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8/9/2019 10:24:37 AM

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Now, what are the steps for configuring Yahoo Mail in Outlook2007?
· Steps:
· First, of you have to open your Outlook in the computer then open the ‘File’
· Just above Account Settings, there is a button ‘Add Account’, you’ve to click it.
· Next select ‘Manual Set up’ or ‘Additional Server types’.
· Choose the protocol between POP & IMAP then click ‘Next’.
· You are asked to enter your account details like your name &email address in different fields.
· After this in the Account type option, you need to select ‘IMAP’.
· Now reset the blanks are required to fill the IMAP and SMTP server:
· Enter this very carefully the details of incoming and outgoing servers.
· Then on the same page, you’ve to login after this click ‘Next’.
· In the next window, you have to go to ‘More Settings’ then you require selecting the Outgoing server that is SMTP and it needs authentication.
· Next step is to checkbox next to ‘My Outgoing server and select ‘Use Same Settings as my incoming mail server.’
· In the next window, click ‘Advanced Tab’ and here you have to check& verify all details of servers.
· You are almost done so click ‘OK’ and click on the ‘Next’.
· You will get ‘You’re all set! Message in the screen and finally, click on ‘Finish’.
· Now you are able to check all mails from Outlook as Yahoo Mail Account.
Feel free to take Yahoo Mail Help when in confusion…

Home » General Discussion » How to access Yahoo Mail Account with Outlook?