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8/9/2019 11:33:12 AM

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Steps To Be Followed if Adobe Flash Player is Not Working on Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is a software for computer and is used for the content that is created on the platform of Adobe Flash that includes the viewing of multimedia contents. It executes the streaming of audio/video and internet applications. The users can run it from any web browser or any supported mobile devices.

Many of the users have reported the issue of Adobe flash player not installing or working on Chrome. In this case, either the Adobe Flash player technical support can be contacted or below mentioned steps can be followed to fix the issue:
The user needs to go to Chrome Settings, then Advanced and then Content settings. From there, Flash is clicked. Then, Ask First (recommended) should be toggled to on. Finally, check if the website is in Block list, if it is there, should be removed.
Another step is to open the website in which the Flash Player is not able to work. The options of View site information is clicked and then goes to Site settings. Among the listed options, Flash is found and allow is selected.
There is one more way, in which settings button is clicked. On the left side, menu button is clicked and About Chrome option is selected. The user needs to check if any update is there for the Google Chrome.
The user can also try updating the Graphics Card driver for the working of Adobe Flash Player in the Google Chrome.
Then, Flash Player can be uninstalled and then reinstalled in the chrome.
The user can also clear the browser cache of the Chrome browser.

If still any issue comes up, the technical support of Adobe Flash Player can be contacted. They will provide the best possible solutions to the users. The contact details are mentioned on the official website of Adobe Flash.
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Home » General Discussion » adobe flash player not installing on chrome