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8/1/2019 12:29:06 PM

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The password for Roadrunner's email exchange accounts iscritical. If you want to change the password and do not know the steps, letsupport agents help you. Otherwise, follow the measures provided in thisdocument to guide you through all the necessary measures to modify the passwordof the roadrunner.
1.Click on the button I forgot my password to change thepassword.
2. A new web page will open and now the valid options mustbe selected.
3. Carefully select the "I understand email" and"I don't understand email" options. If you know your email address,you should follow the following
5.measures: a new website will appear.
6. Enter the email of your email.
7. Captcha solves.
8. Choose the relevant authentication technique.
9. Validate the identity you have.
10. Enter a new password.
11. Click Modify my password.
Those who selected I don't know my email address shouldfollow these steps:
1. Enter the phone number of your roadrunner account.
2. Upon entering the OPT, confirm your identity.
3. Complete all additional security options.
4. On the screen, your email address will be displayed.
5. Return to the login page and select My forgottenpassword.
6. Enter the email address, solve Captcha.
7. Confirm your identity again.
8. Enter a new password.
9. Select the Change password option.
It is recommended to use a strong password. If you use avery popular password, hackers can hack it. Below is a guide to create a strongpassword for roadrunner:


Home » General Discussion » Reset Roadrunner Email Password