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8/30/2019 12:53:07 PM

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AOL mails all possible attempt to bring in latest and the most updated mail services for its users and this is the reason why users use it worldwide. AOL Support Number, In no times AOL has established as a leader in mail network and it has millions of users who use it as their integral mail platform.
AOL takes well care of its security and ensures that no user face any issues using any application on their AOL platform. AOL makes sure to provide just the best services for it users and thus all it services are user-friendly and up to the mark but in case if any user still faces any issues using AOL or any other application over AOL platform you may obtain easy help from AOL Helpline Number.

AOL is an amazing mail platform that provides other useful services as well for its user. One among such feature is its news feed feature which one can use right at their mail account. AOL takes all attempts in bringing this option for those users who need to stay awake and update about the happening of all around the world.
The news feed of feature successfully capture all the latest highlights from various sources and brings to one place so that user may get access to all latest news right when they are using their emails on the go.

Amazing features of News feed of AOL are:
It lets you change your category – One can choose to view stories from the only category which they want.You can refresh the news feed – Once all the existing news is read one can refresh it to get new ones.It let you turn on breaking news alerts – Once can get the updates alerts of only the breaking news in AOL news feed.It is possible to share stories from AOL news feed – Once read you can also share the news with your friends and family online on AOL and on other sources.With this, it is quite sure that AOL is a successful user-oriented mail platform that is always available to provide best possible services for its users so that they can make the most out of their AOL platform.
AOL and its services are all useful and helpful but in case if you still need any help you may obtain easy help from help desk expert team members only just dial 1-888-572-7379

Home » General Discussion » AOL Helpline Number- Enhanced News Feed suggestion