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9/13/2019 9:57:28 AM

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Steps to update Adobe Flash player on chrome
Adobe Flash Player is software of Adobe Systems used to view multimedia contents, execute internet applications, and to stream videos and audios on the Adobe flash platform. Flash Player can be accessed as a browser plug-in on a web browser or on few mobile devices.
Google Chrome is one of the best browsers to use Adobe flash player on. Google Chrome automatically updates Adobe Flash plugin whenever the browser app is re-launched. However sometimes Adobe Flash Player might get outdated and users have to update it manually. If you don’t know how to Update adobe flash player on chrome then read this blog. The blog will provide the steps.
The steps to update adobe flash player are:

  • Open your web browser, Google chrome.
  • Now at the top, in the URL bar enter this address ‘chrome://components’.
  • Now press the Enter key.
  • Now a list of Chrome components will open.
  • Find Adobe Flash Player from it. Click it.
  • Now under it select Check for update option.
  • You will find many Status updates telling the update status of Adobe Flash player.
  • If the status shows ‘Component updated’ then it means that your Adobe Flash player is already updated to the latest version.
  • If the status shows ‘No update’ then it means that there is no update available at the moment for flash plugin.
  • If the status shows ‘Component not updated’ then it means that an update is required.
  • If an automatic update happened then the update might have failed because of any reason.
  • It could also happen that no update was available.
  • You can now go back and re-launch Google Chrome browser.
  • You can click on reload option and this will update your Adobe Flash Player.

  • If you face any issue while updating your Adobe Flash Player then you can contact the adobe customer service center. They are very trained and skilled people who have all the technical information. They will provide you credible solutions for your issue.
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    Home » General Discussion » How To Update Adobe Flash Player on Chrome