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It is better to study In the few seconds he was distracted, a "game over" popped up on the screen of his mobile phone. Natsukawa tutted and reopened, but perhaps he was absent-minded and soon died again. He simply quit the game, put his cell phone into his pocket, and turned to ask He Xingzhou: "What's the number now?" "It's the sixth one, and it's over soon." He Xingzhou knew what he wanted to ask, "the next one is Xiao Tang." Yan An stood on the stage, holding the microphone in his hand, and read with perfect pronunciation: "Next, please welcome Tang Weiwei from Class 19 of Senior High School to bring you a violin solo-" Praise of Love "." At the same time as he spoke, Xia Chuan felt as if the man's eyes had passed through the countless rows of spectators in front of him. The lights in the room suddenly dimmed, and a white beam of light hit the stage. Although the effect is not as good as those star concerts, when they see the white dress girl standing in the center of the stage, there is still a burst of surprise in people's eyes. The spotlight shrouded her, the girl held the piano in her left hand, the bow in her right hand, her long hair was loose behind her back, her dress was suspenders, and the skin of her neck and arms was white and almost shining. The skirt is just to the knee, the calf is slender and symmetrical, and she wears a pair of white high heels. It's really like a fairy. Xia Chuan finally put away the look that had been careless since he came in,digital signage screen, sat a little more upright, stared at the stage, watched her close her eyes, and began to play the violin. The light and warm melody echoed in the hall. The audience was quiet, with several boys whispering in front of them. Like the previous performances, the focus was not on the music itself, but on the performers. The seat was suddenly kicked heavily from behind. They turned around, looked at the boy's cold look,digital signage kiosk, stiffened for a moment, reacted to something, and apologized again and again. Xia Chuan didn't want to make trouble here either. He put up with it and asked politely, "Can you be quiet?" These people are also relatively weak, where dare to say no, the next period of time is even silent, even the atmosphere is not breathing. At the end of the song, the applause of the audience was very loud. He Xingzhou and Zhou Mingzhe clapped their hands crazily and hit the other brothers with their arms. They scolded, "Haven't you had enough to eat? Can you drum harder?"! We can't let the little fairy of our brother Chuan's family lose face! The brothers were very cooperative, and the applause in the back row was more than doubled. Xia Chuan smiled and clapped his hands. The girl on the stage bowed to the audience. Before leaving the stage, her eyes seemed to be cast in his direction. She raised her right hand and waved the bow. Xia Chuan watched her go down, lowered his eyes, licked his lips and laughed out loud. He didn't know whether the others heard it or not. Anyway, he felt the emotion that the girl injected into the music. The melody of this piece, written by Elgar for his wife's wedding, touch screen digital signage ,smart whiteboard price, is soulful and warm. But for a long time in the past, when Xia Chuan heard this song, he could only feel sadness. She was comforting him with the sound of the piano. She tried to pull the tune in a cheerful direction, hoping that he would not be sad again. He understood everything. - Tang Weiwei returned to the backstage, the class has a few students who play well to praise her, is true or false hard to say. She changed her costume, tidied up her things, and slipped into the audience with the piano case in her arms. She originally wanted to ask where Ni Yue was, but the girl was probably too fascinated to watch the show and didn't look at her cell phone at all. There were so many people sitting there that she couldn't even find the ninth class in any area. After thinking about it, she went straight to the last row. Tang Weiwei is a little slightly myopic, the distance is too far, she did not see the faces of those people in the back row, but compared to the front full of people, the last row is obviously empty a lot. According to her figure, she could vaguely recognize Xia Chuan. As soon as she passed, several boys were heckling. He Xingzhou consciously gave up the seat next to Xia Chuan. He also called it euphemistically: "You two are deskmates. You two sit together." “……” Tang Weiwei walked over in silence and sat down. The two of them sat there and did not speak, one bowed his head and played with his mobile phone, the other held his cheeks in his hands and squinted at the stage performance. He Xingzhou felt that this could not go on like this.

He Xingzhou patted his thigh and attracted the eyes of people on both sides. He began to sigh: "Tang Weiwei, your performance just now was so wonderful and exciting!" Tang Weiwei did not know why he was so excited. He blinked his eyes. His voice was much smaller than his loud voice. It was sweet and soft. "Thank you." He Xingzhou continued, "Brother Chuan, look at your deskmate. How excellent he is!"! You said you couldn't get good grades, and you didn't even have a specialty. When people asked you what you could do, you said you were good at sleeping and fighting. It was too humiliating! Xia Chuan puts down the mobile phone, the body slightly leans forward, the elbow supports the knee to turn the head to look at the past, asks calmly: "The skin itches?" Tang Weiwei sat between them, looking to the left and then to the right. No, don't you know? She opened her mouth to prove for her deskmate, "Xia Chuan he." Can play the piano. After five words did not have time to say, Xia Chuan interrupted her: "He does not know." Tang slightly dragged the coda, "Oh." He said, and then he stopped talking. No, "He Xingzhou looked confused." What don't I know? Can you make it clear? Tang smiled slightly with curved eyebrows and eyes, with smart light in his eyes, and shallow pear vortexes floating on both sides of his cheeks. She performed today, wearing a little light makeup, long eyelashes curled, lips bright red, lip beads as attractive as cherries. "I know," the little girl said deliberately, tilting her head, "but I won't tell you." Xia Chuan can play the piano, only she knows. She's the only one who's seen it. They even played together more than ten times at home. It was like having a little secret between the two of them that only each other knew. Every time I think of it, my heart is full of sweet joy. The author has something to say: Xia Chuan sneers: No special skills? Come on, basketball or billiards, you pick one, I let you die a little more clearly. Classmate He shivered: "No,face detection android, no, brother, I was wrong!"! -。
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Lord of Secrecy "Pray for someone to help me get access to the bookmark in Russell's creative manuscript." …… How did Mr. Fool know that I would visit the Russell Memorial Exhibition after closing today and have a chance to get in touch with some things? Audrey listened, surprised, but not surprised: With the personality and ability of Mr. "Fool", it is easy to master such a small thing! As for how to master it, there is no need for ordinary sequencers to understand it. Audrey was about to respond when she heard the Fool speak in a low, flat voice: "You can choose to accept the commission or not." Um. Audrey hesitated for two seconds: "Dear Mr. Fool, I can try, but there is no guarantee of success." She was not very interested in the minimum payment of 500 pounds, and she accepted the task because she was curious about what was so special about the bookmark left by Russell the Great that Mr. Fool's family valued it so much that they offered an unlimited price. Anyway, I was going to look through Russell's diary today, and by the way.. Audrey thought spontaneously. Crane, the "fool" in the fog, nodded gently and replied with a word: "Good." When the illusion disappeared completely, Audrey cast her eyes on the dressing mirror and looked at herself carefully. With a mixture of nervousness and enthusiasm, she made plans for the evening's action: "It cannot be detected as abnormal." "I can't be the focus of suspicion if Mr. Fool's dependents do anything afterwards." "Just touching that bookmark won't work. Once it's lost, all eyes will be on me." "Well.." Therefore, I must show the same interest in all objects, the same attitude,temperature screening kiosk, can not let others see that my main purpose is the bookmark, the whole process must be gentle, not abrupt, reasonable and logical. "How do you do small, unnoticeable damage?" "It's just a bookmark." Audrey's gaze, out of focus,interactive whiteboard prices, swept over the objects on the dresser and suddenly settled on the open jewelry box, on a pair of jeweled earrings decorated with fine needles. The corners of her mouth turned up a little, her eyebrows and eyes curved slightly, and she said to herself: "With Susie's help, it should be enough." ………… At six o'clock in the evening, Baekeland, which hardly sees the sun in the current season, was already dark, and the gas street lights came on one after another. The Kingdom Museum saw off the last group of ordinary visitors, but welcomed a group of visitors composed of noble people such as the young lady of the Earl's family, the children of the Duke's family and the young viscount. Knowing that some of the children of the aristocracy are dandy who often get into trouble, Max, the leader of the "Mechanical Heart" West Team, digital whiteboard price ,temperature scanning kiosks, who is responsible for guarding the memorial exhibition. Livermore had to disguise himself as a security officer. Always stay close by and be prepared for accidents. His hair was neatly combed back, he wore a monocle, and he looked like a university professor. The monocle was actually a seal, codenamed "3-1328", nicknamed "Crystal Eye", through which Max. Livermore can see spirits directly. See ghosts, see shadows, and no longer fear that extraordinary people will drive these normally hard-to-find things to make trouble or steal. Of course, this seal also has a significant disadvantage, that is, it is easy to attract monsters such as ghosts to the vicinity, long-term wear, vision will be irreversibly reduced. In the gloom of Baekeland, she was like the bright sun. At this time, Max was admiring the blonde girl on the side. Audrey looked with interest at the toilet, which was inlaid with gold foil and carved with complicated patterns, and asked the commentator next to her: "Is this the first flush toilet in the modern sense?" "Yes, I personally think that this is one of Russell's outstanding contributions to human civilization. It and its supporting sewer project have changed the phenomenon of the streets full of dirty things in Trier." The commentator wanted to say the word "excrement", but when he looked at the girl in front of him, he felt that he could not lose his elegant posture.

Audrey weighed and asked again: "May I touch it?" "Does it still work?" The Viscount Greylint laughed beside him: Why are you so curious about this? No matter how old it is, it's still just a toilet bowl. The rest of the aristocratic children, who were on good terms with them, laughed out loud. No, Greylint, you don't understand. This is the glory of human civilization. Audrey smiled back and made a sick face in her heart. If it weren't for the commission of the "fool", I wouldn't want to do this. She sighed helplessly. The commentator echoed: "Miss Hall said very well that the glory of human civilization is not only reflected in the weapons that have changed the form of war, such as cannons and muskets, but also in every detail of our lives." "Dear Miss, I don't know if it can be used normally, because no one will use it." The docent looked at Max as he spoke. Livimore After receiving a positive nod, he continued:. "You can touch or even open the tank to see the mechanical structure inside, but please be careful." "Thank you." Audrey watched the security officer open the glass wall, hurried forward two steps, stretched out his right palm in a white gauze glove, and carefully touched the pumping button. Then she stepped back slowly and smiled: "Well, that's it. I've satisfied my curiosity. I can't hurt it any more." She always remembered that she was an innocent and curious girl this time. After reading this, they entered the exhibition hall with Russell's diary. After a half-circle introduction, Audrey asked again: May I look through this notebook? We are all interested in this strange symbol. "Well.." I've heard that paper over a certain age can be damaged even by contact with air, not to mention direct contact, right? She blinked,touch screen kiosk, letting her beautiful jewel-like eyes show sincerity, desire, and a slight sense of loss.
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Past and Present Life: Then came the sound of footsteps, did not wait for me to come to my senses, the cold liquid poured over mercilessly, drenched me with a cry of surprise, all over the edge, suddenly opened his eyes, suddenly sat up. Ding Ling! What are you doing Before I could figure out the situation, I heard Yan Yining's angry exclamation. Forcing myself to restrain my thoughts, I turned my neck a little stiff, wiped my painful eyes with the cold liquid on my face, and finally saw the situation in front of me. Not strong sunlight was slanting in through the window. It seemed that it was still early, at most one o'clock. Under the curtain, Ding Ling was clutching a glass dripping with water. Her face was pale, and her eyes were full of panic. Yan Yining pulled down the mobile phone skateboard and hurried over, asking in a hurry: "Jiao Er, how are you?"? Is it cold? He quickly shook my hand and lost his voice: "So cold?" I didn't feel cold, but I obviously felt that Yan Yining's hands were very warm, which made people want to approach,outdoor digital signage displays, snuggle, and even cry. Ah Ding Ling woke up, threw down the cup in a panic, and pulled a big towel to wipe the water on my face. Yan Yining, almost rudely, grabbed the towel in his hand and stared at her, then carefully held me in his arms and gently wiped the water marks on my face. I looked at Ding Ling's face,Interactive digital signage, which had not turned around for a long time. I moved a few times in my throat. Finally, I forced a smile and made a slightly hoarse voice: "Ayako, did you see that I didn't wake up for a long time, so you splashed me with water?" It is March weather, although not very cold, but to give a glass of water poured in the face and neck, really enough to "move" people. I shivered and looked at the livid faces of the two men in front of me, with a deliberately bitter face: "I swear, next time I will not sleep late, or you will splash me with ice water!" Yan Yifeng withdrew his terrible stare at Ding Ling, wiped the drops of water on my hair with a towel, and tried to smile: "It's all right. If you feel uncomfortable, facial recognition thermometer ,face recognition identification, you can sleep all day. Your body is the most important thing." "Jiao'er!" Ding Ling seemed to come to her senses. She sat down on the bed, grabbed my hand, and shouted, "You.." Do you know what you just said? What did I say? I asked you if you splashed me with water because I didn't wake up. I looked at her in confusion, and she was staring at me in confusion, with panic in her round black eyes and bright sweat oozing from her forehead. ============== Note: The lyrics quoted in this article are "Falling Flowers". You can listen to it on the potato. (Song: Wait for a Sunny Day Lyrics: Yun Chuxiu Sings: Su Jian) I had no intention to search the lyrics again, and found that they were all quoted from this article. The author of the original words is specially noted. HTTP:///programs/view/XS612clxiws/ Mysteriously Changed Cell Phone Ring Tone < span > "No.." That's not it. Ding Ling clenched my hand so hard that her nails turned blue and white. "You say, what are you talking about for five hundred years, and what are you asking? Is he all right?"? That voice.. That voice. "" That voice, I also heard, is lingering in the low sigh: "Five hundred years, alas …" Is he all right? When I heard the voice, I was also thinking about what the words of the smoke meant. But shouldn't that be the voice of the smoke in the dream? How could Ding Ling hear it? "That's.." Ying Yan's words, you. You heard that, too? My voice has changed a little. Would it be better if this dream wasn't just my dream? At least, in my dream, I won't be lonely anymore. But But Ding Ling's voice changed even more: "You are saying, you are saying that!"! I I heard you suddenly become that voice. I, I.. My voice suddenly changed. The careless Ye Jiao, with a completely different voice, issued a delicate and soft waxy sigh. I could immediately understand why Ding Ling was so frightened and couldn't wait to wake me up with cold water. If I were myself, I would be frightened.

Pulling hard at my soft short hair, I inhaled hard, forcing myself to calm down with the pain at the root of my hair, and then asked, "So.." Did I sing a song? Ding Ling was at a loss: "What song?" Yan Yining hurriedly took my hand and forbade me to pull my hair: "Don't be afraid, Jiaoer, don't be afraid, we.." We just have to figure out what's going on, and everything will be all right. What's going on? I just had a few strange dreams. From the point of view of modern science, nothing has happened at all. If a doctor were to diagnose me, he would say that I have written too many novels and that my brain is broken. "Song.." Yan Yining suddenly remembered something. His face, which had always been soft and moist, twitched: "I saw the gate of the courtyard closed. I don't know if you are at home. I just called your cell phone.". Your ring tone is a little strange when you are waiting for the answer. It's a song I haven't heard before. My ring tone.. I am a lazy person, that I can not hear the ring tone, almost maintain the factory settings, never changed. Looking up, Yan Yining had pressed the call button, and the music slowly flowed out of the mobile phone beside my pillow: The fragrance of falling flowers is a dream with you. Feng Fei Leaves Changyi Xiaolou West To express one's heartfelt feelings in the face of poverty Waiting for a wisp of ghost to return home Incorrect! This is not my mobile phone ring tone! My ringtone was originally set to be Zhang Liangying's "Painted Heart". On my birthday, I was shocked by the music and changed it to a happy birthday song. I'm in a bad mood these days, and I haven't paid any attention to the ringing tone,information kiosk price, let alone changed it. Jiaoer, your ring tone is also this. Yan Yining frowned tightly with thick and black eyebrows and put his hand to my ear. The same delicate and elegant song immediately echoed in my ears, like the beautiful voice of lingering smoke: Empty Adoration and Phoenix Dance in the Sky Sexual differences are close to the end of the world. Look at the short road to the afterlife and never forget it. It is hard to say that it continues to be a nondescript song through the ages.
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The handsome boy is the only one, and the shellfis Little moxa surprised ah, originally Beibei this Ya unexpectedly and handsome guy know? Seeing Xiao Ai looking at her bitterly, Beibei hurriedly introduced her in the most concise language: "This is my friend Hu Xiao Ai, and this is Xiao Zong, my immediate superior." Xiao Ai smiled with a face of spring flowers in full bloom and shook hands with the handsome man. Just call me Xiao Fang. The handsome boy said when he stopped. Xiao Ai smiled and nodded. He was extremely satisfied with the handsome man. He was rich and tasteful, and he was also approachable. What a good leader! It's good to be a boyfriend, but it's even better to be a husband. Miss, are you satisfied with this dress? The waitress came over at the right time and asked ingratiatingly. Xiao Fang's eyes glanced at Ann Beibei very quickly from top to bottom, and Xiao Ai also came to his senses from the surprise and envy just now, and looked at her carefully. Suddenly became the focus of the crowd, Beibei suddenly felt a little hot, very hot. Before anyone spoke, a sweet voice came from the other side: "Cousin, do you think I look good in this dress?" Looking at the sound, a tall, flower-like woman looked at Xiao Fang with a charming smile on her face. And she was wearing the same clothes as Beibei. On the white face, inlaid with light blue eyes, coupled with the wave-like dynamic hairstyle, the clothes on her body are just right. Looking at such a tall beauty, wearing the same clothes as her own, Beibei was a little embarrassed,temperature check kiosk, she slightly staggered her eyes, pulling Xiao Ai imperceptibly step back. The beautiful woman came over and saw them beside Xiao Fang. She also saw Beibei trying on the same clothes as her. Her face was slightly unhappy. She turned to the waitress who followed her and said, "Didn't you say it was the only one?" The waitress smiled and said carefully, "Yes, if you look carefully, you will know that we didn't lie to you.". There are only two pieces in this style, but one is with gold wire and the other is with silver wire. Everybody lowered his head to look around,smart interactive whiteboard, can not help but head straight off the black slag, so can also say? The beauty looked at the silver-trimmed dress on her body and seemed even more unhappy. As soon as the waitress saw her face, she quickly smiled and said compliments. Cousin, tell me, which one of us looks good in it? The beautiful woman is not happy, coquettishly pulls Xiao Fang's arm, must let him comment to see. Beibei felt even more embarrassed and wanted to go back to the dressing room to change his clothes, but was pulled by little Ai. Hu Xiaoai would like to examine Xiao's character again. Chapter 25: Buying Clothes Causes Trouble 2 The beautiful woman beeped up her red lips and looked at Xiao Fang expectantly. Xiao Fang took a fixed look at the two of them and said with a shallow smile on his face, "You can all wear your own style.". Burning can make this dress noble and extraordinary, while Xiao An can highlight the appropriateness and randomness of the clothes. Xiao Ai narrowed his eyes slightly. What a cunning fox! He doesn't offend anyone on both sides. However, he knows how to be flexible and can be taught. The two young ladies are very beautiful, and naturally they look good in clothes. The two waitresses spoke with one voice, fearing that they would not buy clothes if they did not agree with each other. I don't want this dress. I bought both of these clothes. Again with one voice -- Beibei and the beauty looked at each other, but their minds were completely different. Beibei is reminded of the price tag, although it is small moxa money, facial recognization camera ,interactive kiosk price, also don't like this waste, besides, from the advantage of small moxa stingy, today let her spend so much money, in the future she must be double to get back, rather than worry day and night later, it is better to strangle worry in the cradle now. The beauty did not want others to wear the same clothes with her, and at first she was worried that Beibei would compete with her to buy clothes, but she did not expect people to give up so happily. For a moment, she was a little shy and her cheeks were slightly red. I'm going to change my clothes. Beibei finished and went into the dressing room. In the spacious dressing room, she looked at herself in the fitting mirror, with her flowing soft black hair lying smoothly on her shoulders, her dark eyes shining with folding light, and her pink lips pursed lightly, all of which made her face pale without makeup.

She reached out and touched her cheek gently, thinking of Xiao Ai's words: What kind of woman doesn't know how to take care of herself? Now, she finally has some understanding. Look at that beautiful woman just now, how well maintained she is, her skin is white and ruddy. Beibei slightly entranced, until she heard a knock on the door, she suddenly woke up, what is her nerve here, what is the matter with others? She took a deep breath, shook her head, pushed the door and went out. Out of the dressing room door, see little moxa and the beauty talking and laughing, can not help but Leng Leng, when little moxa and the beauty mix so familiar? She walked over doubtfully, but before she got there, the beautiful woman jumped over, took her by the hand, and said enthusiastically, "It's Sister Beibei. Thank you for giving up what you love.". I just heard from my cousin that you are his secretary, and we will be colleagues in the future. Beibei is simply a face of depression, I do not know why to look at the side of the chat quite happy Xiao Fang and Xiao Ai. Fortunately, the two men over there seemed to see her embarrassment and had come over. Oh, let me give you a formal introduction. This is my cousin Tao Yiranran. She just came back from studying in Italy. She will come to work in our company tomorrow. You can take her with you. Xiao Fang said as he pulled the over-enthusiastic burning away from Beibei. Xiao Fang's habitual way of speaking formed in his work, as well as the love for his cousin revealed in his words, made Beibei extremely uncomfortable. She smiled stiffly at the corners of her mouth and nodded gently. Em, I'm a little tired. Let's go back. Beibei looked at Xiao Ai dispiritedly, his voice a little tired. Ah? Back, she can not stroll enough, little moxa reluctantly took Beibei's hand: "Good Beibei, you do not stay at home all day, it is not easy to come out to stroll, so soon to go back ah?" "Yes,face recognition identification kiosk, yes, sister Beibei will go shopping for a while. My cousin and I have just come out for a while.". I just talked about LIN's brand with sister Ai, and I want to go and see it later. Beauty Ran Ran is also in the side to persuade.
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Wei smiles all over the Now, I gave myself a reason to go with her and look for the Elder Martial Brother with her? Don't you have to worry? He really wanted to know why the girl in front of him was not interested in himself? First of all, she doesn't seem to be a person who is indifferent to beauty. She has been in a daze, but she hasn't reached the level of being moved. She has been in contact with her for so long, but she hasn't given herself a little chance. Could it be that she is so affectionate to her third brother that the rest of the men can't get into her eyes at all? But why don't you look like it? Is there such an unshakable feeling in the world? It scares me. But even if she really falls in love with her third brother, will he admit defeat? Of course not. Lan Jing is already a person who is widely rumored to have the same strength as him, and he has not yet met him head-on. But, in front of this Bai Xiaofan, will be the first opportunity? I just don't know if Lan Jing likes Bai Xiaofan, but if she does, it will be more interesting. Would he like to take Lan Jing's little sister to play first? The above calculation did not take him too much time. After he thought about it, he looked up at the way of heaven. "It's getting late today. I'm afraid the city gates are closed. You go back to my Chuang Tzu with me to stay for one night. Tomorrow, I'll accompany you to look for your third brother." "Really?"? Can you accompany me? Bai Xiaofan bulged his eyes and couldn't believe it. Yue Weilan nodded, and her long black hair slipped down his shoulder. "Anyway, I'm used to being bored alone. I might as well accompany you. Otherwise, you're a girl, and you don't know martial arts and magic. It's dangerous to go alone on the road. I'm not at ease either." Yes, if it is eaten by other monsters, it is a pity to have such a good seedling. Then I'll blame you! Bai Xiaofan's eyes curved into a crescent moon, his cheeks dimpled, and he looked like a child with sugar. She is penniless now, and the baggage and so on are put in the big brother's home, at this time, it should not be convenient to take. She really needs a capable and thoughtful person like Yueweilan to help her find it. Otherwise, what can she do if she finds it? If the Third Elder Martial Brother is in danger, she can only stare. The only trouble is that going out with Yueweilan is too eye-catching. Moon Weilan saw her smile, a slight stagnation, then also smiled, turned around, invited Bai Xiaofan to his villa, the villa is called the moon. The house was full of shadows, the palace was lonely, and one or two palace lanterns were lit on the palace road where no one was walking. Probably, all the people who should sleep had already slept, but at this time, the emperor of Dali was still busy. Second brother, "Feng Mo Fei went to sit down beside Feng Mo Ran's bed." You can rest in the palace for the time being these days. When the wound is healed, you can go back to your palace. " Feng nodded slowly, but still without expression. Second brother, you say, who wants to assassinate me this time? Feng Mofei seemed to have fallen in love with the jade pendant he had asked the craftsman to imitate, thermal imaging camera , and the baby carved on it became more and more smooth and shiny under the constant rubbing of his hands. He had long been accustomed to Feng's indifferent attitude and did not take it seriously at all. He smiled and chatted with Feng. I should think like you. Feng's indifferent eyes also fell on the jade pendant in the hands of Feng Mofei. Feng indifferently carried the rope through the jade pendant in his hand and looked at the light. "Yes, so it seems that when she left, her glance had a profound meaning. Did she take Bai Xiaofan away?"? Interesting "What did she take Bai Xiaofan for?" "Feng never says much, just express what he wants to express." Brought it for questioning? Or an investigation to confirm? Or directly recognize relatives? Ha ha, who can know what that woman is thinking in her heart, but I must investigate Bai Xiaofan's life experience clearly. Feng Mofei took the jade pendant into his hand again and held it tightly. What if we think too much? Feng Moran hesitated for a moment, raised his eyes, looked at Feng Mofei, and asked. For that woman, it is better to guard against her than not to guard against her. I have ordered the assassin to be wanted, but I don't know if I can find him.

If you find it, you can ask clearly. "At this point, Feng Mofei smiled again." But maybe I can also insist that this person is appointed by her. If other things are enough to threaten her position, I will count it in.. " Feng Mo ran did not say much, since Feng Mo Fei already had an idea, what else did he need to say? In fact, he had wanted to ask what Feng Mofei thought about Bai Xiaofan's cry and asked him to save himself. However, there is something about Bai Xiaofan, Feng Mofei himself should know, he does not like others to ask. However, I really owe Bai Xiaofan a favor. He doesn't like to owe others, so he will find a chance to pay it back. How is your mother's health recently? After a long silence, Feng Mofei asked aloud. Still the same, two days ago, looking at the spirit of a little better, these two days but again confused, from time to time talk nonsense, and. An undignified act. "" There was a kind of sadness and worry in Feng's eyes, which drooped indifferently, and there seemed to be boredom in his voice. Feng Mofei was about to speak when he heard a report from outside: "The queen mother is here." There were no eunuchs and maids in the room, so they were all driven out. After the two men looked at each other, Feng Mofei walked over, opened the door, and bowed his head slightly: "Mother, it's so late. Why bother to move here?" His face was sarcastic and disdainful, but his voice sounded really respectful and caring. When the Ai family heard that King Duan had been injured and was being kept in the palace, they came to have a look. There was no smile on Dugu Shuying's face, and he was very graceful and dignified with his usual airs. Mother, it's already late at night, and perhaps it's time for King Duan to rest. "Isn't the emperor still here?"? Ai Jia went in for a visit and then left. Dugu Shuying lowered his voice and said slowly. Yes, the queen mother, please come in. "Feng Mofei gave way and secretly scolded her for being a cat crying for a mouse. She probably came to see if anyone was dead." Thank the queen mother care, son minister is all right, "Feng Mo ran just slightly sideways, ready to salute, was stopped by Dugu Shuying, and gently pushed him back to the bedside." Don't be too polite. Just have a good rest. I heard that you were injured in order to save the emperor's son. Is there a reward for the emperor's son? Dugu Shuying sat slowly on the brocade stool beside the bed and asked Feng Mofei, who had followed him in.
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Limit exchange space _ After 13 people wait for Yi Yun to say, extremely unanimous say: "Understand!" And not too much language, perhaps, this is the sadness of the dead, their feelings have been thin to the extreme. These thirteen people, is also Yi Yun after becoming a master, the original team, in the battle for the position of the master, has long been dead, seriously injured, simply useless, and they are his biggest cards now. Thirteen fighting spirits, thirteen five-star fighting spirits who completely obey his orders, are more real than anything else. Hearing their brief answer, Yi Yun was very satisfied. What he wanted was this effect. The dead did not need feelings. The only thing they needed was to obey his orders and do things for him. Everything else was unnecessary. Although it was a little cruel, the world was like this. It could not be said that anyone was more cruel than anyone else. It's just that the others didn't find out. After turning his head and looking at the elder and his brother beside him, Yi Yun nodded heavily. Yi Zaitian and the Great Elder also looked at each other and nodded heavily. Everything was in silence. ...... Everything is arranged properly, Yi Yun and so on, under the cover of the night, quietly left the Yi family mansion, knowing that they left, only Yi Chi, at least, Yi Chi felt so. In the dim light of night, Yi Yun and others floated away toward the north gate of Piaoyu City. Yi Chi was quite familiar with this section of the road. He liked to stroll around the city when he was free. Basically,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, there was no place in Piaoyu City that he did not know and was not familiar with. Of course, except for the castellan mansion, Yi Chi always had a sense of foreboding about that place, so he did not go to explore at night. This time, Yi Chi followed his father and others far away, and he sent two mechanical flies, plus the original three, exactly five, the five mechanical flies are trying to track the tracks of Yi Yun and others,12v High Torque Motor, Yi Chi is not afraid to lose, so far away hanging, there is no intention to approach. Their speed is very fast, only took a stick of incense time out of the north gate, of course, it is impossible to go through the main gate, are over the wall. After leaving the city gate, Yi Chi ran northward for about a hundred miles from the perspective of the mechanical fly, and only then did he see his father and others stop in the perspective of the mechanical fly. Yi Chi frowned and thought doubtfully, "Is this it?" Here is only a hundred miles away from Piaoyu City, so close to the place, how can the various families in Piaoyu City not find any relics? If it's not here, then why did the father and others stop? However, before Yi Chi could figure it out, the answer came out automatically. See in the place where Yi Yun and others are, the sky is very abrupt appeared a figure, the figure from the beginning of the blur only after a second or so, Micro Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, it is completely substantive, and so on after people see, just send a breath. Yi Yun looked helplessly at the figure above and said, "Grandpa, didn't we make an appointment with you to guard the family?" The man in the sky is the ancestor of the Yi family, Yi Batian. The red-headed and red-browed Yi Batian curled his lips and fell to the ground. "I'm afraid it's dangerous for you to go to the ruins, so I'll come and have a look." Despite this, it is clear that Yi Yun and others do not believe it at all. I just want to see the ruins. It's so hypocritical. After staying outside for a long time, Yi Zaitian thought contemptuously. Of course, he didn't dare to say it, but he knew that his grandfather had a strange temper and liked to hit people on the head at every turn. He had never been beaten less when he was a child. Now that Yi Batian has said so, Yi Yun is not good to say anything. Moreover, the family has those elders, and nothing will happen. Even if there is an enemy, there are a few elders who are not born. They are not afraid of losing their foundation. Now the most important thing is the relics of Dou Shen. As long as they can completely excavate the relics, they are not afraid of rising. Think of here, Yi Yun immediately full of confidence, think about it, grandpa came is also good, in case there is really a problem that he can not solve, or trouble his old man, after all, the strength of Douzong is not used to see.

After thinking about it, Yi Yun ordered the crowd to get up and move forward again, and Yi Batian disappeared again directly, not knowing how he did it. Although Yi Yun and others were curious, they did not have the courage to consult, so they could only concentrate on their journey. Hanging in the back of the easy pool, nature is to see all this in the eyes, can not help but be glad that he did not personally follow up, otherwise, must be found by the red-haired old man, at that time, it is estimated that only obediently go home. Now, in the perspective of his five mechanical flies, he lost the figure of Yi Batian again. However, Yi Chi knew that he must have followed his father and others. After all, this time he did not know what danger there was. Yi Chi felt that what Yi Batian had just said was not an excuse. It was really dangerous and unpredictable. It was better to guard against it. Just like this time, Yi Chi had a bad feeling that something was going to happen again. Almost strolling in the woods, Yi Chi every step, the body will appear in dozens of meters away, this ability to use the wind element, once again used by Yi Chi, like this rush, that is, without consuming fighting spirit, but also to deepen the perception of the wind element, by now, he has stepped out of the original step of ten meters. Now he has stepped out more than 30 meters, which has increased more than three times, which is the most direct manifestation of his perception of the wind element. Walking like this, the speed is not slow at all, his front put dozens of miles away, is the advance of the Yi family team, and around the Yi family team,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, there are five mechanical flies, everything seems to have been in the control of Yi Chi. ----------------------- PS: The weekly recommendation reaches 500, and there will be a new chapter today. I hope you can be more powerful. Please recommend the weekly recommendation to 1000. Thank you in advance. Thank you! Dou Shen Ruins Chapter 109 Arrive at the Ruins.
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I don't know Beishan Before she came out this morning, she had quietly broken into the other side's defense system, which was very beneficial to her later action. It was dark in front of him, and the strangers around him were covetous. It was false to say that he was not afraid. Vera's first mission, several years of military life has already honed her to be extremely strong, but inevitably worried. Gu Rong and the first time not in her side, feeling unusually sensitive. She was immobilized, her jaw was pinched open, and a bowl of something was poured into her. Vera struggled and pretended to be frightened. "What did you give me to drink?" "Nothing, just let you lose your strength for a few days." Vera clenched her fists, but did not dare to resist, wondering what they were drinking. The reaction came very quickly. While still in the car, Villa felt that her body began to lose its strength. There was a feeling of dizziness. The intuition was that there was something in it. Vera bit the tip of her tongue to keep herself awake. She wasn't worried. It didn't matter if she inhaled it once, but if she inhaled it more, she would be addicted. If she had taken her away a week later, as she had promised them before, she would have been poisoned by then. It's so mean. Gradually, Vera felt her body warm, her mouth dry, and her limbs paralyzed. Vera's back kept sweating. It's supposed to be their special stuff, aphrodisiac,gear reduction motor, devitalizing, hallucinating. In a trance, a man stuck up, pinched her chin, sneer, "Lao Tzu played a lot of stars, originally thought you were the toughest one, originally found a cash cow to put on high airs.". But so what? He gave you to me. Vera closed his eyes tightly and did not speak. It turned out that he had eaten in Zimu,Small Dc Gear Motor, but listening to his tone, he had not seen Zimu himself. It was estimated that he had only found someone to negotiate with. Otherwise, based on her previous behavior, it's a gun pointing at her now. Maybe Kunjiang has some cleanliness, so he didn't touch her when he was in the car. Soon she arrived at the house, and she was almost carried out of the car, and then carried in by a man, who told him to give her a bath. They were given the normal amount of medicine, and Vera had been specially trained to resist these things better than others. In addition, the girl has a huge idea and tries her best to discard the idea in her mind. Vera had little sharp blades under her fingernails, and she scratched them in the palm of her hand one by one. Be sure to wake up! Certain! It was an old servant who gave her a bath. Perhaps he had seen a lot of things and knew how to save his life. He did not squint, did not speak, and only did things. Vera, as if she could not even lift her hand, was at her mercy, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,Vending Machine Motor, but her mouth kept murmuring hot, although the old servant did not say anything, but the water was getting colder and colder. Please, help me change all the water into cold water, please. Vera looked at her and said that the Golden Triangle Mandarin she had learned from her neighbor when she was a child had passed for so many years. Vera was not sure how many sounds she could say clearly, but she was willing to bet on the old man's heart. When the old man heard her inarticulate words, he was really moved. But who doesn't have a little pain? She can't help her except to change the water to the coldest one. After changing the water, Vera nodded her thanks. The fire began to come down slowly, and Vera bit her lip and buried herself hard in the water. When the water overflowed the head, even the painful head was relieved, and Vera did not want to come out. The old man thought she was going to drown herself, so he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up, his voice lukewarm, "There is hope to live." Vera stared at her and nodded. She said, "Grandma, I know. I don't want to die. My boyfriend is still waiting for me. I just have a terrible headache.". Vera's words may be uncertain, but the word "old woman" is kept in mind. In the past, when she called her grandmother like this, her grandmother's expression would be particularly gentle. Since she came here more than ten years ago, no one has called her grandmother for a long time. She has frequently sent money home these years, but I don't know when the money has been returned, and the envelope says that there is no such person. Whether her relatives are still alive or not, she will never see them again. He gave up his heart completely and lived like a puppet in this family.

"The sound of the original old woman is not untouchable." People who are sent here can't get out. Vera shook her head and said, "Grandma, I can." The old man lowered his head and thought for a moment, then turned around and took the hose, took the tap water and poured it into Villa's mouth. Vera knew the old man's intention, accepted the good advice, with tears in her eyes, and expressed her infinite respect for the old man. When Vera's stomach was obviously swollen and Vera could not bear it any longer, the old man pressed her weather-beaten hands on the base of Vera's tongue, and Vera vomited with a crash. The old man helped her down the back until she couldn't spit it out, and then poured it again, three times in a row, until Vera collapsed in the bathtub. After cleaning up the marks, the old man dried her body, and when he wanted to dress her again, Vera held her hand, "Grandma, can you give me back my high heels?" When Vera was sent to the room, Kun Jiang had not yet come. She pretended to be unconscious, and the servant did not estimate her. Their accents were so thick that Vera only heard them roughly. Kun Jiang was stumped by other things, it is estimated that it will take a few hours to come back, to keep an eye on her and so on. Vera breathed a sigh of relief, and she knew that Gu Rong would buy her time. When there was no one in the room, Vera opened her eyes and was very grateful to the old woman. Most of her strength had been restored. Vera looked around the room. It was an ordinary bedroom, but there were a lot of disgusting utensils hanging around it. There were iron railings outside the window, and she couldn't get out easily. Apart from the blade embedded in the fingernail and the G Swiss Mini,24v Gear Motor, which is only 5.5 centimeters hidden in the heel of the shoe, Vera has no other weapons. There are three bullets in the gun, which can only be outsmarted.
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Demon Law _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise "Speak, my child." Du Wei suddenly walked over. Passing through the other girls kneeling in front of him, Du Wei's hand gently pressed on Hanyue's shoulder. His voice was soft. "Tell me, what is your greatest wish?" " Although he was not very old, everyone heard such a tone. But as if it were natural, it seemed that the young master was born to be so superior. I Hanyue suddenly raised her eyes. Her beautiful eyes, like the moon, made Du Wei sigh in his heart. I hope.. No longer a slave. After saying this, Hanyue has closed her eyes, she does not know where she came from this courage. But experience told her that if she dared to say such a thing, the next encounter would be a merciless whip! Waited for a long time, the expected whip did not, and Du Wei's hand has gently fallen on her face, gently stroked her face, and then Hanyue heard this life, her life for 16 years, the most beautiful voice! "Well, then from today on,small geared motors, you are no longer a slave." Hanyue's heart immediately beat fiercely, and she raised her head in surprise and looked at the young master. However Your life is still mine. Du Wei said lightly, "I can let your father, your mother, your relatives, your friends.." Take off the status of slaves. But in return, your life is mine,Low Rpm Electric Motor, any time, any place, any word from me, will be your highest mission. Finally, Du Wei patted her on the forehead. "From now on, you are their leader." After walking out of the room, Du Wei could clearly feel the moment the door closed. The beautiful little slave girl named Hanyue was at the other end of the crack in the door, and the kind of painful eyes came from her. With a sigh, Du Wei hesitated for a moment and gave orders to the two excellent etiquette he had brought with him. See these girls in there? Du Wei looked at a 40-year-old woman in front of him, a former etiquette teacher of the Rollin family, and another who had even worked in the court. Starting today. I want them to receive the best education and training.. I ask all the girls here to have a temperament comparable to that of an aristocratic girl in the future. Du Wei said here and smiled again: "The girl named Hanyue …" I demand that you train her to be a princess! Do you understand? Princess As an etiquette teacher who has been in the aristocratic circle for half a lifetime, what haven't the two middle-aged women seen? The young Duke's intention was immediately guessed, Gear Reduction Motor ,brushless gear motor, and he hastened to answer in the humblest of tones. Du Wei sighed in his heart: Beauty has always been the most lethal weapon. Color is bone scraper! Such an invisible knife, sometimes even far better than thousands of fighters! Hussein left with Du Wei with a cold face. When he went outside, there were no other guards around him. The paladin suddenly said in a cold tone, "Du Wei, you.." "What about me?" "Don't think I don't know what you're up to." "Du Wei," said Hussein slowly. I don't think taking advantage of these poor, innocent girls.. "Are you dissatisfied?" Du Wei suddenly smiled: "Or do you think such a move is somewhat despicable …" Not in keeping with your chivalry? Or do you think I'm too evil? Hussein did not speak, but his eyes had answered Dewey's question. Hussein.

"Du Wei looked at the sky outside, above the gray sky, a bleak:" You see! This is the northwest! No bright sunshine, no gentle spring breeze! There is only cruelty and coldness here! Then he turned and looked at the paladin in front of him. "What am I, Du Wei?"? My troops are not as strong as Lu Gao! The foundation in the northwest is not as good as Bohan! I'm not as powerful as the prairie people! The magicians around me are far less than the wizards of the Great Snow Mountain! In this place.. But I must survive! It's not just me! And us! You, me, Long Marton, Robert, Dardanelles.. Wait, wait, wait, all of you! I have tens of thousands of Tulip soldiers and hundreds of thousands of people behind me! And my family! My family! All must survive! Hussein raised an eyebrow. Du Wei's tone was solemn: "I don't think I'm mean or evil." I wouldn't mind doing something more evil if I had to! To survive here.. I'm not a knight. I'd rather be a demon! At last Du Wei sighed softly, but his tone was more firm: "If you think I am evil …" Congratulations on being right, because I am! Chapter 258 of the main text. The tenth day of the appointment with the second prince of the dragon clan. Outside the city of Loulan, Du Wei has made full preparations. Since last night, he has made all the arrangements. Hussein, go get Vivian and our beautiful snake, um.. And our Frost Fighting Paladin, call everyone out. We're going to play a dragon slaying game together. Du Wei calculated very well, when the dragon came, the first time let Hussein go up and fight with each other. The same is the strength of the holy order, although human beings have to suffer some losses against the more perfect dragons. But with the old Hou Biao, should not be inferior to how much. At least we can fight for an unbeaten situation. Surrounded by Rodriguez, a paladin with a missing hand, it's already an unbeaten situation. However, Loulan City, which was built with great difficulty, could not suffer under the flames of war. Du Wei has made all the plans, dragging the dragon and fighting and retreating, retreating far enough from the city, and then adding Medusa, plus Vivian, three powerful magicians together. It's just a dragon prince. With the strength of their own side now, the whole continent,Brushless Gear Motor, I am afraid that only the old dragon personally come, they will not be able to resist. It's just a little dragon, and it will definitely succeed in killing it.
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Guan Luo Feng Yun Lu As soon as Bai Feng and Zhu Ling looked back, they saw the four sailors rolling into the lake one after another, splashing the water white. They rolled their eyes and had a plan in mind. "Brother Zheng," they said hurriedly, "throw me the cable." Magic Sword Zheng Ao was stupefied for a moment and asked, "Grant you the ship cable?" She had no time to explain, so she only pointed to the whole cable on one side of the bow, bent down to pick up two planks, and flew up, but saw that she was as straight as a phoenix bird in the air, swept twenty feet, and jumped down to the semicircular speedboat team in the back of the boat. These speedboats are operated by two oars, one at the helm, and the other at the bow, which is four. But some have only three people left, because just now there are more than ten people who are already under the water of this ghost team. She went to the end of the ship, but there were four people living there. There was a tough man at the bow of the ship, carrying a Japanese ju in his hand. He saw that Zhu Dui's figure was very fast, and the wind was blowing straight at him. He knew that he was no match for the enemy, but he was a rudder master in the oil tank gang. He said that he could not reach without a fight before his subordinates. Under the ruminant reluctantly strive to slash a knife, in the mouth of the big way: "Boy, he went down." White phoenix Zhu Ling jade face for color, right hand in the foot long boat board to meet the enemy knife a lift, only to hear the sound of Europe. The man struggled to break a knife, although cut on the enemy's board, but felt that there was no real political, because he simply could not exert his strength. He withdrew his sword and wiped it out, and the light of the sword cut the enemy's throat. By this time, Zhu Ling had already lost herself on the side of the ship, and had already drilled through the light of the knife. This was exactly Dang Qiyuanpi's method of wandering souls. As soon as the man's knife was wiped out, the enemy suddenly disappeared. He was so frightened that he wanted to turn around and look for it. He was close to the wind behind the party. Knowing that the enemy was attacking, he jumped into the lake. In order to be abused by him just now, Zhu Ling deliberately took his life. At this moment, she saw that he responded very quickly and jumped to the middle of the lake. She knew that although her boat board could sweep the enemy's back,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, because the enemy was castrated, it naturally eliminated the fatal force. At that moment, she used her true strength to concentrate on the courtyard fingers and changed the sweeping force to a straight throw, but saw that the man's body jumped out of the boat. Zhu Ling gave a sneer, and the two boards of the boat, which were closed together, flew away and crashed into the man's vest. The man let out a scream and fell into the lake. Magic Sword Zheng Ao saw clearly that she was the true strength of the inner family, and threw out the boat board with a heavy technique. The force of this throw was no less than the blow of a hundred catties of sledgehammer. How could the man survive? "I couldn't help shouting, but Zhu Ling shouted," Throw the boat cable here! " He hurriedly picked up the rope, which was thicker than his thumb, and threw it at the head of the rope, only to see that the thick rope was flying like a long snake, and Hua shot straight at Zhu Ling. At this time, Bai Feng and Zhu Ling put all their strength into full play. When she hit the man to death with the plank of the boat, she called Zheng Ao to throw the rope, but her figure was like a ghost. In the blink of an eye, she had already put the two sailors and the point at the helm into the disaster road. The worry of the action was unparalleled. When Zheng Ao threw the rope, Small Geared Motors ,Planetary Gear Motor, she dodged and let the rope fly several feet, then grabbed it with one hand and hurriedly tied a knot on a short board at the bow of the boat. Then the edge rope clings to the head, and the figure rises high. At this time, a group of boats still did not row away because there was no number. Her heart secretly pleased, this moment is close to each other, the blink of an eye has landed on the clipper next door, only to see her use the method of wandering soul, body shaking, three people on board were all touched by her acupoint. She tied the clipper again, and then the clipper next door. Her movements were like ghosts coming and going, so fast that in the blink of an eye, she had tied up six clippers and pointed the water thieves to the acupoint. Magic sword Zheng Ao stood on the boat in amazement, half a star could not feel Zhu Ling's intention, suddenly heard someone in the lake coldly scolded: "Good young people, how fast you run away! I'd like to see what you can do to get out of Dongting Lake!" It is the voice of the poisonous mosquito forest. He looked back and was shocked to find that the long and thin body of the poisonous mosquito Lin yuan was all out of the water, standing upright like a mountain, and the lake was only up to his ankles.

This kind of situation, is clearly already had in the flying skill "to step on the wave to fly" the condition heat, but was not the underwater skill! Then Zheng Ao had a brainwave and thought, "Brother Ge hurriedly tied up those boats. There must be a deep meaning. Now he hasn't done all his work. I have to protect this long rope so that it won't be broken by water thieves." The idea was decided, but because the ship was still twenty feet away from the speedboat that had been tied up first, the gap was too big, so he stretched out his right foot to hook the long rope, sneaked the true force, and lifted it up. Pointing at Lin yuan with the tip of his sword, he shouted heroically, "Bah, Lin yuan, slow down and be insolent. You've never seen any battle. Even if Dongting Lake is a tiger's den and a dragon's pool, you'll have to rush through it." As he spoke, the ship was already moving, steady and fast, because he was using his inner strength, so he did not move suddenly as usual. Lin yuan gave a sneer and uttered a sound in his mouth. Zhu Ling had already tied up to the eighth boat. When the whistle sounded, the remaining six or seven clippers suddenly opened their oars. Zhu Ling was chasing them with a flying string, but she found that the long rope was now only ten feet long and no longer useful. He also found that the row of tied speedboats moved by themselves and made do with the big boats. "It's enough for me to capture so many boats and water thieves," said Fu. So he changed his mind and jumped back to the ship. Poison leader Lin yuan cried coldly, "Ignorant junior, our Sect Leader only needs to use a few tricks to discipline us and catch turtles in a jar. None of them can leave.". What's the use of tying up those boats? As a matter of fact, he also murmured in his heart that if the enemy really put up a desperate fight, would it not destroy the lives of so many ships and his men? Zhu Ling's figure was like the wind. In the blink of an eye, she was already standing beside Zheng Ao. She smiled and whispered, "You see, I put people in a dilemma with a chain of boats!" Then he answered, "What are you blowing? You're a hero. Come up to this boat and fight for victory or defeat. Just now you couldn't beat Brother Zheng and fell into the water!"! Now if Brother Zheng fights with you again, it seems to bully you. Well, let me decide with you. Do you dare to come up? Poison Lin yuan was furious. With a cold hum, the two thorns were separated, bringing up two cold lights, and the ground was swept by waves. This time he had been on guard, afraid of being taken by the enemy again, fled into the lake, that is really a big joke, so when the body is approaching the ship, Xiudi right hand water thorn in the left hand,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, withdraw a single Yang, a few silk white light shot out, attack Zhu Ling Zheng Ao two people.
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