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3/28/2019 5:30:50 AM

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Dell error code 0142 is basically an indicationof the hard drive errors or HDD failure. This error can occur at any point in time when you are using your Dell computerfor any purpose. Sometimes this happens when the power supply keeps onfluctuating or when the battery gets over-charged. In order to resolve theissue, you need to follow the given steps.
· Remove the Hard disc drive and clean up the disks.
· Restart the system and then scan the device for any sorts ofmalware or virus.
· Update the device drivers and the BIOS settings.
· Reboot the system if required.
These fixes can surely work. And if they don’t,then you need to immediately get in touch with the experts at Dell customer care number and avail thetechnical assistance.
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1/16/2020 6:59:41 AM

Keira Gernatt
Keira Gernatt
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2/7/2020 11:42:53 AM

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2/18/2020 7:44:28 AM

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Home » Ecosystem Monitoring Programs » How to fix Dell computer error code 0142?