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Adhere to the "three-piece suit" of epidemic preve Original Title: Adhere to the "Three-Piece Set" of Epidemic Prevention and Keep in Mind the "Five Needs of Protection"! Protection essentials Knock on the blackboard! At present, the global COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading, sporadic cases have occurred in some parts of the country, and the pressure of "forestall inbound transmissions and stem the coronavirus' domestic resurgence" will continue to exist. Shanghai Health Promotion Center reminds the general public to be "the first responsible person for their own health", adhere to the "three-piece suit" of epidemic prevention (wearing masks, social distance, personal hygiene); and remember the "five essentials of protection" (wearing masks, keeping social distance,Full Body Disposable Coverall, covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands frequently, and opening windows as much as possible). The main point of protection is to knock on the blackboard and draw the key points for the key actions! 1. Wearing a mask is a top priority. ! Carry a mask with you at ordinary times and wear it at the right time. Wear masks consciously when taking public transport, entering crowded or poorly ventilated places,3 Ply Disposable Protective Face Mask, visiting hospitals and having respiratory symptoms. Different groups of people should choose the appropriate type of mask according to the actual situation, and wear it correctly. Before wearing the mask and after taking off the mask, they should do a good job of hand hygiene. Remember the wearing steps: Step 1: With the nose clip facing up and the dark side facing out; Step 2: Open the folds up and down to cover the mouth, nose and jaw with the mask; Step 3: Slowly press the fingertips of both hands inward along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose from the middle to both sides until they are close to the bridge of the nose; Step 4: Adjust properly to make the mask fully fit the face; Step 5: Slightly bend and close the five fingers of both hands, buckle them on the left and right sides of the mask respectively, and inhale deeply. If the mask is close to the face, Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop ,Medical Full Body Coverall, the fit is good, otherwise, it needs to be readjusted. 2. Washing hands frequently needs to be done at all times. ! The novel coronavirus has a lipid envelope, which is difficult to be destroyed by water. When washing hands, soap needs to be used for a certain period of time before it can play a role in removing the virus. Hand washing procedures should be standardized. Step 1: Wet your hands under flowing water; Step 2: Take a proper amount of hand sanitizer or soap and apply it evenly to the whole palm, back of hand, fingers and finger seams; Step 3: Rub carefully for at least 20 seconds in the order of "inside-outside-clip-bow-big-stand-wrist"; Step 4: Rinse your hands thoroughly under running water; Step 5: Rinse the faucet with clean water and then turn it off. When it is inconvenient to wash hands, hand-free disinfectants can be used to maintain hand hygiene, but hand washing is still the main preventive measure in daily life. 3. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. ! When coughing or sneezing, try to avoid others and cover your mouth and nose with paper towels or bent elbows. Paper towels or elbows should be as close to the face as possible to prevent droplets from splashing. Discard used tissues and wash hands immediately after coughing or sneezing. Be careful not to touch your eyes, mouth and nose with dirty hands. 4. Don't forget to keep a distance when socializing. ! Go to crowded or relatively closed places, consciously keep a social distance of more than one meter with others in public places, especially to avoid close contact with people with respiratory symptoms. 5. Pay attention to food hygiene ! Go to regular supermarkets or markets to buy cold chain food, try to avoid direct contact with hands, it is recommended to use disposable gloves and wear masks; when handling and storing food, always follow the principle of separating raw and cooked food; wash hands in time after touching fresh food, do not touch eyes, mouth and nose without washing hands; meat, eggs and seafood must be cooked thoroughly. There are no outsiders in epidemic prevention and control. The general public should continue good hygiene habits, continue to wear masks, wash hands frequently,free shipping disposable coverall, do not touch eyes, mouth and nose, keep social distance and pay attention to food hygiene. Consciously doing a good job of health protection is the best protection for themselves and their families! Review of wonderful articles Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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Brief Introduction of medical protective suit and Original title: Brief Introduction of medical protective suit and Detection Technology Under the current situation that COVID-19 is still raging, medical protective suit is a necessary protective clothing to ensure the safety of medical staff, public health workers, patients, hospital visitors and other personnel entering the infected area, and its role also includes isolation of pathogens, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid and alkaline solutions, etc., to ensure the safety of life and work of relevant personnel, while keeping the environment clean. 1. Disposable medical protective suit. The performance indicators of medical protective suit mainly refer to protection, comfort, physical and mechanical property, etc. Among them, the most important performance requirement of medical protective suit is protection, which mainly includes liquid barrier, microbial barrier and particulate matter barrier; comfort mainly refers to air permeability and moisture permeability. In order to enhance the protective effect, protective suit fabrics are usually laminated or laminated, which are thick and have poor air permeability and moisture permeability. Long-term wear requires ventilation, moisture permeability, perspiration and heat discharge; physical mechanical property mainly refers to the performance of medical protective suit materials such as tear resistance, puncture resistance and wear resistance, so as to avoid providing channels for the spread of bacteria and viruses. 2. Air permeability of medical protective suit. Disposable medical protective suit materials need to meet the requirements of "three refusals and one resistance" (water, blood, alcohol and antistatic). The composite material can be compounded by different materials, such as polyethylene/polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven cloth compounded with a breathable microporous film or other nonwoven cloth, or spunlaced nonwoven cloth compounded with a breathable microporous film, or wood pulp compounded with spunlaced nonwoven cloth. In addition, some membrane materials made of polytetrafluoroethylene can be used to make high-end protective suit fabrics. Among these materials, breathable microporous films are particularly important. The so-called breathable film is made by uniformly mixing a functional inorganic product into the polyolefin raw material, so that the product generates pores due to high stretching in the film forming process,Medical Disposable Coverall, thereby having the functions of air permeability and moisture conduction; the functions of the breathable film are briefly described as water resistance and air permeability (moisture), taking the most commonly used PE breathable film as an example. (1) Principle of ventilation The principle is very simple: inorganic substance + stretching = micropores. In fact, the operation is very particular. Only the micropores with appropriate size and uniform distribution are effective, as shown in Figure 2: Figure 2. Effective pore size of breathable film If the stretching is insufficient, the pore diameter will be too small or even no pore diameter, while the poor stretching and the micropores with insufficient size can only be used as waste products. (2) Basic film-forming principle of breathable film Film-forming principle of breathable film: PE + CaCO (masterbatch)-film-forming-stretching-breathable film. PE breathable film is made by blending LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier with about 50% special calcium carbonate, extruding into film and directionally stretching to a certain ratio. As that polyethylene resin is a thermoplastic plastic material, the polyethylene resin can be stretch and crystallized unde certain conditions, the interface between the polymer and the calcium carbonate particles is peeled off dure stretching, winding pores or channels which are communicated with each other are formed around the calcium carbonate particles, and the pores and the channels endow the film with a ventilation (moisture) function, so that the environments on both sides of the film are communicated. (3) The action mechanism of gas permeable membrane A humidity gradient pressure difference is formed when the water vapor concentration on one side of the membrane is greater than the environment on the other side of the membrane. This provides the basic condition for gas (vapor) convection,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, and the humidity environment on both sides of the film tends to be relatively balanced due to the formation of convection. The breathable membrane is used as a water barrier membrane, which has a barrier effect on liquid. Because there are many paths in the membrane, the "length-diameter ratio" (L/D) value of the tortuous channel formed by the membrane is very large, which can be understood as capillary. Therefore, in the case of the same liquid (such as water) and the same pressure, as long as the liquid column height of the capillary is less than the length of the capillary, it can ensure that the liquid will not leak out. Expand the full text 3. Classification of medical protective suit. At present, the materials used in medical protective suit on the market are different, but no matter what kind of materials are used, they should meet the requirements of various indicators. Since SARS, various kinds of medical protective suit have emerged. However, according to the form of use, it can be roughly divided into reusable type and disposable type.

(1) Reusable medical protective suit material Reusable types include: traditional woven fabrics made of natural fibers (cotton, hemp) and synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon) and their blends; high-density structural fabrics made of superfine filaments; laminated fabrics made by laminating microporous films and ordinary fabrics. Traditional woven fabric: a reusable woven fabric made of natural fibers (cotton, hemp) and synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon) and blends of the two. Traditional cotton surgical gown is still widely used because of its good comfort, but cotton fabric is easy to absorb pollutants and microorganisms in the air, and its good hygroscopicity becomes a favorable condition for the survival of microorganisms. In addition, cotton fabrics do not prevent the penetration of blood and other liquids. High-density fabric: High-count cotton yarn or other superfine synthetic filament is used to weave high-density fabric, so that the yarn gap becomes very small. The fabric has moisture permeability due to the capillary action of fibers, Medical Disposable Coverall ,KN95 Face Mask, and has certain liquid penetration resistance after being finished by fluorocarbon, silicone and other waterproof agents, but there are still gaps on the surface of the fabric. Although this kind of fabric has excellent moisture permeability, drapability and good handle, its resistance to water pressure is poor. Coated fabric: The fabric is coated directly or by the transfer method, so that the surface of the fabric is sealed by the coating agent, thus having impermeability. The coating agent comprises polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, polyacrylate, organosilicon rubber and the like. The moisture permeability of fabric is obtained by the action of microporous structure or hydrophilic groups formed by special methods on the coating. Coated fabrics can be divided into hydrophilic coated fabrics and microporous coated fabrics. The hydrophilic coated fabric achieves the function of moisture vapor permeability by forming pores allowing water vapor to pass through through the free volume formed by the thermal movement of the coating agent polymer and the space between the polymers. Due to the presence of hydrophilic groups, sweat water vapor molecules pass through the coating through the action of adsorption-diffusion-desorption. Microporous coated fabrics allow water vapor to pass through by forming a permanent microporous and channel system of 2 to 3 μm in the coating agent. Generally speaking, coated fabrics are easy to process, have high water pressure resistance and strong permeability resistance, but have poor moisture permeability. Laminated fabrics: Laminated fabrics are generally made by laminating ordinary fabrics with a special film. For example, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) super waterproof and moisture-permeable composite fabrics are due to the micropores of the PTFE membrane of the main body of the fabric. On the other hand, the porosity of the film is high, the pore diameter is larger than the diameter of water vapor molecules, the water vapor molecules can freely pass through, and the moisture vapor permeability is good. (2) use disposable medical protective suit material The disposable type is generally a nonwoven material. Spunlaced nonwovens, spunbonded nonwovens, flash evaporation nonwovens and SMS composites are the main types of medical protective suit. Spunbonded method: Spunbonded method is also called spunlaid method. The principle of spunlaid and the properties of fiber web are very similar to those of silkworm silk screen, except that it uses resin as raw material, uses chemical fiber spinning method to form filament, and then uses airflow or mechanical method to separate filament into web, and in most cases, it needs to achieve the purpose of cloth formation through consolidation process. Nonwovens produced by this process are very close to traditional textiles in terms of hand feeling and performance, and polypropylene spunbonded fabrics are more mature in domestic technology. Flash process: Flash process is also known as instantaneous solvent evaporation spunlaid process, which uses polyethylene hydrocarbon as the main raw material. Different from the spunbonding method which uses airflow to separate filaments or the combination of airflow and machinery to separate filaments, the flash evaporation method uses electrostatic separation, that is, the electrostatic generator or electrostatic salt additive is used to form an electrostatic field, so that the filaments rub against each other in the stretching process to form electrostatic separation filaments, which repel each other and maintain a single fiber state, and then the fibers are condensed into a web by an electrostatic device, and the web is then hot-rolled to form the flash evaporation nonwoven fabric. The "Tyvek" series of nonwovens developed by Dupont is manufactured by flash evaporation. Spunlaced process: Spunlaced nonwovens production process is a new type of nonwovens processing technology, which was successfully developed by Dupont and Chicopee companies in the United States in the mid-1970s.

Spunlace process, also known as jet spraying process, is to spray the fiber web through high-pressure water column and high-speed water flow, so that the fibers in the fiber web move, rearrange and entangle with each other under the action of water power, so as to achieve the purpose of consolidation into cloth. Spunlaced nonwovens have the advantages of high strength, good moisture absorption and air permeability, not easy to fluff, soft handle, good drapability and no chemical adhesives. The main raw materials are polyester, nylon, polypropylene, viscose, absorbent cotton fiber or pulp and other functional fibers. SMS composite nonwovens: Composite nonwovens are nonwovens made by combining two or more nonwoven webs with different properties (or nonwoven fabrics with other textiles and plastics) by chemical, thermal or mechanical means, or by combining different web forming processes. The composite products with nonwovens as the main body processed by these methods integrate the excellent properties of various materials, and the comprehensive properties of the products are fully enhanced through the complementary properties of various composite materials. 4. Relevant standards for medical protective suit. In terms of packaging and labeling of protective footwear products, China's standards, NFPA 1999 of the United States and EU standards have made more comprehensive and strict provisions. China's GB 19082-2009 "Technical Requirements for Disposable Medical protective suit" stipulates that the protective suit is composed of hooded jacket and trousers, which is divided into one-piece structure and split-body structure, and is not suitable for reusable protective suit, and stipulates the flame retardant performance, water level, charge density, elongation at break and waterproof indicators of medical protective suit. The protective suit applicable to NFPA 1999 standard in the United States are divided into disposable and reusable ones, including split and one-piece work clothes and patient-used ones. In addition to the conventional physical strength performance, flame retardant performance and other indicators, the standard also requires overall testing, and the isolation layer and joints should be tested for liquid resistance and microbial penetration. The European Union's EN 14126-2003 "Anti-infective protective suit for protective suit-Performance requirements and test methods" is applicable to repeatable and limited-use protective suit, but it is not suitable for surgeons and patients to avoid cross infection during surgery. It is required that the joints of the protective suit shall comply with the strength requirements in the EN 14325. The whole set of protective suit is divided into 6 categories according to the protection performance, from type 1 to type 6, the smaller the number is, the higher the protection is; type 4 is the recommended medical requirement,Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing, the type with (B) is biological protection, and generally the protective suit with type B is preferred. Above is about "the medical protective suit and the examination technology brief introduction" the content introduction, hoped may bring some help to you. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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Relevant requirements for clean workshop of medica Original Title: Relevant Requirements for Clean Workshops for Medical Device Production Relevant requirements for clean workshop of medical device production The Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Production of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents (Trial) (GSYJX [2007] No.239) has been implemented since 2007, and the Good Manufacturing Practice for Sterile and Implantable Medical Devices has been implemented since 2011. Announcement No.64 of 2014, the State Administration revised the Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices in July 2015. The General Administration of the People's Republic of China has successively issued the Announcement on Issuing the Appendices to the Quality Management Standards for Medical Device Production for In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents, the Announcement on Issuing the Appendices to the Quality Management Standards for Medical Device Production for Sterile Medical Devices, and the Announcement on Publishing the Appendix to the Standards for Quality Management of Medical Devices Production for Implantable Medical Devices. To further strengthen the production quality requirements of aseptic, implantable and in vitro diagnostic reagents, in the daily supervision process, it is found that the construction of clean delivery rooms in some enterprises is not standardized enough. Therefore, the construction requirements of the clean plant are as follows: I. Standards and working papers currently covered 1. YY 0033-2000 Production Management Specification for Sterile Medical Devices; 2. YY/T 0567.1-2013 Aseptic Processing of Medical Products Part 1: General Requirements; 3. YY/T 0567.2-2005 Aseptic Processing of Medical Products-Part 2: Filtration; 4. GB 50457-2008 Code for Design of Clean Room in Pharmaceutical Industry; 5. Appendix A of the Detailed Rules for the Production of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents (Trial); 6. Announcement on Issuing the Appendix of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices Sterile Medical Devices (No.101 of 2015); 7. Announcement on Issuing the Appendix to the Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices Implantable Medical Devices (No.102 of 2015); 8. Announcement on Issuing the Appendix of Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices: In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents (No.103 of 2015). II. Requirements for Site Selection Expand the full text 1. When selecting the plant site, it should be considered that the natural environment and sanitary conditions around the site are good, at least there is no pollution source of air or water, and it should be far away from traffic arteries, freight yards, etc. 2. Environmental requirements of the plant area: the ground and roads of the plant area shall be flat and dust-free. It is advisable to reduce the area of exposed soil through greening or take measures to control dust. Garbage and idle articles should not be stored in the open air. In short, the environment of the factory should not pollute the production of sterile medical devices. 3. The overall layout of the factory area shall be reasonable: no adverse impact on the production area of sterile medical devices, especially the clean area. III. Layout requirements of clean room (area) The cleanliness level shall be set according to the guidelines for setting the cleanliness level of sterile medical device production environment in Annex B of YY 0033-2000 Sterile Medical Device Production Management Specification. Attention shall be paid to the following aspects in the design of clean room (area): 1. Arrange according to the production process flow. The process shall be as short as possible to reduce cross reciprocation, and the flow of people and logistics shall be reasonable. Personnel purification room (outer clothes storage room, washroom, clean work clothes wearing room and buffer room) and material purification room (outer packing removal room, buffer room and double-layer transfer window) must be equipped. In addition to the rooms required by the product process, sanitary ware room, laundry room, temporary storage room and station tool cleaning room should also be equipped. Each room is independent of each other. The area of the clean workshop should be compatible with the production scale on the premise of ensuring the basic requirements. 2. According to the air cleanliness level, it can be written according to the direction of people flow, from low to high; the workshop is from inside to outside,Full Body Disposable Coverall, from high to low. 3. No cross contamination in the same clean room (area) or between adjacent clean rooms (areas) 1) The production process and raw materials will not affect the product quality; 2) There are airlocks or anti-pollution measures between different levels of clean rooms (zones), and materials are transferred through double-layer transfer windows. 4. The air purification shall conform to the requirements of Chapter 9 of GB 50457-2008 Code for Design of Clean Workshop of Pharmaceutical Industry.

The fresh air volume in the clean room shall take the following maximum values: 1) the fresh air volume required to compensate the indoor exhaust air volume and maintain the indoor positive pressure; 2) the fresh air without people in the room shall not be less than 40 m3/H. 5. The per capita area of the clean room shall not be less than 4 m2 (except for the corridor, equipment and other articles) to ensure a safe operation area. 6. If it is an IVD reagent, it shall comply with the requirements of the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Production of IVD Reagents (Trial). The treatment of negative and positive serum, plasmids or blood products shall be carried out in an environment of at least 10,000 levels, with a relative negative pressure maintained in the adjacent area, and shall meet the protection requirements. 7. The direction of air return, air supply and water production pipes shall be marked. IV. Requirements for temperature and humidity 1. Adapt to the production process requirements. 2. If there is no special requirement for the production process, the temperature of the clean room (area) with air cleanliness of one million and ten thousand shall be 20 ℃ ~ 24 ℃,KN95 Face Mask, and the relative humidity shall be 45% ~ 65%; the temperature of the clean room (area) with air cleanliness of one hundred thousand and three hundred thousand shall be 18 ℃ ~ 26 ℃, and the relative humidity shall be 45% ~ 65%. If there are special requirements, they shall be determined according to the process requirements. 3. The temperature of the personnel purification room shall be 16 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ in winter and 26 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ in summer. V. Commonly used monitoring equipment Anemometer, dust particle counter, temperature and humidity meter, differential pressure meter, etc. VI. Requirements for Sterile Testing Room The clean plant must be equipped with a sterile testing room (separated from the production area) with an independent clean air conditioning system, which is required to be a local hundred level under the condition of ten thousand levels. Sterility test room shall include: personnel purification room (outer clothes storage room, washroom, clean work clothes wearing room and buffer room), material purification room (buffer room or double-layer transfer window), sterility test room and positive control room. VII. Environmental Inspection Report of the Third Party Inspection Institution Provide the environmental testing report of a qualified third-party testing institution within one year. The testing report shall be attached with a plan indicating the area of each room. 1. There are six items to be tested temporarily: temperature, humidity, pressure difference, ventilation rate, dust count and settling bacteria. 2. The parts to be tested include: (1) Production workshop: personnel purification room; material purification room; buffer area; rooms required by the product process; cleaning room for station appliances, sanitary ware room, Medical Full Body Coverall ,KN95 Face Mask with Five Layers, laundry room, temporary storage room, etc. (2) Sterile testing room. VIII. Requirements for Catalogue of Medical Devices Produced in Clean Workshop For the sterile medical devices implanted or inserted into the blood vessel and the accessories delivered in single package that need to be subsequently processed (such as filling and sealing) in the local Class 100 clean area under Class 10,000, the cleanliness level of the production area for the processing, final cleaning, assembly, initial packaging and sealing of the (non-cleaned) parts shall not be lower than the 10000 level. For example 1. Implant the blood vessel Such as vascular stents, heart valves, artificial blood vessels and so on. 2. Interventional blood vessel Various intravascular catheters, etc. Uch as a central venous catheter, a stent delivery system, and the like. B) For sterile medical devices implanted into human tissues and directly or indirectly connected to blood, marrow cavity or unnatural cavity or accessories delivered in single package, the cleanliness level of the production areas such as the processing, final cleaning, assembly, initial packaging and sealing of the (uncleaned) parts shall not be lower than Grade 100000. For example 1. Apparatus for implant in human tissues Pacemaker, subcutaneous implant drug delivery device, artificial breast, etc. 2. Direct contact with blood Plasma separator, blood filter, surgical gloves, etc. 3. Devices in indirect contact with blood Infusion set, blood transfusion set, venous needle, vacuum blood collection tube, etc. 4. Bone contact device Intraosseous instruments, artificial bone, etc. (C) The processing, final fine cleaning, assembly, initial packaging and sealing of sterile medical devices or single-packaged (uncleaned) parts in contact with the injured surface and mucous membrane of the human body shall be carried out in a clean room (area) not lower than the 300000 level. For example 1. Contact with damaged surfaces Burn or wound dressings, medical absorbent cotton, absorbent gauze, disposable sterile surgical supplies such as surgical pads, surgical gowns, medical masks, etc. 2. Contact with mucous membranes Sterile urethral catheter, endotracheal intubation, intrauterine device, body lubricant, etc.

D) For the primary packaging materials that are in direct contact with the use surface of sterile medical devices and can be used without cleaning, the cleanliness level of the production environment should be set in accordance with the principle of the same cleanliness level as that of the product production environment, so that the quality of the primary packaging materials can meet the requirements of the packaged sterile medical devices. Production shall be carried out in a clean room (area) of not less than 300,000. For example 1. Direct contact Such as the initial packaging materials of drug dispensers, artificial breasts, catheters, etc. 2. No direct contact Initial packaging materials such as infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, syringes, etc. E) Sterile medical devices (including medical materials) with requirements or processed by aseptic operation technology shall be produced in the local Class 100 clean room (area) under Class 10000. For example 1. Uch as anticoagulants in the production of blood bags. Filling of maintenance solution, aseptic preparation and filling of liquid products. 2. Pressing grip of vascular stent Apply medicine. Appendix: Sterile medical devices include medical devices whose products are free of any viable microorganisms by means of terminal sterilization or by aseptic processing techniques. Production technologies that minimize contamination should be used in the production of sterile medical devices to ensure that medical devices are not contaminated or that contamination can be effectively eliminated. Sterility: The state of being free of viable microorganisms on a product. Sterilization: a validated process used to render a product free of any form of viable microorganisms. Aseptic processing: Aseptic preparation and aseptic filling of products in a controlled environment. The environment's air supply, materials, equipment, and personnel are controlled to maintain acceptable levels of microbial and particulate contamination. Sterile medical device: refers to any medical device marked with "sterile". Note: The clean workshop must include a sanitary ware room,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, a laundry room, a temporary storage room, and a cleaning room for station tools. Products produced under purification conditions: refer to the products that are required to be sterile or sterilized at the time of final use. Source Medical Equipment Industry Information Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! To iden Original Title: EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! Identify the authenticity of the mask certificate. Look here. Not long after the FDA certificate was named, the CE certificate came again! EU: These CE Certificates May Be Invalid, 21 Non-compliant Enterprises Named The latest news! ESF, the European Union's agency in charge of food and drug safety, recently issued an official warning that some "certificates" used as the basis for PPE CE marking (including FFP2/FFP3 masks and goggles) were found to be forged or unauthorized through various channels. The warning mainly indicates the following problems: First, these "certifications" have no legal value. (while these ‘certificates’ have no legal value.) Two, these "certification" can not be used as a valid certificate of product qualification. (can not be used as conclusion of conformity assessment.) Thirdly, it is not clear whether these documents were in fact issued by certain (unauthorized) organizations themselves, or whether they were entirely counterfeit. (It is not clear if these documents have actually been issued by the organisations mentioned themselves or if they are fake) At the same time, the European Security Association ESF (European Safety Federation) pointed out in its announcement that any product imported from outside the EU must provide and check the declaration of conformity (Declaration of Conformity, DoC). In addition, ESF named 21 non-compliant companies, including 9 from Europe and 10 from China. The 10 Chinese certification bodies include CIC (Shenzhen CIC Testing Technology), Huaxun (Shenzhen HX Detect Certification), ENC (East Notice Certification Service) 、HTT (Shenzhen HTT Technology) 、ITC (Shenzhen ITC Product Testing) 、 BTK (Guangzhou Bestek Testing Services)、Micez (Shanghai MICEZ Testing & Technical)、 Huawin (Shenzhen Huawin Testing Certification)、LTT (Shengzhen LTT Testing Technology) 、 AST.LAB (Aerospace Testing Technology (Shenzhen)。 Guidelines for Distinguishing the Authenticity of Mask Certification Certificates How to distinguish the true from the false before customs declaration when there is a constant storm of fake mask certification? The access conditions of the following countries and the authentication inquiry channels are worth collecting! I. European Union Recently, the European Union announced a series of institutions authorized by the European Union for unified supervision and certification qualifications, namely NB institutions, and granted each institution a unique four-digit code, namely the announcement number. The application and issuance of CE certificates are issued by the announcement number institutions authorized by the corresponding regulations and directives.

Website: Expand the full text Click the position of the corresponding code corresponding to the obtained NB authorization number. After entering, you can query the authorized instructions of the institution. Certificates issued for instructions within the scope of authorization are valid. The current EU directives related to masks are: Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MMD), New Regulation on Medical Devices (EU) 2017/745 (MDR), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Two, China Medical masks belong to the second class of medical devices in China, which are registered and managed by the provincial drug regulatory authorities, and can be inquired through the medical device access number. Website: (National Medical Products Administration) Query steps: 1. Select "Data Query" under the column of "Open Government Affairs"; 2. Select as required in the column of "Medical Devices" after entering. After entering the page below, enter the commodity information indicated on the smallest independent package of the commodity according to the situation marked above, and then you can inquire. Three,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the United States Medical masks belong to medical devices in the United States and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Recently, the FDA personally refuted the rumor and stated on its official website that it would not issue certification certificates to any enterprises. At present, the mask products that have been admitted by the US FDA can be inquired through its official website by checking the registration certificate number. Website: In addition, according to the latest FDA policy, Chinese standard masks are currently recognized when certain conditions are met. Enquiry Website for Authorized Enterprises: IV. South Korea Surgical mask belongs to Class II medical equipment products in Korea. MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea) carries out pre-market approval for Class II devices. Korea stipulates that importers of such commodities should ensure that imported products meet the requirements of the quality management system and obtain the permission of the MFDS authorized agency. MFDS only issues certificates to domestic companies, and Korean representatives have more responsibilities, so there is no need to worry too much about the authenticity of certificates. V. Australia Mask products in Australia need to be registered with the TGA of the Australian Government. Australia's classification of medical devices is almost the same as that of the European Union. If the CE certificate issued by the Notified Body of the European Union has been obtained, it can be recognized by TGA and can be used as an important registration data to meet Australian safety regulations. Upon approval by the TGA, an ATRG registration number will be generated for. Website: Search method: Click "Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)" in the red box to start the search Control upgrade! Customs in many places seized a large number of unqualified epidemic prevention products It is reported that from April 1 to April 12, the port intercepted more than 330 million medical materials produced by non-listed enterprises or without registration certificates for medical equipment products, including 31.65 million masks, 509000 sets of protective suit, 1.189 million new crown virus testing reagent, 677 ventilators and 46000 infrared thermometers. Ningbo Customs Seizes 490, Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate ,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall,000 Unqualified Export Masks On April 14, Meishan Customs, affiliated to Ningbo Customs, inspected a batch of surgical mask declared by an enterprise for export to Chile.

During the inspection, on-site customs officers found that the masks had problems such as no brand logo, no factory name, no product quality certificate and so on. After counting, a total of 490000. Hangzhou Customs seized 1.478 million fake medical masks for export On April 11, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs, affiliated to Hangzhou Customs, inspected the epidemic prevention materials declared for export by two tickets at the freight site, and found that 1.478 million masks were declared as "non-medical LM brand disposable masks without model", and the actual goods were "LM brand medical disposable masks", which were inconsistent with the declaration, and there were cases of false declaration and evasion of commodity inspection. Suspected of false export declaration, Zhongshan Port Customs seized 100,000 problematic masks On April 10, Zhongshan Port Customs, affiliated to Gongbei Customs, seized 100,000 problematic masks suspected of false export declaration at Zhongshan Port Shipping Terminal. An enterprise in Zhongshan declared the export of "industrial activated carbon four-layer masks", after inspection, this batch of masks totaled 100000, the value of about 78000 yuan, the packaging was printed with the English words "non-woven surgical disposable mask" (non-woven surgical disposable mask), no production date, manufacturers and other information. The declaring enterprise has not been registered by the relevant departments and has no medical device registration certificate. 1.4 Million Non-brand Masks Seized at Shenzhen Port, Suspected of False Declaration for Exit Recently, Shenzhen Bay Customs, affiliated to Shenzhen Customs, seized a batch of epidemic prevention medical materials suspected of false declaration in the freight export channel, including 1.4087 million disposable masks. A company in Shenzhen declared to the customs the export of a batch of goods such as "cleaning liquid, watercolor strips". After customs inspection, there was no goods in the container that met the declaration. The actual goods were masks and other epidemic prevention materials. The packaging of these goods was simple and there was no brand. The shipment included 1,408,700 disposable masks, 500 isolation gowns and 500 disposable surgical gowns. Nearly 360,000 pieces of medical supplies for export were seized by Guangzhou Customs. On April 8, the South China Sea Office of Foshan Customs under Guangzhou Customs seized nearly 360,000 pieces of medical supplies exported under the name of "non-medical masks" at the South Port of Pingzhou, Foshan. The goods were non-medical masks declared for export by a company in the form of general trade. After customs inspection, it was found that there were not only declared non-medical masks in the container, but also a batch of medical masks, forehead temperature guns and protective masks that were not declared truthfully. There were false declarations and withhold of information in an attempt to evade customs supervision. The shipment included 335,000 medical masks,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, 4,000 forehead temperature guns and 20,000 protective masks. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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The imperial concubine smiled "Thanks to Zhou Shao, everything is all right." Habitually feeling slightly cold, Feng Shiyao answered in a low voice. Far away, the confidential secretary hurried to this side, saw Zhou, immediately bowed, "Zhou Shao, the chief asked you to go." "Chief?" Zhou's face was still smiling and his voice was flat. "Hasn't Secretary Wang changed his words yet?" Secretary Wang looked up. "The chief hasn't taken care of this yet." Did not answer him, Zhou face Feng Shiyao, not anxious, as if talking about the weather, "Uncle Feng, two years, do you feel a flash?" Completely do not understand what he means, but know in the heart, his answer, perhaps a matter of great importance, Feng Shiyao suddenly cold sweat, "this, Zhou Shao these two years hard and busy, so may feel faster." Looking up at the sky, Zhou picked up his footsteps and walked in the direction of Secretary Wang. When he passed by, his voice was as quiet as a whisper. "At this time two years ago, Uncle Feng went to visit me at his villa in Shanghai. Unfortunately, I was not there at that time. Looking back now, I'm really sorry." Too late to answer, he had passed by, a breeze, not cold, but Feng Shiyao stood on the spot, but suddenly covered with cold sweat. Sunlight from the long arc window into the room, familiar figure,heavy duty racking system, negative hand standing in front of the window, the door rang lightly, he did not look back, the voice was heavy, "Zhou, you came." "Chief," walked into the room, Zhou raised his eyes and looked around. "Are you going to move soon? Will you miss here?" There was laughter, and the old man turned around, his eyes full of ambition. "What do you think?"? Sit down. I have something to talk to you about. "I was wrong. I shouldn't call him chief now. It's time to change my story.". Congratulations, you have fulfilled your wish for many years. Zhou sat down casually, his voice smiling,pipe cantilever rack, but his eyes drooped and his face indifferent. You've been calling me chief for two years. You're used to it. He also sat down, "Zhou, you have contributed a lot to today." "Thank you. It's the price. I promised I would do my best." When he finally raised his eyes, the phoenix's eyes suddenly flashed slightly. "I did it, and you?" Suddenly there was a loud laugh. The old man over there stood up and walked over to him. The shadow came down, and then his shoulders sank. "Good, good son." "Are you satisfied that the world is in power and the country is in hand?" He looked up and sighed faintly. Holding his shoulder tightly, the old man turned around and pulled out a document from his desk and put it in front of him. "You have worked hard these two years.". This is my gift to you. Now, you can change your story. Glancing indifferently, Zhou just smiled. His performance was completely unexpected, and the old man, who had a well-thought-out plan for everything, was stunned. "What's wrong?"? Don't you look? "Father," he finally uttered the word, "I read this appraisal report a long time ago." "How is that possible?" A voice of surprise. I wonder, if I am not your son, how can I survive in this family? This family, only people like us, will have a chance to survive, won't they? After a brief period of silence, a low laugh sounded, "Zhou, Drive in racking system ,heavy duty warehouse rack, to do great things, you have to concentrate on nothing else. You are too affectionate. It's no good to keep her around, but it's harmful. You think carefully, if she is here, how many open and secret arrows will there be in the past two years, and how much energy will you waste?" "So you want to let me know in this way that I'm the only one who wants to go this way, right?" "Now that you have known it for a long time, you can endure it until now. Good son, I am not wrong about you.". Don't worry, you won't work hard in vain. After you, the whole world is yours. "What if I don't want it?" That kind of heart-rending pain, for two years, has been torturing him, the recovery of the body, can not take away the trauma of the heart, now once again writhing up, indifferent expression finally changed, he twisted his eyebrows, voice down. I know you're still thinking about her. Opposite voice, slightly changed, "It doesn't matter, I show you this today, the meaning is not obvious enough?"? It's just that I'm married and have children, and if you want, I can- Thanks, I'll take care of it myself.

"He stood up and looked at his father intently." This time, please don't interfere again. Otherwise, these thousands of miles of rivers and mountains -- Four eyes meet, suddenly silent, then, the old man smiled, "I know, those details, these two years are straightened out by you, with your son, I have nothing to worry about." "Then I'll go first." He walked to the door, his hand on the doorknob, and suddenly asked in a low voice, "Father, is that letter really written by my mother?" There was silence behind him, and for a long time he could not wait for an answer. With a low sigh, he turned the handle. Suddenly the old man's voice sounded, and for a moment, he became old and tired. "Yes, your mother did write it.". But she was wrong, completely wrong, and this mistake made her live ten years longer, unfortunately. Letting go of the handle, he turned around and faced his father with a pitying voice. "Stop it, Father. In fact, you are the most pathetic, you know?" After saying this, he stopped and turned away. In the huge space, only the old man stood alone, silent, full of sunshine outside the window, inside the house, but at this moment, he did not feel a trace, the world is now his, but in his world, he is the only one. Europe is the dividing line of hard work. Anger. Every time dad shows up this week, the atmosphere is so depressing. Originally intended to write crazily to the end, but finished him, greatly hung up, alas, then there is a gorgeous reunion of the broken mirror, as well as the wonderful baby. I don't seem to be able to finish it these two days as planned. Dear friends, don't be overwhelmed and let me finish it alive. Wipe your sweat! The next chapter must be happy, or you can shoot yourself. Chapter 90 "Zhou Shao,long span shelving, Xiao Li has got the car ready. Will you go back to the company now?" In the sunshine outside the house, Xiao Le had been waiting for a long time. When he came out, he immediately came up to meet him.
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Xuanbing breaks the demon In this way, people like a light smoke swept to the low kitchen. Crouching under the window, I fixed my eyes on the inside and saw that there were four or five cooks running around, chopping meat, slaughtering chickens, and a man playing with a wine jar in the corner. From time to time, he picked up an earthen bowl from the side and poured something into the wine jar. It was sticky and dark red. He poured it and stirred it, stirred it and added it again. I don't know what he was doing. The man who chopped the meat was chubby like a Maitreya Buddha, but the man who slaughtered the chicken was so thin that he had three tendons and two bones, just like a thin monkey, which made people wonder if his meat had grown on the man who chopped the meat. "Be careful, skinny monkey," said the Buddha. "As long as you haven't pulled out a hair from the chicken, you'll have to let Master Jiao pull out all your hair tomorrow." Shi Min heard that the man who slaughtered the chicken was really called a thin monkey, and there was a word "skin" in the middle. He didn't feel funny. What the two of them said must be the "tailless dragon". As soon as the "skinny monkey" heard the words of the meat chopper, his face changed and he said, "Is it really so difficult for the imperial censor to wait on him? If he eats one more hair, will his throat be stuck to death? Hard as the mouth was, the voice became smaller and smaller, and by the end it was almost inaudible, as if it were muttering to itself. "Maitreya Buddha" said with a sneer,Narrow aisle rack, "I've never seen the imperial censor, but this time Master Jiao wants to get a provincial governor. Tomorrow, if anyone makes a mistake and ruins his great event, he won't chop people alive. If you don't believe me, how about trying?" "Is he really the King of Heaven?" Asked the Skinny Monkey. But the man had squatted down and pulled out his chicken feathers with all his heart, and from time to time he picked them up and shone them in the light, probably to observe the effect. Shi Min listens to them to read what "Yushi adult", in the heart secretly strange,Narrow aisle rack,! Reading Forum HTTP://! This is the official name of the imperial court, how can it be heard in the nest of bandits? That's a strange thing. The man who was stirring the wine jar in the corner suddenly wondered, "Just now there was a loud cry outside, 'Someone broke into the village.' How come half a day has passed without any sound of fighting? That's a bit strange." A man who was cooking the soup interrupted, "What do you care about all that ****?"? If someone breaks into the village, Master Jiao will let someone stop him. How can we worry about it here? The man who stirred the wine jar was not convinced and said, "I heard that none of the people sent to Goose Egg Village have returned yet. Perhaps it was the man named Xiao Tianyue who killed them all. That's why." Thin monkey disdains tunnel: "Say you are to grow a mosquito gallbladder to still be true really, do you say that calls what to laugh at day Yue to grow 3 head 6 arms?"? Is that Ruyi's catapult a decoration? Shi Min is listening attentively, suddenly heard the sound of footsteps behind him, hurriedly squatted his body, hidden up, and looked back. A big man in a black robe walked quickly into the kitchen and said in a rough voice, "Is Master Jiao's soup ready?"? If you delay another quarter of an hour, be careful that Master Jiao takes off your head. The man who cooked the soup laughed and said, "Brother Hao, Cantilever Storage rack ,Steel racking system, wait a minute. I have two drumsticks here. Brother Hao, you can eat them first. When you finish eating, the soup will be ready." Then he rummaged out two chicken legs from the cupboard and took half a bottle of old wine and handed it to the black-robed man. Black embrace big fellow snorted, but also reached out to take it. "Brother Hao, did you hear the shouts outside the courtyard just now?" Asked Maitreya Buddha, who was chopping meat. The black-robed man chewed the drumstick in his mouth and said vaguely, "Why don't you know?"? As soon as I heard the call.. Ba-ji, Ba-ji.. He flew over and ran to the door to have a look. A few brothers outside the door had been touched by the acupoint, in any case, it could not be untied, and we scattered. Bah.. Search, search all around the mountains and gullies, but did not even see a figure, but found two naked in the bushes. Gollum. Brother.

” The man was really indecent. As he talked and chewed, a little bit of meat foam splashed on the face of the skinny monkey, but he didn't bother to wipe it off. He just kept asking, "Why are there two naked brothers?"? Could it be, could it be that the two of them ran outside in the dark. Go to that? At this point, the crowd could not help but send out a burst of knowing laughter. Shi Min's scalp tingled when he heard this. The black-robed man spat out a mouthful of wine and pointed at the skinny monkey, laughing and scolding, "You skinny monkey, you skinny monkey. You're full of bad water.". Their clothes were naturally taken away by the man who touched the cave. Perhaps that man was Xiao Tianyue, who had already sneaked into our courtyard at the moment. When the cooks heard this, they were startled and looked around. The black-robed man burst out laughing and said, "Look how scared you are.". As long as the imperial censor comes tomorrow, the laughing tomahawk will not be able to give the head obediently? When the cooks heard this, their faces softened. The man who cooked the soup cried, "Well, the soup is ready at last." He quickly poured the soup into a large porcelain basin and handed it to the man, saying, "Brother Lao Hao is going to have you again." Perhaps the drumstick and the wine had a softening effect. The black-robed man was much more polite and said, "It's just a simple task." After the black-robed man walked out of the kitchen with the porcelain basin in his hand, the "Maitreya Buddha," who was chopping meat, said with a smile, "This Master Jiao really knows how to enjoy himself. He attacks the two daughters every day. If he doesn't drink this tonic soup every day, how can he be so brave?" The crowd laughed and winked at each other. Shi Min quietly followed the black-robed man and said to himself, "Listen to what they say. This soup must be for the'tailless dragon '. Why don't I do something here?" As soon as he thought about it, he found two boulders on the ground and shot at the grass beside the big fellow one after another. The boulders flew over the grass, and the boulders behind them just hit the boulders in front of them with great force, only to hear a "bang" sound. The two stones hit thousands of sparks, smashed like sand, scattered in the grass, and made a "rustling" sound. * Xiaoxiang Academy * Xiaoxiangzi Sweep * Black Express OC R * Black-robed big fellow suddenly encountered this change, surprised, hurriedly looked around, Shi Min when he turned around,Warehouse storage racks, a pill already buckled in his hand silently popped up, just flew into the black-robed big fellow holding the porcelain basin, the big fellow was not aware of it.
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Seven Nights Concubine Finally, Cheng Tianmiao stopped and was willing to say a few words to them. This also made several men ecstatic. Later, Cheng Tianmiao was surprised to find that the wine brewed by Wuyu was not only delicious, but also very good at using poison. Every time Shen Mubai and Yi Fengpo fought fiercely, Wuyu always quietly put them down with poison. Then he eagerly poured tea for Cheng Tianmiao. Because not long ago, he announced that he would also compete, and he also fell in love with Tianmiao. And the client just took this sentence as a fart. The people who care about these two sentences are the two men. The state of the three armed forces was formally formed, and no one was willing to give in and it was not good to make a move first, for fear of letting another man benefit. It is said that this kind of situation will happen in the restaurants that Cheng Tianmiao passes by. First, a beautiful woman came in for dinner, the waiter greeted her eagerly, and then three handsome men with black faces came in and sat at the same table. During the meal, the three men kept picking up food for the beautiful woman. It was not until the woman snorted coldly that the three men began to eat honestly. On one occasion,Pallet rack supplier, because the waiter was lying on the ground to pick up things, he unexpectedly found that it was very lively under the table. Step on to step on to kick to kick ~ ~ but the three men who moved their feet smiled like peach blossoms on the woman's face, which was really a spectacle ~ ~ After the meal, the three men took out the apple and handed it to the woman at the same time. They all looked at the woman eagerly. The woman did not pick up, he took out an apple to eat and walked out of the door,radio shuttle racking, then three men competing to check out, by the way, muttering some words that the waiter did not understand. According to someone's recollection, the words seem to be like this. If I had known, I shouldn't have saved you at the beginning, waiting for you to be caught to make a face! If you quarrel again, I will poison you. Last time you pulled three days in a row, didn't you think it was too little? "Two fools, I don't know how Tiantian can talk to you." Shut up, you are the stupidest person. If it weren't for you, Pallet rack upright ,warehouse rack manufacturer, would Tianmiao do this to us? 。 One day, Cheng Tianmiao was walking on the street. Followed by three peerless men not far behind. A child who looked only three years old bumped into Cheng Tianmiao's calf, covered his little head and hummed. The three men watched it all nervously. Eh? Cheng Tianmiao looked at the little "creature" beside him in surprise and squatted down. " The child covered his head and looked at Cheng Tianmiao with tears in his eyes. The pink face and the little pouting lips are very attractive. He blinked his sparkling eyes at Cheng Tianmiao. Little sister doesn't cry ~ ~ sister's fault. How about your sister inviting you to eat ice-sugar gourds? Cheng Tianmiao smiled. I'm not a little sister, I'm a man! The child said firmly in a milky voice, "I'm not crying." Then he covered his little head and ran away. Cheng Tianmiao froze in place, three men rushed up in a hurry. He asked Tianmiao if he was all right. All right, it's decided! Cheng Tianmiao thumped his hand, "I want to give birth to a child, to give birth to a baby daughter!"! Never a bastard man! "Card?!" "Huh?!" "Eh?!" All three men are about to dislocate their jaws. Tianmiao ~ ~ Our children must be very clever. Shen Mubai first expressed his wishes. Tianmiao, you should understand my heart for you. Wu Yu said solemnly with a straight face. Get out of here! Tiantian, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Yi Feng soul still smiles evil charm. It's just a loan, either one of you. Cheng Tianmiao said a word to the three men into the abyss, looking at the three men frustrated appearance, Cheng Tianmiao in a good mood oh turned around. Didn't let the three men see the snicker on their faces. These three men are so deeply in love with themselves. What should I do with myself? Mu Bai's gentleness, Yi Feng's soul, that is, Qingyun's overbearing, no jade's unrepentant pay. Obviously no martial arts, but the last time he was attacked, he did not hesitate to block in front of himself. They're all fools. These fools. How can you make yourself feel? On a dark and windy night. In a quiet inn. The room where Cheng Tianmiao lived was in the middle of the night, and a dark shadow slipped in. Less than half a stick of incense, another shadow slipped in, in half a stick of incense time, another shadow slipped in. Early in the morning, the sky on the bed sleeps peacefully. On the ground, the three men who had been kicked down were sleeping on their backs.

A month later, Wuyu carefully finished Cheng Tianmiao's pulse, and there was no expression on her face. The two men next to him looked at him nervously and waited for his answer. There it is. Wuyu suddenly grinned and smiled brightly. Oh, I'm going to be a father! Shen Mubai smiled. **** off! That's my baby. Yi Fengpo is not polite and wants to do it. My wife is pregnant now. If you want to quarrel with her, just do it here. There was an indescribable threat in Wuyu's cold voice. If it's a woman, give birth,Industrial pallet rack, and if it's a smelly man like you, abort it! Cheng Tianxiao said coldly. The faint joy in his eyes did not escape the eyes of the three men. But this sentence also made the three people tremble with fear for a while. Lady, what do you want to eat? Do you want to eat sour food? 。
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Farmer's Little Girl (Reborn Pure Field Warm and S Especially this period of time outside a lot of discussion, this is to aggravate the anger in the heart of Lu Guangzhi, even if the sister-in-law, do not look at the monk's face to see his father's face, the culprit Du Lian, he did not want to let go. Now that Lu Guangzhi had some money in his hands and knew a lot of people, he wanted to find someone to teach Du Lian a lesson. It was a pity that he had not found a suitable candidate in the gambling house, and was known by Han Jin. Han Jin took over the matter and said that Mei Zhuangyi was not there. Naturally, he could not sit back and watch his niece being bullied, so he found someone to teach Du Lian a lesson. Uncle Jinzi, I think there's something wrong with his hand. Will there be any big deal? After all, this is the first time that Lu Guangzhi has done this kind of thing, and he is somewhat perturbed. Han Jin glanced at him. "His hand is broken," said Feng Danyun. "Broken?" Lu Guangzhi was surprised to speak out. Han Jin nodded and said, "You said he wanted to marry your sister, and that he would come to your house to propose marriage when he was admitted to Xiucai. Do you really want to wait for him to be admitted to Xiucai, and then continue to harass your sister?" Lu Guangzhi was shocked. After the shock, he was lost in thought. Naturally, he was no longer a child, and of course, he could hear that his uncle had something to say. Xiucai is not like Tongsheng, but a man of fame, a little child. The author has something to say: Life can make the local Li Zheng look at it differently, not to mention Xiucai Gong. Since Du Lian dared to say that in front of his sister, he must have had an idea in mind, not to mention that his sister-in-law was still in the Du family, and his mind was sinister. Especially that Du widow is not a fuel-efficient lamp, recently happened out, Lu Guangzhi income fundus. If Du Lian is admitted to Xiucai again, who knows if he will continue to pester his sister. Unlike a man, a woman's reputation can be ruined by a very small thing. If we do what we did last time, his eldest sister will be finished. But we can't stop him forever. He couldn't help looking at Han Jin, who was obviously a little distracted. After all, it is still a little small, not as hot as Han Jin, who has experienced all the vicissitudes of life. Han Jin smiled and said, "When your sister gets married, we won't have to pay any attention to him." In fact, what he wanted to say was to wait for Lu Jiaoyue to marry him, but in front of his future brother-in-law, he certainly could not reveal his'sinister 'mind at the moment. Lu Guangzhi thought for a moment and said, "Uncle Jin, you still have an idea." "Come on, I'll take you home before you get back late and your sister worries." I'm going to buy diapers for my baby, so it's earlier today. Chapter 42 36.1 Chapter 42 Widow Du triumphantly returned to the village with the grain given by the Lu family. It was Lu Mingchuan who helped her send it back by oxcart. Ben was very happy, but when he came home to face the news that his son was injured in the town, widow Du panicked on the spot. Too late to ask his daughter-in-law what was going on, he asked Lu Mingchuan to send her to the town in an oxcart. Although Lu Mingchuan did not like this aunt more and more, after all, it was his brother-in-law who had an accident, and he did not say anything. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, looking at her son sitting inside with a black and blue face and white cloth wrapped around his hands, widow Du shed tears on the spot. What the hell is going on? Who bullied you, my son? Mother went to find him desperately. Widow Du thought that her son had been bullied in the Academy. Du Lian grabbed his mother with his good hand and said, "Mother, Pallet rack beams , no one bullied me." "What the hell is going on?" Widow Du's suspicious face. Du Lian then told the whole story. After hearing this, widow Du was surprised and uncertain, and even Lu Mingchuan's face was full of caution. This is obviously to offend someone, but Du Lian a scholar, can offend someone, unexpectedly ended up being beaten up, even the hand is broken? For the time being, this matter is not clear, especially the people in the hospital are still waiting for people to pay for the medicine, widow Du can only go to pay for the medicine first, take people back to say again. But when it was time to pay, she hesitated for a moment. She looked at Lu Mingchuan in embarrassment and said, "Brother-in-law, do you have any money there?"? I came out in a hurry, and I didn't have enough silver with me. In fact, where is not enough, when widow Du went out, knowing that her son was injured in the hospital, she took all the money at home with her. Unfortunately, the money was not enough to pay for the medicine, so we could only find a way on Lu Mingchuan. Lu Mingchuan hesitated a little, but in the end he took out his money bag from his bosom and asked how much was left.

Du Lian's injury is not light, especially the injury to the muscles and bones, just to cure his hand, it will need nearly one or two silver. Widow Du had only two halves left on her body, and Lu Mingchuan added enough to the rest, leaving only a dozen articles on her body. Widow Du had no rules at all at the moment. Seeing that her brother-in-law was busy and had paid for her own medicine, she felt a little sorry. "Thank you, brother-in-law," she said. "When I get back, I'll give you the money." Without further ado, the two men helped Du Lian onto the oxcart and drove the cart out of Yuntian Town. Arrived at Du's home, Lu Guili had already cried all over her face, and when she saw Du Lian hurt like this, she almost didn't faint. It was a time when people were turned upside down before they were settled. Lu Mingchuan was so busy that he was sweating, and when he saw the Du family like this, naturally he did not stay for dinner. When he got out of Dujiacun, he realized that his aunt had just said she wanted to pay him back, but unfortunately she seemed to have forgotten. He didn't think much about it, and when the Lu family saw him coming back so late, they naturally asked him what was going on. Lu Mingchuan said roughly what had happened, and the Lu family all looked surprised and uncertain. Now Cui Shi did not care to complain about the in-laws, but worried about whether her daughter would be widowed, chasing her son to ask again, knowing that Du Lian was not a big problem, she was relieved. At the same time, the Lu family also knew that Du Lian's hand was injured, and they could not help feeling a little sorry. You should know that Du Lian is going to go off this year. Once his hand is injured, how can he go off. In Daganguo, the college examination is held once every three years, sometimes twice every three years. This is an indefinite number. Du Lian last year just in time, to participate in the hospital before the test, Du widow was seriously ill, but can only miss that one. Originally thought to delay three years, which know the province for a new school politics, this year added a, can not help but let the children are overjoyed. Du Lian is naturally full of ambition, ready to go, in order to glorify the family, did not expect to encounter such a disaster. The old man Lu stamped his feet again and again and said with regret, "The second girl man has offended people!" 。
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