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7/29/2021 6:01:40 AM

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If in case you need to knowthe ways through which you can communicate with the customer servicerepresentatives so that you can easily get the appropriate assistance &guidance from the expert support service team. Now if in case you want to knowabout Turkishairlines customer service, through which you get to know about thevarious methods to speak with someone.

Some other ways to speak to Turkish Airlines Customerservice live person
Now sometimes the customerlooks for other ways through which they easily communicate with the TurkishAirlines customer service team executive. Then, you should follow these stepsthat are mentioned below;
At first dial the airline'scustomer service helpline number
Now you will get connectedwith an automated call system
Press 1 for the reservationof booking issues
Press 2 to do a new booking
Press 3 for baggage lost& found the issue
Press 4 for connecting withthe live agents
Press 0 for the previousmenu.
Topics from recent customer chat windows?
Now if in case you need to know about therecent topics of customer chat windows that have been asked then go throughthese points that are mentioned below;
I need information for myflight
Which COVID-19 pre-flighttest is acceptable with Turkish Airlines
I’m trying to reserve theflight ticket where COVID-19 safety measures are applied. Thus I’m not able toperform the task. Kindly tell me an alternative flight route.

I'm traveling from Istanbulto Budapest however, I do not have a visa for that place kindly provide therequired information.
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Home » General Discussion » How do I contact Turkish Airlines Customer service