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8/2/2019 10:05:47 AM

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This is really a great way to recover your forgotten Gmailpassword. Here is the explanation about it, before that, be sure to add amobile number that works with your Gmail ID. Only these users have the right torecover their forgotten Gmail password through this method. If this option doesnot work for you, look for other ways, such as a secondary email address andsecurity messages to retrieve the email password.
Step 1
A) Access to the Gmail login page
B) Now click on the link "Forgot your password?"shown at the bottom of that login page
C) Redirect your new page where you will enter the emailID with which you have problems. Click on "NEXT" after entering theemail address,
D) On the next page, verify CAPTCHAE (distortedcharacters), this verification is mandatory and you cannot proceed to the laterstage of Gmail account recovery without this verification. If the CAPTCHAEcharacters shown there do not look good visually, click on the update icon toget a new one.
E) Now, on the next page, enter your registered mobilephone number to receive the verification code from Gmail.
Check your mobile number now; You will receive afive-digit account verification code from Gmail, which says "Your Googleverification code is *****". A) Now add the code to the accountauthentication tab. Once Gmail demonstrates the legitimacy of your account, youwill get a new tab where you can reset the Gmail password.
Recover a Gmail password through the registered mobilenumber
Step 2
B) Continuing with Process E above ... Enter youralternate (Secondary) email address in the account recovery tab.
C) Now click on "Continue" and check yoursecondary email inbox. You can now see a Gmail message in the inbox of thealternate email address.
Open that message and click on the link you enabled inthat email. You will be redirected back to the Gmail account recovery pagewhere you can reset the email password


Home » General Discussion » Recover Google Account With https //