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8/21/2019 6:56:11 AM

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It’s quite often you like to use Whatsapp for work because it's free and comfortable to use. Maybe it's just an easy way to keep in touch with friends. Either way, you perhaps have some quite important messages and media in there, and it'd be a shame moment if it all suddenly disappeared. That's why this great idea is preferred back up your messages, photos, and videos.
Learning something new and capturing it in the mind leads to good future ahead. Similarly, finding the solution to restore the Whatsapp documents from Gmail is not so tough. Come forward to grab the help served below,
1. First of all you need to create a Gmail account accordingly.
2. Sign up to Gmail account.
3. Fill up the required details and proceed further.
4. Register and verify your phone number and you are done.
5. Next login in to your Google drive account with Google account from Google drive application.
6. In the next move, install Whatsapp messenger,
7. Hit on three dot menu in the upper right corner of the app
8. Tap on settings option
9. Tap on chats from the menu
10. Hit “chat backup”
11. Now select “backup to Google”
12. Consider scheduling for yourself or choose “only when I tap backup”
13. Hit the “back up” green button to automatically restore your lost data.
To fulfill accommodation, one can get Google help in regards with backing up your account. Loading a stressful life on head becomes very tough to handle. Therefore, it’s easy to take Google’s help whenever required. Enjoy using Whatsapp with your loved ones and keep your updated for more beautiful effects.

Home » General Discussion » How to restore Whatsapp backup from Gmail?