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8/12/2019 9:47:34 AM

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• Apple ID and Password can be accessed for anyApple product.
· Then, visit My Apple ID page by clicking on theReset iTunes password link
• Click on "I forgot my Apple ID orpassword".
• Now, enter your Apple ID, solve the CAPTCHA andclick Continue.
• Then, you will get the recovery options, thatis, the email option and answer security questions.
• If you want to select the email option, click on"Get an email".
• Enter your recovery email address that ends withthe Yahoo domain.
• Subsequently, you will get the Reset passwordlink in the recovery email address.
· Open it and click on the link.
• After that, you will be directed to the Appleaccount recovery page, now enter your new password.
Therefore, you have successfully recovered your iTunespassword.


Home » General Discussion » iTunes Password Reset