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Collection of prefaces and postscripts of ancient Right "Ji Kang Meng" ten volumes, from the Ming Wu Kuan Cong Shu Tang Chao Ben [2]. There are quite a few mistakes in the original banknote, which can be read after two or three old collations [3]. As soon as the collator uses the ink pen, he fills in the gaps and changes the characters most. However, the deletion of Yi Ren Xin, often painted off the word "good". The old postscript said that it was written by Wu Jian'an, but it was not the case. Two with Zhu school, one school new, quite cautious and meticulous. The first is positive, contrary to the vulgar version. Now in the original word collation and meaning of the two pass, still according to the original note, with the old. Its diffuse extinction can not be identified, then from the school people, can also regret. Examining this book carefully, it seems that it is the same ancestor as that carved by Huang Shengzeng [4]. However, Huang Ke Shuai changed his mind, and this book won a little. However, after being collated by Zhu Mo, it gradually approached the yellow carving. Fortunately, the school is not very close, so left a good word, still complex many. There is no one in the world who is better at this than Zhongsan Yiwen. Gui Chou October 20, Zhou Shuren stirrup under the note. ※ ※ ※ [1] This article, written on October 20, 1913, was originally published in the 1938 edition of the Collected Works of Lu Xun, Volume IX, Collected Works of Chi Kang. Ji Kang Collection, Ji Kang's collection of poems and essays. Lu Xun's revised edition was based on the original edition of Wu Kuancong's banknote in the Ming Dynasty, and was revised several times between 1913 and 1931. Ji Kang (223-262),inflatable amusement park, whose courtesy name was Shuye, was a native of Qiaocheng County (now Suxian County, Anhui Province). He was a writer at the end of the Wei Dynasty in the Three Kingdoms Period. He intermarried with the imperial clan of the Wei Dynasty, and was "not Tang Wu but Zhou Kong", and was implicated in the Lv An case, so he was killed by the Sima clique who attempted to seize the power of the Wei Dynasty. [2] Wu Kuan (1435-1504), courtesy name yuanbo, alias Kuang'an, was a native of Changzhou (now Suzhou, Jiangsu Province) and a bibliophile of the Ming Dynasty. Cong Shutang is the name of his study room. There are ten volumes of Ji Kang Collection in his collection,Inflatable 5k obstacle, including one inscription by Gu Guangqi, one by Zhang Yanchang, and three by Huang Bulie (Shuweng and Fuweng). Lu Xun borrowed it from the Jingshi Library on October 1, 1913. [3] It refers to the two collations of Zhu and Mo on the Cong Shutang banknote. The postscript of Huang Bulie said that it was "collated by one's own hands". Gu Guangqi's postscript also said: "The erroneous words in the volume were all corrected by the gentleman himself." [4] Huang Sheng-tseng (1490-1540), whose courtesy name was Mianzhi, was a bibliophile of the Ming Dynasty. He is the author of Wuyue Mountain People's Collection. Ji Zhong San Ji, ten volumes, with Huang's preface before, and "Jiajing Yiyou" at the end, that is, the fourth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1525). Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Preface to Yungu Miscellany [1] ~ Novel Txt, Tang Preface to Yungu Miscellany [1] Cloud Valley Miscellany, written by Zhang He in Song Dynasty. "Song Shi", "Yi Wen Zhi", "Wen Xian Tong Kao" and "Zhi Zhai Shu Lu Jie Jie" (2) are not recorded; the Ming "Wen yuan Ge Bibliography" (3) has a volume, but it is not passed on. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, it was compiled into four volumes from Yongle Dadian, which was seen in the world. This volume, with a total of forty-nine articles, is handed down from the thirtieth volume of the Ming Chao's Shuo Bi, which is absolutely different from that carved by Tao Bi [4]. There are three kinds of block-printed editions, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable mechanical bull, namely, Yun Gu Za Ji, Gen Yue Ji, and Dong Zhai Ji Shi [5]. There are seven missing articles, and there are many changes in the sentences, which are not enough evidence. There are more than one hundred and twenty articles in the edition of Dadian, and most of them are reprinted in this volume. However, they have different titles and details, and each has its own meaning and friendship. At that time, it was more than a moment, and it had been laid down, so Shuo Bi and Da Dian were not based on the same book. He was born in Kaifeng first, and since his ancestor lived in Wuyi [6], he became a Jinhua. In the twenty-seventh year of Shaoxing, he became a successful candidate in the imperial examinations, became a general in charge of official duties, and served as an adviser. In the first year of Shaoding, he retired as Fengyilang. He also lived in Kuaiji as an overseas Chinese, and wrote eight volumes of Kuaiji Xu Zhi [7], which is true in Yuezhong and is often relied on for textual research. Today, although this volume is incomplete, but slightly in the world, when it is also more people's responsibility for evil? There are a lot of original copies and forgeries, and more than a hundred words are collated and supplemented before they can be read through. There are similarities and differences between them, and they should be neglected at the end [8]. It and "Dadian" re-published, also do not delete, in order to see the original book order cloud. Jiayin, March 11, Kuaiji [9]. ※ ※ ※ [1] This article was compiled from the manuscript and was originally without punctuation. Written on March 11, 1914. After compiling the first draft of Yungu Miscellany according to Lu Xun, he continued to collate and collate it, and wrote the final edition from March 16 to 22, 1914. Unprinted.

History of the Song Dynasty, Records of Art and Literature, Biographical History of the Song Dynasty, Tuotuo in the yuan Dynasty (renamed Tuoketuo in the Qing Dynasty), 496 volumes. Among them, Yiwenzhi recorded the titles of books in the Song Dynasty. Wen Xian Tong Kao, a history book recording the laws and regulations from ancient times to the reign of Emperor Ningzong of the Song Dynasty, was written by Ma Duanlin at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the yuan Dynasty, with 348 volumes. Zhi Zhai Shu Lu Jie Jie, Bibliography, written by Chen Zhensun in the Song Dynasty, the original book has been lost. The present edition is recorded from Yongle Dadian, with 22 volumes. [3] The Bibliography of Wenyuan Pavilion, a four-volume catalogue of the imperial collections of the Ming Dynasty, compiled by Yang Shiqi in the Zhengtong period of the Ming Dynasty. [4] a native of Yaoan (now part of Yunnan Province), Tao Tuan, whose courtesy name was Zi Tuan and nickname was Bu Tui, was a successful candidate in the imperial examinations in the late Ming Dynasty. [5] With regard to Gen Yue Ji and Dong Zhai Ji Shi, the entry "Shou Shan Gen Yue" from Yun Gu Za Ji was taken out and used as the book Gen Yue Ji, and another 25 entries were taken out and used as the book Dong Zhai Ji Shi by Xu Guan of the Song Dynasty. [6] Wu's Wuyi Wu was Wuzhou, with its seat in present-day Jinhua, Chekiang. Wuyi is a subordinate county of Wuzhou. [7] Kuaiji Xu Zhi, written by Zhang Zhuan, also known as Baoqing Kuaiji Xu Zhi, is a continuation of Shi Su's Jiatai Kuaiji Zhi of the Song Dynasty. There are eight volumes (the eighth volume is Yue Wen written by Sun Yin). [8] It refers to the twenty "reading notes" attached to the final edition of Yungu Miscellany written by Lu Xun. [9] Originally signed by Chou Tso-jen. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Preface to Zhi Lin [1] Small-say-t-xt-day. Don Preface to Zhi Lin [1] "Jin Shu", "Ru Lin", "Yu Xi Zhuan": Xi, for the "Zhi Lin" thirty. "Sui Zhi" for 30 volumes, "Tang Zhi" 20 volumes, and the title "Zhi Lin Xin Shu". There are more than 20 events cited in the notes of Shiji Suoyin, Zhengyi and the Annals of the Three Kingdoms, which are corrected in Wei Zhao's Shiji Yinyi,Inflatable outdoor park, Wu Shu and Yu Pu's Jiang Biao Zhuan. It can be found in "Wenxuan" Li Shanzhu, "Shuchao" and "Yulan", all of which are missing and can not be ordered.
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Start from scratch "Don't worry.". Absolutely not "I am the longest-lived of the dragons," said Ban Jilan. But the giant dragon's space magic attainments are very high. .” "All right then.". It seems that this is the only way. "I took back the mottled orchid and said to the Purple Embroidery Fairy and Monkey Sun," You two can give me a full protection attack! " Although both Zixiu Fairy and Monkey Sun hesitated, they finally agreed. Purple Bamboo Fairy is calmer after all. . Monkey Sun seems to be claustrophobic. Very uncomfortable with such a small space. In desperation, they quickly began to gather strength to prepare for an attack. . While they gathered strength, I quickly opened the door of the earth, and then asked how long it would take them to complete the cohesion, and then closed the space door to escape first. Both of them are good players. I'm not as sick as they are. The space is shattered. Don't I fall apart when I stand next to you? ? Quickly ready for their full strength, the two abnormal masters shot at the same time, a stick and a sword collided in the air, with a bang,inflatable floating water park, they fell out to both sides at the same time, and the surrounding space shook. The door of the earth opens in an instant I jumped out of it, timed it just right. There are many discontinuous black areas in the surrounding space. . I called out to both of them and jumped in first. The Purple Bamboo Fairy and Monkey Sun got up from the ground and jumped in. "Oh, hey.." As soon as I jumped out,Inflatable dry slide, Zizhu Fairy and Monkey Sun came out, and these two guys even fell on me. The Purple Bamboo Fairy is as light as a feather. But Sun Wukong is such a big weight that he almost threw my lunch out! "Sorry, sorry!" Two people quickly jumped up from me. Looking left and right, we found that we were back to the previous passage. . The difference is that this is a real channel. . As soon as the celestial soldiers at the entrance of the passage saw us, they wanted to run this way, but were immediately stopped by the Purple Bamboo Fairy. "Don't come over." "What happened to the fairy?" One of the heavenly generals said, "You just disappeared all of a sudden.". We thought you were there. . Why did you go back to the original place? ?” I got up from the ground and said, "There is an illusion here. Don't come here first. This passage is not as simple as it looks. Let me clean it up first.". Amenes Come out. "Come on." Amenes jumped out of the space of the Phoenix Dragon and looked around. "Is this the passage you fell into?" The Purple Embroidery Fairy asked, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable amusement park, "Is there an illusion here, too?"? It was here that we were brought into that space. Amenes nodded, then pressed his hand on the wall, and the whole passage changed in an instant. Everyone gasped. . The other end of the passage disappeared completely. And the part where we came in is basically untouched. A few steps ahead of where we are standing now is a transport array drawn on the ground. And the transport array is the end of the channel. That is to say, this passage is actually only thirty meters deep. And at the end of it is a transport array, and there is nothing else. The Purple Embroidery Fairy looked around and said, "Obviously, this is not the way we are looking for." "No, this is the way you are looking for." Amenes walked to the edge of the transport array, then carefully walked around the wall and walked to the side of the wall. Then she pressed on the wall. "The designer put a space trap in front of the real gate, and even if he broke the trap, he would think it was the wrong route and try another passage.". Little did they know that the gate was right behind here. "Amenes said, pressing his hand gently down on the wall.". There was a boom The wall actually rose slowly in front of our floor. Volume 15 Chapter 12 War = Wealth Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Updated: March 23, 2008 0:13:57 Words in this chapter: 6316 Amenes jumped into the door with a smile. "There is no disguise to hide from me.".

” Everyone followed Amenes carefully to avoid the transport array and went around to the other end of the passage. This passage is really not very long, and there is only a three-meter-long section behind the wall to the exit. We were all stunned when we came out of here. How did you come to the underworld? Sun Wukong looked back at me and asked, "What is this position?" I shook my head. "Somewhere in the underworld. I don't know exactly where it is." "Aren't you the King of Hell?" "I'm just on a temporary post, and I seldom go to work.". Besides. Even the King of Hell doesn't have to remember all the places in the interior of his territory, does he? Besides, this is not necessarily my jurisdiction. Maybe it's the territory of some other King of Hell? The Purple Embroidery Fairy helped me and said, "The underworld is not completely under the control of Yama. Some places are the land of the Protoss forces in the West, and more places are completely ownerless. The area here is more than that of the earth. Not all places have ownership." Monkey Sun asked doubtfully, "If we don't know where this is, how can we be sure that the person we are looking for is here?" Amenes warned, "I don't think there's any difference between true and false when you enter the 360 gates. It should be a network of passages connecting all places. You just happen to enter the way to the underworld, and others may be sucked into the trap, or through the trap to some other place." "What on earth are you looking for?" Amenes still doesn't know why we're here. The Purple Embroidery Fairy replied,Jumping castle with slide, "We are looking for the hiding place of Jieyin, and where the body of the Great Sun Tathagata is.". Of course, there is the most important thing-the Buddha mind. "Buddha's heart?" I looked at the Purple Bamboo Fairy in surprise. What the hell is that? I haven't heard you say that. 。
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Break through the tight It was past noon, but there was still no movement on the two flanks of the Red Army. If the two wings of the Red Army do not move, the Blue Army's serial stratagems will be out of the question. After lunch, Zhu Haipeng went to the woods alone to think about countermeasures. Jiang Yuerong took a basin of clothes and washed them listlessly in a stream, looking at Zhu Haipeng from time to time. Zhu Haipeng is learning to smoke when he comes back. When a man learns this bad habit, he usually loses it in some way. Zhu Haipeng learning to smoke, can be said to be miserable, smoke a mouthful, to cough a string, every cough, let Jiang Yuerong feel uneasy. Zhu Haipeng coughed in the woods, and his voice was empty, with the echo of the mountain. When Jiang Yuerong put down her clothes and stood up to go to the woods, Staff Officer Ding trotted all the way to the woods, and then Zhu Haipeng followed Staff Officer Ding back to the command post. Jiang Yuerong squatted down again, fished out a big pebble from the water, and beat her clothes hard. Zhu Haipeng picked up a stack of telegrams and looked at them. With a black face, he said, "Order Chu Tianshu to organize forces immediately and take down all the positions 8, 11,Inflatable bouncer, 12 and 15." "What if they don't move?" Asked Chang Shaole. Zhu Haipeng said: "Then make up your mind to gnaw them down as soon as possible.". Order the mixed infantry regiment to approach the mixed brigade and prepare to attack the reinforcements. Order the engineer battalion to prepare to set up obstacles in the border area of No.4 and No.6. Chang Shaole said, "Huang Xingan has really made progress." Zhu Haipeng said worriedly, "When it gets dark, if they withdraw, they will leave our main force on the road.". You can't do it without preparing for both sides. The two men walked into the war room. Chang Shaole asked, "How many of our babies have crossed the river?" Staff Officer Ding replied, "Eight months have passed,Inflatable water park factory, and the report says that the Red Army's front line is heavily guarded and has fewer loopholes, which has delayed time.". There is no news of the other twelve. Zhu Haipeng sighed: "If we had stealth bombers, we would have airdropped all the 20 squads in just 20 minutes.". As long as the remaining twelve can pass more than half, the play will be able to sing. Tell Chu Tianshu that he has done enough to eat the middle part of the play. The Blue Army launched an unprecedented attack on the front line of the Red Army Regiment. All of a sudden, four or five kilometers in the horizontal direction and two or three kilometers in the depth of a group of defense areas, the mountains shook and the earth shook, and smoke was everywhere. After the extension of the Blue Army's fire, the infantry, under the cover of tanks, rushed to one high ground after another. Huang Xingan lost his temper at the command post of the first regiment and threw the telegraphic order of the Red Army command post on the ground. "Hit the trick, hit his mother's fart trick, and scare himself with high-tech at every turn.". Hold out for three and a half hours, lose two companies, and before it gets dark, inflatable water slide ,inflatable castle with slide, the regiment will run out. Jiao Shouzhi picked up the telegram carefully. "Division commander, it seems that you are right. Would you like to send another telegram for instructions?" Huang Xingan, like an angry lion, turned around several times in the war room. "Fear of defeat, fear of defeat, the more you fear, the more you will lose.". Jiao Shouzhi, please send another telegram to reiterate that the main force of a regiment has been entangled by the enemy and will suffer heavy losses if it retreats. He sat down and took a few deep breaths and lowered his voice. "Add this meaning: at the same time, a group is preparing to retreat.". According to the dark evacuation plan, a regiment may suffer heavy losses in the afternoon, and it is recommended to withdraw from the front line in advance. When Jiao Shouzhi drafted the telegram, Huang Xingan picked up the phone again, "pick up the head of the second regiment Jane.". I am Huang Xingan. It is right to connect this telephone line two days ago. Dogmatism has become a common practice. With the development of high technology and automation, even the telephone contact between divisions and regiments is no longer needed. The blue army attacked the first regiment again, and this time it was a fierce attack. Chien Fan said over there, "Division commander, the Second Regiment is ready to encircle the main force of the Blue Army in a roundabout way.". What does Fan Yingming mean by letting him die? Huang Xingan sighed, "Don't mention these personal grudges. Fan Yingming is in charge now.". I'm ready to execute the evacuation order. As soon as we withdraw, your second regiment will be in the front. You have to prepare early. As soon as Chien Fan heard something in Huang Hsing-an's words, he thought for a moment and said, "Thank you, sir.". But Fan Yingming is dozens of kilometers away from the front line, so he should listen to the opinions of the front-line commanders, right? After the exercise, Division a is still Division a of your division commander Huang. We can't just watch him fool around like this, can we? Huang Xingan said, "Let's bear it.".

The matter of the previous exercise, the matter of resisting Fan Yingming as commander, was said to be gone. If someone catches something again, it will be difficult to handle. You get ready. Fan Yingming is the only one who understands this battle. What can he do? Chien Fan took the hint and said, "I see. Let's fight this battle according to Fan Yingming.". However, the Second Regiment should also reflect the correct opinions. "I'm afraid Commander Lin of the motorized infantry regiment doesn't understand this battle either." Three telegrams of request and suggestion from the 1st, 2nd and motorized infantry regiments arrived at the Red Army command post one after another around two o'clock in the afternoon, all with the assurance of resolutely carrying out the order and the suggestion of seeking a decisive battle immediately. Fan Yingming feels more and more pressure. A remarkable characteristic of modern warfare is the enhancement of integrity, and the failure of a part or even a link is likely to lead to the collapse of the entire battlefield. If the Blue Army really aimed at gathering and annihilating a regiment, why didn't it quickly expand its achievements after occupying the No.8 position? Fan Yingming has really felt the side effect of appointing Huang Xingan as the head of the first regiment of the force exercise. The decision made by the Exercise Command Committee is undoubtedly correct from the perspective of the long-term construction and development of the army. However, Huang Xingan is not a regimental commander after all. This has been fully revealed by the tone of the two telegrams. Now, the proposal of the Second Regiment and the Motorized Infantry Regiment is also neither overbearing nor humble, suggesting a decisive battle with the Blue Army, forcing Fan Yingming to use twelve points of strength to deal with the influence from inside and outside. The situation of the regiment is indeed getting more and more serious. The danger of being eaten by the Blue Army already exists. If it does not withdraw before four o'clock, it must be saved by the two wings. However, this is certainly not Zhu Haipeng's real intention to fight. What on earth does he want to do? Chapter 15 (2) Wang Zhongmin turned around in front of Fan Yingming. "The three generals at the front asked for a decisive battle at the same time.". We should always have a clear attitude. If the Blues get behind a group, it will be too late to move again. Liu Dongxu also said: "Xiao Fan, even I,large inflatable water slide, a layman, can see the current situation on the front line.". After all, Zhu Haipeng was also trained by our army. Could he be taking a risky move and was ready to eat a group while we hesitated? 。
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National Goddess: Reborn "Sheng Sheng, isn't it just a child?"? Give birth to it, nothing, our Duanmu family is not stingy enough to accommodate a child, after this, it is a part of the Duanmu family, you do not have to have too much psychological burden, after this, you will be a mother, your mother and I will be grandparents, we should be happy. At present, we can only take it easy. If their parents can't accept the child, what about Duanmu Sheng? Zhou Jin wiped her tears and then opened her mouth, "Sheng Sheng, your father is right, you can rest assured to raise the fetus and give birth to the child, and you don't have to worry about the next thing." Duanmu Sheng cried and shook his head. "No, I don't want to give birth to this child. Mom and Dad, if I had known this, you shouldn't have let nine sisters-in-law save me. What's the point of living in the world like this?" "What are you talking about?" Duanmu Canghai frowned slightly, stood up directly, and said in a cold voice, "Madam Jiu stayed in the operating room for more than ten hours with a big belly in order to save you!"! I didn't even drink a glass of water during this period! Do you know how anxious our people were outside at that time? You don't know how to thank me, but now you still say such a thing! What's the difference between your behavior and that of a white-eyed wolf? Duanmu Sheng said such words, which made Duanmu Canghai very angry. He added,Inflatable water park on lake, "Isn't it just a child?"? What happened when I was born? Can I still kill you? You chose this road by yourself! Who can you blame now? You're not the only single mother in the world! If everyone gave up on themselves like you, would they still be alive? Duanmu Canghai exudes a sense of anger. Duanmu Sheng! At least you are the daughter of Duanmu Canghai! Can you pull yourself together! Don't let one mistake get you down! No one is a saint! Anyone can make a mistake! It's not terrible to make a mistake, but it's terrible to make a mistake without knowing how to repent! What's wrong with single mothers? As long as you live like a man! Single mothers can still be successful! You can get respect! At this point, Duanmu Canghai sighed, his tone softened a little, and he went on. Sheng Sheng, no matter what kind of person Shen Haoguang is, the child is innocent, what is wrong with it? Therefore,Inflatable water obstacle course, we can not easily deprive it of life, and it now has nothing to do with Shen Haoguang, it is our Duanmu family's flesh and blood, it is also the blood of Duanmu family! Listen to Dad's advice, this man can't go all the way to the end. Duanmu Canghai's words opened Duanmu Sheng's mind. She sat up, hugged Duanmu Canghai and Zhou Jin, and cried, "Mom and Dad, I'm sorry." I'm sorry! I was wrong! Now, Duanmu Sheng also has no other way, Duanmu Canghai said right, the child is innocent, she will give birth to the child, give the child a home, even if there is no father, she will let the child live very happy. She wants to prove to everyone that a single mother can make a day! "Just figure it out." Duanmu Canghai patted Duanmu Sheng on the shoulder, and then said, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable air dancer, "This is the world, there is no obstacle that can not be overcome, promise Dad, in the future can not easily do silly things!"! If something really happens to you, how can your mother and I live in the future? Duanmu Sheng nodded with tears streaming down his face, "I know, I know, Mom and Dad, you can rest assured that I will never be stupid again!"! I'm not ready to honor you yet. She will live well in the future! And live a wonderful life! The Mo family. As time goes by day by day, Chu Jin's belly is also getting bigger day by day, probably because of the twins, her belly is almost the same every day, and now standing there, you can't see your feet. Late autumn has passed, and winter has come. Because Chu Jin insisted on having a natural birth, every day after dinner, he and Mo Zhixuan would come out to exercise for two hours without hindrance. That day, Chu Jin finished his meal and was about to go out for a walk when his cell phone rang. It's a strange call. Chu Jin slightly frowned, and then picked up, after listening to the other side said, Chu Jin mood complex hung up the phone, eyebrows and eyes hanging a bit sad.

Seeing her like this, Mo Zhixuan asked, "What's wrong?"? What's the matter? Don't call from Song Shiqin again, right? Chu Jin looked up at Mo Zhixuan, sighed, and then said in a heavy tone, "Xi He is dead." Yes. Xi He is dead. The phone call just now was from the warden, who had come to inform him of his death. Mo Zhixuan's expression did not change, but slightly frowned, "how did you die?" He remembered that Xi He had not been sentenced to death, but had been temporarily imprisoned. According to the warden, she died of depression. Since we went to see her, she began not to eat or drink, not to sleep or rest, and then.. When he heard the news, Chu Jin's heart was still very heavy. After all, she and Xi were friends, and they fought side by side. Xi He is still so young, has not had a good love to die, it is really regrettable, since the pregnancy, Chu Jin more respect for every life. Although Xi He did something wrong, he did not deserve to die. If she had the heart to change, she would not have come to this step today! Unfortunately, her obsession is too deep. Mo Zhixuan reached out to embrace Chu Jin's shoulder, "don't think so much, all this is her own choice." Chu Jin looked at Mo Zhixuan and then asked, "What about the elders?" In any case, Xi He was raised by the elders. Although he was not his own, he was better than his own. Now, the passing of Xi He is bound to bring a huge blow to the elders. Mo Zhixuan looked out of the window and said in a low tone, "Let's hide it for a while. I've rearranged people to take care of them. They're old. It's better not to know about it for the time being." Since the end of the trial, the five elders instantly aged more than ten years, even Mo Zhixuan and Chu Jin did not attend the wedding. They are now officially out of politics in all three circles. For the death of Xi He,Inflatable outdoor park, Mo Zhixuan is not a little bit of guilt, speaking of it, it is also Xi He's own fault.
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The complete works of "Beauty Jianghu" of online g "Please tell my sister that my brother's anger is really for her. But now my brother knows that he is wrong. Since my sister doesn't want to see rivers of blood in Jianghu, I will never pay attention to this Jianghu grudge again.". Du Mou withdrew his troops on the same day. Then he turned and left, but after a few steps, he stopped and left a figure for me. After a long silence, he continued, "And please tell her that since she has recognized her brother, she can talk to him if she has something on her mind." Then he took a big step and walked away without looking back. Looking at my brother's firm back, I really want to cry. My brother didn't say anything, but I knew he was blaming me too! Blame me for not treating him as a brother, and blame me for not telling him something. However, he is more concerned about me, his love for me than his resentment of me, so even though he is uncomfortable, he still cares about me in his way. Brother is a man of indomitable spirit, he identified things will not change, from the moment he recognized me, he really regarded me as a sister. Palm flying, you are right, I can have such a brother, really no regrets. I couldn't help but take a step in the direction of my brother's disappearance and said in my heart, "Brother, my sister also knows that she is wrong.". After this thing is over, the sister will come to you, certainly. I had no more time to express my feelings. Long Xiaotian came to me again and gave me a gift. He seemed to be a little excited and said, "Senior, since you have a letter from the imperial concubine, you must have seen her. Please tell me the whereabouts of the imperial concubine. The younger generation is grateful." I looked back at Long Xiaotian. He was thinner, but he looked more capable. He must have had a hard time this month. Looking at him, my heart was like all the spices together, and I couldn't tell what it was like. Taking a deep breath, I said to Long Xiaotian, "Dragon Sect Leader, Jiu'er also has something to say to you." Chapter 141 Long Xiao Tian's plan. "Senior, please speak." Long Xiaotian said respectfully. Wine advised you to withdraw your troops. When Long Xiaotian heard this, his body shook. Then he said, "Where do you say this? The Qinglong Gang has been defending hard these days. Long only wants these people to leave quickly. Where do you say this withdrawal?" I smiled faintly at Long Xiaotian: "Who in the world does not count people, Inflatable indoor park , and who is not counted.". It's a pity that Jiu'er sincerely advises you, but do you still want to make false promises to her? Long Xiaotian smiled awkwardly: "Where does that come from?" "Start with the number of people in the Green Dragon Gang." It seems that Long Xiaotian doesn't cry without seeing the coffin. I have to make things clear to him. Qinglong Gang is known as the largest gang in Jianghu. It has the largest number of people in Jianghu. Can your small castle hold it? "The younger generation asked them to go online in batches and take turns to go offline." Long Xiaotian answered. However, as the battle line continues to shrink, while the two sides are at war, they constantly separate part of the manpower to lurk, Long Xiaotian, do you have this ability? Long Xiaotian really did not shy away from saying: "It seems that the elder really guessed that Long Xiaotian did have this ability." I nodded appreciatively, it seems that Long Xiaotian is really a little thorough character, as long as I remind him a little, he will see that I understand the key to the matter. What is more remarkable is that after his plan was seen through, he was able to admit it calmly, without panic or desperate denial. However, I know that if I can't speak thoroughly, Long Xiaotian will not listen to me. Even in the name of wine. Then I continue to say: "You divide a part to lurk, after waiting for an army to pass, gather in rise.". Divide into two roads, all the way north. Straight attack ten thousand caravan, the other way south to attack the five poison religion. Is that right? "That's right." "Ten thousand caravan is almost sent out all the elite, and the core figure of the battle array Duyinshan is pinned down by you here, ten thousand caravan personal strength is not strong, lost Duyinshan town ten thousand caravan strength is even weaker.". This is a good opportunity to attack the Wanma Gang. The reason why you keep compressing your territory. Finally return to Qinglong Cliff, one is that the team of Duyin Mountain is really strong, on the other hand, it is your intention.

You are already the farthest place from the Wanma Gang. All you have done is to let Duyinshan find out that the gang has been attacked, and you can't return to the gang in a short time. It only takes two points for a gang to be defeated, one is that the order to build a gang is destroyed, and the other is that the leader of the gang must be killed once during the battle. It takes one day to get back to the Wanma Gang from you. It's enough time for you to destroy the order to build the Wanma Gang. And when Duyin Mountain, which had traveled back day and night, returned to the northern grasslands. Waiting for him can only be you waiting to kill. "You're right," Long Xiaotian laughed, "but I don't know how Jiu Er thought of all this." I looked at the wall of steel. After the wall was bombarded by the five elements of thunder, only a faint trace of smoke was left: "Because your defense is too tight." Long Xiaotian had a puzzled expression on his face. Long Xiaotian is not a conservative person. Aggressive is your style. Seal your walls like a tortoise shell like this. It has to look very abnormal. You are one of the top ten masters. There are also two masters who have no trace on the waves and know autumn with one leaf. But you go back to the station. Instead of sending them out to meet the enemy, they kept throwing money into the game to reinforce the walls. All this shows that you want to delay time, and people have to wonder, where are the two masters around you? You once said that you were willing to trade half of the gang members for any one of the left and right protectors of the Ice Castle. You can see how much you care about the use of the masters. In this way, you hide the masters around you behind this high wall between the life and death of the gang. Do you think it is reasonable? So, it's not that you don't use your master, but that you use your master in a more useful place. For example, use them to deal with the two leaders of the Ten Thousand Horse Gang and the Five Poisons Sect who suddenly received the news that their gang had been attacked. I looked at Long Xiaotian's expression with interest. Long Xiaotian, however,inflatable bounce house with slide, was not in such a mess that he was exposed. Instead, he looked up to the sky and laughed heroically: "What the elder said was right, but I don't know whether it was what the elder came up with or what the wine said." 。
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Spring boudoir Shen Ning sat in front of the makeup looking at some pale face in the mirror Rao is so the charm between the eyebrows and eyes is still around adding some weak and beautiful breath for no reason Chapter 31 Half ring she spits out the sentence lightly "Today on some gorgeous makeup" Shen Ning she was born to be arrogant plus the queen mother for more than 10 years of careful raising will eventually raise the arrogance to the bone a little uncontrolled way out let her retreat into a chess piece It's pathetic and ridiculous In the memory of the tea poem banquet she was unwilling not only pressed the face of the queen even the face of the queen mother was lost a few points by her was broken and abandoned forced to become another person Up to now the sense of powerlessness of being unable to resist the orders Construction & Real Estate of her secular father is also deeply pressing on her and even now when I think of it I am still afraid In her short life the most tender memory was the man in black who looked cold and clear but unruly and the man looked down on those unfashionable plots and tricks and often loved those frontier pleasures And she was always pestering him and she was full of thoughts on him Always love to wear a riding suit to accompany people

On weekdays Liu Nianyao explicitly hinted that her stupid mind would lead her to a dead end She brought people to the banquet and chose a noble husband The limelight was naturally given to the delicate beauty and then led the wolf into the house Think of her Shen Ningsheng publicity but also destroyed in the publicity Recalling those past events Shen Ning's eyes were cold and the chill on his cheeks became more and more obvious I remember the Empress Dowager asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to give me a red glass Zhuhai hairpin Qingyue you go and get it "Take that one with you today" Qingyue was stupefied for a moment She hesitated to look at the young woman in the mirror Then she said "Girl is it too gorgeous" Carbuncle with beauty is as beautiful as the sun Is it too abrupt Shen Ning gently raised his eyebrows slightly raised the end of his eyes to wipe his smile such as the jade catkin gently picked up the mouth fat slightly dyed such as flower-like pink lips more enchanting red With mist in her eyes she looked quietly to the northwest and muttered softly "I'm afraid the summer courtyard is very lively at this time" For the sake of the limelight it is not too much to make people turn upside down How else are we supposed to get the guy's attention Shen Qian's move is also very good It's not just the courtyard of the table girl Before dawn the courtyard of the second room next to us is lit up Those mothers-in-law and children can make a lot of noise Qingyue curled her lips discontented and nagging We are the last to get up in the yard but our girls are not shallower than those "Those people want to beat gongs and drums but they don't know how happy they are"

"When I went to cut the flowers this morning I heard the woman in the courtyard whispering that the general had gone to see them last night and had brought some new things from the girl's house several boxes full of them" Qiuyun who was sitting next to me put in the black silk in her hand Shen Ning slowly lowered his eyes and looked at the fire glass jade bracelet on his wrist China Manufacturers which was wrapped like blood while his wrist was like willow jade which was very beautiful She had a pair of slightly pointed phoenix eyes and then the corners of her mouth slowly rose out of the arc pulling out two small dimples She looked at the hairpins carelessly and said "Today I must be in the limelight After all the old lady has spent a lot of money these days We Shen girls are all beauties Naturally we have to prepare earlier" The thoughts of the Shen family are for the sake of all the girls marrying into a high family and for the sake of those prospects The old lady had not been in charge for more than ten years and this time she came back for the sake of the Shen family and the East Palace She was also very concerned about the face of General Shen's office otherwise she wouldn't have made such a big deal with an orphan girl Even Shen Qian paid special attention to the summer courtyard and even personally sent so many gadgets there but forgot her If Liu Nianyao can't climb that person it's really a loss Qingyue couldn't help frowning She was a little puzzled and asked "Miss is the old lady treating this tea and poetry banquet as a wedding banquet" Shen Ning chuckled his voice like a mountain lark "The old lady naturally hopes so but the second room hopes so more but it doesn't matter These people can't get past me" Let them be good no matter how good she is

In her previous life Liu Nianyao tried her best to unite with the Shen family to calculate her in every way but she also wanted to give her a taste of nothing Just this time dream Today is a fine day the sky shed a soft and fine light the breeze with the sweet smell of May flowers gently blowing through the corner blowing those beaded curtains and jade collision with a pleasant sound the flowers and branches in the courtyard are Home & Garden also swaying falling shadows are deep and shallow So Shen Fu and even the old lady are in a happy mood Especially the two sisters Shen Nianyu and Liu Nianyao It was only the happy smiles on the faces of the two men that disappeared completely when they saw the late arrival of Shen Ning And the carriage was already waiting at the gate of Shen Fu one after the other in a row one was the imperial car given by the queen mother to Miss Shen and the other was prepared by Shen Fu for the girl's family You can see the so-called difference at a glance

It's just a royal gift but not everyone is blessed to enjoy it Shen Ning came slowly supported by the clear moon her eyebrows and eyes were as gorgeous as fire her red lips were as delicate as snow her cheeks were as pale as snow her hairpin was shining and her slender and attractive posture was wrapped in a red soft gauze brocade and auspicious cloud flower skirt Beautiful clothes from the collar to the skirt where the eyes look can be seen dazzling especially the waist of the clean glass jade curtain with Shen Ning every step can be heard a pleasant sound Standing in front of Shen Nian and Liu Nian Yao she raised her lips and smiled evoking her peerless elegance Then she said in a soft voice "It's been a long time for my sisters to wait" The glory that can not be suppressed seems to be engraved in people's bones at this time It seems that Shen Ning was born to be one with the rich red Liu Nianyao tightened the veil in her hand Her clothes seemed to have lost their color Her eyes swept round and round She opened her mouth stiffly and said "It's all right" "It's just that my cousin is as beautiful as the scorching sun Don't you prefer to be plain and clean on weekdays" Those gorgeous ones didn't even look at it How could they really wear this red today I thought my sister would be at the bottom of the box 。
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Xiao Xiaoyue, Lu Shao's Sweet Wife with Special Po The only person in the crowd wearing yellow armor walked up to the crowd and changed his voice to male or female with a voice changer It sounded like a man with a double voice He raised his machine gun like a pointer swept it around and threatened "Be honest Don't do anything rashly Everyone stand together and step back" The senior leaders of those countries who have been scared silly subconsciously do what the militants want Ma Fen Construction & Real Estate was stunned for a moment because he had heard of the existence of terrorist organizations She moved half a beat slower than others and was exposed to the militants at once Yo this girl is pretty good Bring her to me When Ma Fen reflected he had been brought by two armed men to the front of the leader of the armed men who spoke The man in yellow armor stretched out his big hand with leather gloves and pinched Mafen's chin laughing in a voice full of evil Guys this is probably the prettiest girl in the room Why don't you take her He quacked and laughed when he finished

The people he brought behind him laughed even more unscrupulously because each of them used a voice changer and the sound of the voice was heard in their ears like the painful howl of some kind of animal giving birth which was very annoying Ma Fen's face was so pale that she dared not move Tears fell down her cheeks to her neck There was a kind of alternative beauty When the leader in yellow armor saw the appearance of Mafen he raised an evil smile at the corners of his mouth and pulled off the only rag on Mafen's body in an instant revealing a vacuum under the rag Ha ha ha That's some stuff Good good The brothers are blessed this time and they are still foreign girls Why don't we just take her and shake up the people here Although the boss in yellow armor could not see his eyes through the mask on his head But the position of his head always lingers on the fruit body of Mafen's vacuum The new weapon in his hand took the place of his hand moving at will in the position of the fruit of the code and the group of armed men he brought behind him laughed maliciously No you can't do this to me No Being treated like this in front of the man she liked Ma Fen was so ashamed and indignant that she wanted to find a piece of land to get into Xiao Qianyu and Lu Yixiu stood at the end of the crowd looking at each other with a dignified look Not only can their mobile phones not receive signals but also people outside can not be contacted

It seems that the other side is ready to come even with a signal shield so that all the people inside lost contact with the outside world Chapter 785 785 sell in time Now it is certain that these people are the terrorist organizations that appeared abroad before calling themselves "Y" but those who appeared abroad are foreigners and the language is also popular English But in front of this group of people using the language of C country in terms of height it is obviously very similar to C people and the group of people who appeared abroad before is obviously not a group of people But the equipment and behavior are exactly the same Xiao Qianyu guessed that the members of this "Y" organization probably came from all over the world and there were people from every country Once the order is issued the organization will send local members to carry it out If so it may not be so easy to destroy this terrorist organization in the future To Xiao Qianyu's shock China Suppliers she had no adverse perspective but lost any effect at this time Can't see out of the lobby at all She was planning to tell Lu Yixiu about this discovery but Lu Yixiu told her before her that his mind reading was banned What does that mean It means that someone has used some kind of forbidden spell to shut down all powers It's just that she's never heard of such a forbidden art The most important thing is that this group of people suddenly broke into the presidential palace what on earth are they going to do Is it premeditated or impromptu Perhaps it should be said that the wicked have their own wicked grinding Watching Ma Fen humiliated by the ringleader Xiao Qianyu as a woman felt ashamed from the bottom of her heart The people of these terrorist organizations are simply not human beings they are all animals

Before only heard that she had no feeling when it happened in front of her Xiao Qianyu only felt unusually angry what do these people regard women as Xiao Qianyu is clenching his fist holding back the anger in his heart lest he accidentally shot suddenly came the excited voice of Ma Fen in the lobby I am not the most beautiful woman here the most beautiful woman is Lu Shao's fiancee Xiao Qianyu She's ten times a hundred times prettier Home & Garden than I am Following the direction of her finger the leader immediately looked at Xiao Qianyu behind the crowd Tut tut tut Sure enough there's another little beauty here Yes yes it's not in vain this time The ringleader said that he pushed Ma Fen away pushed aside the other people who were in his way and walked step by step toward Xiao Qianyu Ma Fen looked at the leader of Xiao Qianyu

A vicious light flashed in her eyes "Ha ha ha" she said excitedly Xiao Qianyu don't think you can hide You are also a woman Why should I be humiliated here alone After today "Oh think I'm you" Xiao Qianyu glanced at Ma Fen snorted and when the leader was three meters away from her he jumped up and punched the leader's masked head Bang bang bang bang Left three punches right three punches just blink of an eye Xiao Qianyu hit the head of the leader dozens of punches Xiao Qianyu's fist hit the mask which was similar to a gas shield as if it were hitting the Iron Mountain and his hand hurt The other side just because of her movement the head swings to both sides does not seem to have any substantial injury This made Xiao Qianyu suspicious With her fist with 70% force if not for the mask the head would have been beaten into meat paste But now the other side is only hit by her temporarily dizzy did not hurt at all What on earth is the mask made of It was so hard that it broke her hands The eldest brother 。
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