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8/9/2019 11:31:00 AM

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A Summary on The Recovery Process of Google Account Using Phone Number

Google account is an email account that is used by any user in order to access, authorize and authenticate the services provided by Google. The Google services that require the Google account are Google+, Blogger, and Hangouts etc. And the services which do not require the Google account are Google Search, YouTube, and Google Maps etc.

The Google account has the username and password which are required in order to access any of the services. If the user has entered a wrong username or password while signing-in, Google will not allow the user to get in and access the application. For this, both the username and password should be correct. Usually when the user encounters the issue of invalid username and password, the password is incorrect in that case. There are many ways to recover the password; one of them is Google password recovery by phone number. Following are the ways by which the lost/forgotten password can be recovered using the phone number:
The user needs to visit the Account recovery page of the Google by typing the URL in the browser.
The page will ask the user to enter the email address in the required field. After entering the Gmail username in the field, the Next button is clicked to proceed further.
Then, the Google will ask the user to enter the last remembered password. If the user remembers the password, they can try using it but if not they can click on the link of Try a different question in order to complete the Google password recovery process.
After that, the page will come up asking for the date of creation of the account. If the user remembers the date, it can be entered else the user can go for the option of different question.
In the next section, the Google will ask the user to enter the secondary email which was given at the time when account was created. If the user remembers that, it should be entered and the user will receive the account recovery link in the email. When clicked on that, there will be an option to change the password. In case, if the secondary email is not there, the option of other question is clicked.
Then it will ask the user to enter the phone number which was registered with the particular email address. The user then enters the phone number in the required field on the recovery page. When the correct phone number is entered, a text message will be received on that phone number which will have the code in it. The code received is then entered on the given field on the recovery page.
Finally the user will get a pop-up asking for the new password. The new password is entered in the required field and in order to confirm the password, it should be typed again in the other field. It will complete the Google account recovery process by giving the access to operate the Google account.

For any issue or query, the assistance is provided by the technical support department of Google. The technical people in the customer support will assist the user with the best possible solution by using the best of their knowledge. The contact details of the technical support department can be found on the official website of the Google.
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Home » General Discussion » Google Account Recovery By Phone Number