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9/13/2019 9:55:00 AM

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Hotmail Not Working
Hotmail, as everyone is aware of the free web-based email service. Managed and developed by Microsoft, it is also known as Outlook and is just like every other email service but with some additional and exclusive features. Hotmail has the simple user-interface with instant response to the commands. And ever since it has become active, it has been the most popular and preferred email service, especially for the Microsoft users.

Since Hotmail received a good response from the users hence the officials were now aiming to upgrade its user interface to improve its performance. But off lately if you are experiencing issues while using this email then you shall relax and are requested to not panic. There is always a solution to every problem and hence this also holds a resolution to. So, to know how to fix Hotmail not working issue, first, get to know possible issues and then try the resolutions.

Possible Reasons Causing Problems!

One of the foremost reasons for email not working can be an improper internet connection. Due to irregular or no connection, the user can face this issue of Hotmail not responding.
Another reason that can be considered is the collection of cookies, caches, thumbnails etc which might be causing the hindrance in Hotmail not working.
Also, one reason that can lead Hotmail to not work is full inbox and outbox which as a result makes Hotmail storage full due to which Hotmail experiences issues while launching or working.
If you face Hotmail not working on iPhone issue then check for any virus that may be the cause of hindrance for Hotmail application on iPhone.
In case if the user has not updated to the latest version of Hotmail and work on the older one may also cause the issue of Hotmail not working or responding.

And there can be many other reasons which may lead to Hotmail not responding but also has a solution to it.

Fixing Your Hotmail Issue!

First, check the internet connection and if not working then contact the service provider.
Clear all the cookies, caches etc from the Hotmail storage to keep it working.
Delete all the unwanted email from inbox and outbox to work with Hotmail smoothly.
If experiencing problems while logging on iPhone then get the virus removed from your device to get going.
Also updating the application may fix the issue with your Hotmail.

If any of the above tips did not help then you are free to contact customer support of Hotmail. The support is provided 24/7 to help the users.
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Home » General Discussion » How To Fix Hotmail not working Issue