept a distance every time he met, so he would stay put. Le Tong did not make a sound again, she knew that this was his protection for her. The car was suddenly quiet, but it was not embarrassing. Han Qingmu's villa is in the northern suburbs of the city, while Le Tong is in the green city in the east of the city, a little far away. Le Tong sat in the car unconsciously more and more sleepy, she naturally leaned on Han Qingmu's shoulder, "Han Qingmu, let me lean on it, heavy duty metal racks ,shuttle rack system, I'm sleepy." Han Qingmu gave a faint grace, although the voice was very low, but it was still heard by Le Tong. She rested comfortably on his shoulder. Han Qingmu's body also gradually relaxed. The car slowly drove into Greentown and stopped at the gate of Le House. Le Tong woke up consciously and sat up. "Are you there?" "Yes." Le Tong looked at Han Qingmu and sent out an invitation, "would you like to come in and sit down?" "No." He didn't know he was coming to Le Tong's house today. Nothing was ready. It was very abrupt to make a sudden visit. In fact, Le Tong also said that if Han Qingmu went in like this, he would definitely leave a bad impression on Le's mother. "Then I'll go back. Be careful on the way." He pushed the door open and got out of the car. Le Tong stood at the door of the house and waved goodbye until Han Qingmu's car left before turning around and entering the house. Before stepping into the house, the voice of Le Mu came from inside, "Who sent you back?" Le Tong changed his shoes and went to stand in front of his mother. "Mother." Mother Le put down her scissors and sat down on the sofa. "Who do you like?" Le Tong nodded his head. Le's mother motioned for Le Tong to sit down. "Have you thought it over?" "Think clearly." Mother Le did not speak again, but poured herself a glass of water and drank it slowly. Le Tong's heart was raised, and she did not understand what her mother meant. After a long time, the music mother opened her mouth and said, "take me to see me another day." The radian of Le Tong's mouth is getting bigger and bigger. Chapter 319 Gangster Young Master VS Doctor Sister [43] After the vacation, Le Tong began to prepare for work. The elevator stopped at the floor where the office was located. Le Tong walked out of the elevator and was surprised to see Gu Jiuling in the distance. Gu Jiuling also noticed Le Tong and ran quickly to her side with a smile on his face. "Dr. Le, no, it's Director Le. You're here at last." Le Tong was confused. "What are you looking for me for?" "I heard that you asked for a month's leave before. I think it's a good day. You should come to work today. I'll wait for you here early." "Let's talk about it in the office." Le Tong thought Gu Jiuning had something important to find her, and it was always bad to stand in the corridor, so he let her into the office. Gu Jiuning nodded. The two men went to the door of the office one after the other. Le Tong took out the key to open the door and went in, followed by Gu Jiuning. Sit down first. Le Tong closed the door and sat down on the chair, looking at Gu Jiuling sitting opposite him and said, "There's no one else here, just say what's going on." Gu Jiuling smiled, "in fact, there is nothing important, but before you invited everyone to dinner, the next day did not come to work, and later heard that you asked for leave, I thought what happened to you that night, a little concerned, so I want to ask." In fact, something really happened that night. She's been kidnapped! But Le Tong didn't dare to say that to her. He said with a smile, "Actually, it's all right. I caught a cold that night. After I recovered from the cold, I had some private affairs to deal with, so I asked for leave. You have a heart. Thank you." "I'm relieved to see you're all right." Gu Jiuning looked at the time and lowered his voice. "Then I'll go first. It's time for ward rounds. I sneaked out." Le Tong couldn't help laughing. "My mobile phone number is 1385xxx. Just call me if you have something to do in the future. Don't run around." Gu Jiuning wrote down Le Tong's mobile phone number and went out happily. Le Tong's heart is slightly warm, which may be the reason why she is reluctant to leave here, with a human touch. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Le Tong quickly entered the working state. The next period of time, Han Qingmu never came to her, and near the end of the year, Le Tong hands more and more things, also did not contact him. Finished sorting out the last batch of files, Le Tong breathed a sigh of relief, tomorrow is the New Year's Eve, and finally finished before the New Year's Eve. He stood up and stretched. Out of the corner of his eye,mobile racking systems, he glanced outside as if it were snowing. Slowly moved to the window, watching the snow outside have fallen down, outside the eaves have been covered with a thick layer.