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8/29/2019 11:27:00 AM

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There are many users of the SBC Global email service due toits unique features. But sometimes users face some peculiar problems whenresetting their password. Then, to resolve this confusion, the password resetof is detailed below:
Stepsto reset the password reset of
• Go to the AT&T password reset page to reset the password.
• Enter your username or email ID. After that, you canclick, I forgot my global SBC password.
• First method you can choose to answer security questionsas well as possible.
• If you want to choose an alternative method, opt for therecovery email ID you sent at the time of account creation.
• Once you have sent this recovery email address, you willreceive a code at that email address.
• Click on that code, enter your password again.
• Reset your email password again. Confirm it and save thechanges.
In case you face any problem in the password reset, you can opt for alternative assistance in the form of a renownedcustomer service assistance.


Home » General Discussion » Sbcglobal Email Password Reset