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8/23/2019 11:05:08 AM

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Steps to change Yahoo password on iPhone
It is always advised to change your account’s password once in a while. This will prevent the account from getting hacked and other risks. If you use yahoo on iPhone and don’t know how to change yahoo password on iPhone then you can refer to these steps and change the password.

  • First open the Yahoo mail app.
  • Then click on the settings option in the top left side.
  • Scroll down and open the ‘Account Info’ option.
  • Click on the settings option again.
  • Select the ‘Account Security’ option.
  • There you will find the option to change your password. Click it.
  • Now you will first have to enter your current password.
  • After it, enter a new password.
  • Your password should have 8 – 32 characters. You cannot repeat a character. Also you cannot use your name or id as password. Also your new password should be different from your last passwords. This way you can create a strong password.
  • Now re-enter the new password.
  • You can also view what you typed by clicking on ‘show password’ option.
  • Now save the changes.
  • You can then logout and sign-in using this new password.

  • In case you face any problem while changing your password or have any doubts regarding this then you can contact the customer care executives. They are very skilled people with lot of experience and thus can provide proper technical assistance.

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    Home » General Discussion » how to change yahoo password on iphone