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8/26/2019 11:41:40 AM

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Baggageallowance Eva Air Business class:
Passengers traveling in Eva Air's Business class have ahigher priority throughout the trip.
Passengers can carry luggage weighing up to 40 kg withoutpaying any fee.
In Eva Air Economy class, passengers can travel along withluggage up to 35 kg per person.
In case of carrying additional luggage than allowed,passengers must pay an additional fee.
If you carry sports items that exceed the standard size, theairline may impose a fee.
For more information about the Eva Air baggage allowance,you can contact customer service directly at the Eva airlines phone number.
Traveling with a pet? Know the associated policy:
If you plan to visit your favorite destination along withyour beloved pet, do not worry about pet policy.
Eva Air reservations allow passengers to carry pets aschecked baggage with no limit on the size of pets.
Flat-nosed dogs and cats cannot wear Eva Air during warmseasons.
If you carry a pet that weighs more than 32 kg, you may becharged a high fee.
All pets in Eva Air are allowed in their specific container.
Associated steps to take pets in Eva Air
To bring a pet on Eva Air, you will be asked to complete thespecific form and enter your pet's details.
If Eva Air approves your pet's assignment, then only you canproceed with your reservation and check-in.
Passengers traveling with a pet cannot register online. Theymust register manually from the airport registration window


Home » General Discussion » Eva Air Baggage Policy