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7/2/2020 9:50:46 AM
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Why Google chrome not responding?

Here’s How to Fix an Unresponsive Google Chrome

Google Chrome is indeed one of the finest web browsers in the world and it used by billions of users as well. However, sometimes it becomes unresponsive due to unwanted third-party applications, too much cookies and cache files or corrupted installation. Now,one can easily fix this with some simple troubleshooting in their Google Chrome application Here’s how.

Top Fixes for Unresponsive Google Chrome

Removing Google Chrome from the Firewall’s restriction list

· In the Start Search menu, enter Windows Firewall and click on Allow an app through the Windows (On the left hand pane).
· Now, select the Change Settings button,select Allow another app, pick Google Chrome and then select Add.

Removing the DNS cache

· Press the “Windows Key + R” to run the command prompt and then enter the following commands while running them:
o ipconfig /flushdns
o net sh win sock reset
o This will help you to clear the DNS cache from your PC or laptop.
Moreover, try reinstalling Chrome in your device if you’re Google Chrome Not Responding.
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Home » General Discussion » Why Google chrome not responding?