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Seal Throne _ _ Infinite Fiction Network _ www.55x Long Haochen said, "The Demon Emperor wants to get rid of me quickly, and we are stirring up the wind and rain in the north.". He will not miss the opportunity to deal with us. Therefore, I estimate that he is likely to lead a group of the most powerful Demons. Come and fight us in the shortest possible time. This group of Demons is likely to be part of the 54 Demons he mobilized, as well as part of the anti-sky Demon Dragon Clan, the Moon Demon Clan and the Star Demon Clan. The Demon Emperor has absolute confidence in his own strength, so he will not bring too many strong Demons. The total number may not even exceed one thousand. In fact, under normal circumstances, such power is enough to defeat us. Because the Demon Emperor did not know that there were many ancestors to join. "On the other side of the two routes, the attack target of the Demon Emperor is most likely to be locked in the southeast fortress.". The Demons may have found out that we are deploying troops. But for some important deployments within our Federation, he can't be too accurate. It must be thought that the southeast fortress, where the Warrior Temple is located, is still the weakest one. But we don't know that we have averaged the occupations of the six temples. Moreover, before departure, we also arranged for some of the forces of the Assassin Temple to reinforce the Wanshou Pass and the Southeast Fortress respectively. "Demon God emperor this time the number of troops mobilized is terrible, will also leave at least twenty demon gods responsible for commanding the army, if they go straight to the southeast fortress, it is indeed a great threat to us.". However, the southeast fortress is not so easy to handle. After the last holy war, all the fortresses were fortified. At the same time,Nail machine manufacturer, once the specific movement of the Demon army is found out, the Wanshou Pass and Jialing Pass, which are the nearest to the southeast fortress, will also send support at the first time. The most important thing is that there are now nine ancestors in every fortress. Once that fortress is attacked, with the strength of the ancestors, they can reach the fortress in one to three days. Concentrate the strength of more than 40 ancestors. Even if the enemy is strong, there are more than twenty demons to lead. But it is not so easy to break through our Xiongguan. It may even suffer a great loss. After listening to Long Haochen's analysis,Nail Making Machine price, everyone could not help but be moved. Xiao Huo's face could not produce an expression, but the appreciation and admiration in his eyes were clearly revealed. I thought to myself that it was not lucky for Xiaolong to be the first person in the Federation at such a young age! He is not only talented in cultivation, but also calm and meticulous in mind. With this son in control of the overall situation of the Federation, the victory of this decisive battle with the Demons may be much greater. Long Haochen's guess was exactly the same as what he had in mind, so he said no more, but silently watched Long Haochen arrange it. The strategy and tactics are determined, and the next step is to divide the forces. The sharp knife legion was divided into six groups, commanded by Long Haochen, Cai'er, Chen Ying'er, Wang yuanyuan, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang. Each army has three eternal heroes in charge. Sima Xian followed Chen Yinger, Lin Xin followed Wang yuanyuan, Duanyi followed Han Yu, Nail machine supplier ,iron nail machine, and Yang Wenzhao followed Zhang Fangfang. Yating followed Cai'er in a group. Divide into six groups and set out at the same time. Long Haochen is responsible for the most central one of the six provinces of the target, so that he can rush to other provinces where the Demon God appears to destroy the Demon God Pillar at the first time. Although Long Haochen has no partner to follow him, he is the strongest and assisted by Xiao Huo. His overall strength is by no means inferior to the other five groups. Originally only more than ten thousand people after the sharp knife legion, become more flexible, like the real six sharp knife, straight into the northern hinterland of the Demons. The game between the Templar Federation and the Demons is finally in full swing. Demons, Demon Palace. Bushong, the tree demon God, is dead, and his demon pillar has been destroyed. The Demon Emperor's face was very ugly. He felt it as soon as the pillar of the tree demon was destroyed. This is the third Demon Pillar that has been destroyed. There are dozens of Demons standing below. Each has a powerful breath, they are the root of the Demons, but also the most powerful group of existence of the Demons, Demon God! However, these in the Demons are all the powerful existence of the dominant side, but at this time are the atmosphere also dare not breathe, standing there quietly, and even dare to look up at the Demon Emperor, only a few in the front row. Bushong, the tree demon God, is dead. He is responsible for staying at the Royal Dragon Pass. The destruction of the Demon God Pillar undoubtedly means that Long Haochen has made a move. Your Majesty, I have ordered you to go down and get accurate information as soon as possible. It's just that the heart city is too far away from the province of Samo, and it will take three days at the soonest to get accurate news. Said the Moon Demon Agares respectfully. He knew very well that what the Demon Emperor was most eager to know was whether it was Austin, Griffin or Long Haochen who destroyed the Demon Pillar. If only Long Haochen relies on part of Austin and Griffin's blood power to destroy, then the problem is relatively small. But if Austin and Griffin are not dead, then the problem is big. Demon Emperor's eyes are still cold, Demon God died, he will not feel distressed, but also can be re-cultivated, but the Demon Pillar is the real root of the Demons, just like the framework of the building of the Demons. Three Demon Pillars have been destroyed. It seems that the number is not large, but what if it continues? What about ten or twenty years? How many Demon Pillars will be destroyed? "Vashak." The Demon Emperor cast his eyes on the Star Demon beside the Moon Demon. Vashak nodded and said, "After receiving the news, I used prophecy for the first time, but it should be accurate whether Austin and Griffin appeared or not.". It should be Long Haochen who destroyed the Demon Pillar. But I don't know why, I felt the breath of life in him, not the body of the dead as in the prophecy of life. Hearing what Vashak said, the Demon Emperor relaxed, nodded and said, "This is right.". Long Haochen saved the night small tears, night small tears is the goddess of nature left behind, can be said to be the strongest vitality on the mainland, with her, perhaps Long Haochen's heart really has the possibility of recovery. At least she will bring a strong breath of life to Long Haochen. "I see," Vashak said suddenly. "No wonder." After the last life prophecy,Nail machine manufacturer, the Demon Emperor's confidence in the Star Demon God's prophecy increased greatly. At this time, with his accurate judgment, the Demon Emperor's face also looked a little better.
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Sword Shadow Chivalrous Soul-Chen Qingyun _ txt No "Nothing, that's what I said just now!" "What a big tone! Tell me where you came from?" "No need to talk nonsense." "Golden Scorpion" snort angrily: "Good insolent, seek death! Seek death! As soon as the crutch was raised and rowed out, the old woman in red raised her sword to meet her, and a soul-stirring fight came out. I saw that the shadow was like a mountain, the sword light was like an illusion, the strong wind tore the air, and the sword gas cracked the clouds. The actions of both sides were all unique, ruthless and spicy, which made the people present confused and their heartstrings tense as if to be broken. Nangong Weidao thought quickly. No matter which side wins, he is always the meat on the anvil. He should take this opportunity to save himself so that he can live in death. As a result, he deliberately groaned and moved his body, turning it into a kneeling posture, and quickly moved his own mental method, hoping to restore his strength and alleviate his pain. In the field, the old woman in red and the "golden scorpion" fought in the dark, and the sun and moon had no light. Gradually, the moves of both sides slowed down, but the sharp hand did not decrease. In the sound of shouting, the figure suddenly separated, at this time, you can see that both of them are hanging color, blood dripping. "Scorpion" cried out: "You go up, destroy that boy first! The sound fell,wire nail machine manufacturers, and the crutch swung at the old woman in red again, and they fought together again. In the circle of people, there were ten "double dragon warriors" immediately, and the two women in red all protected Nangong Weidao and waved their swords to resist. These "double dragon warriors" were all masters of one out of a hundred, and they were the elite of the "Golden Dragon Gang". This joint attack was quite amazing, but the martial arts of the two women in red were strange and ruthless. If they fought alone, "Double Dragon Warrior" is naturally no match for them. The scene suddenly became extremely tense. But see the figure vertical and horizontal leap, advance and retreat,High Speed Nail Making Machine, wave after wave of fierce attack. Nangong Weidao accelerated exercise.. The "Double Dragon Warrior" aims at the "undead scholar" and attacks. Frequent use of hidden weapons, fortunately, "Tiancan Clothes" to protect the body, hidden weapons can not be injured, but "Tiancan Clothes" can only protect the body, not the head and face, dangerous. After a few waves, see the dead field. Therefore Howl! Stuffy hum! Shout ShaSheng! Interweave into a crazy and horrible movement. The two old women in the field are still fighting for their lives. The "Double Dragon Warrior" seemed to be fearless of death. When one of them fell down, he immediately added to it. It seemed that the two "Red Back Door" disciples, no matter how skillful they were, would eventually be exhausted and defeated under constant wheeled attacks. From the center of the field, the "golden scorpion" and the old woman in red both fell to the ground, bleeding from their mouths and panting like an ox. Both sides were hurt. Several warriors pounced on the old woman in red with swords. The woman in red stood up with a sharp roar. In the flash of the sword, two of the first to bear the brunt fell down, and the rest of the first to attack again. The howls of misery never stopped, and the rain of blood was everywhere. The old woman in red was as ferocious as a ghost. Although she was already exhausted and struggling for her life, the sword would hurt people. The two young girls in red were unable to defend themselves, Iron Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and their swords lost their sharpness. Suddenly, they were full of dangers and negative wounds. As for the "Golden Dragon Gang," more than half of the casualties have occurred, but relying on the large number of people, the fighting capacity of the "Golden Dragon Gang" has changed. Nangong Weidao's skill has recovered 50%. In a muffled hum, a girl in red was forced to leave her original position and was involved in the rain of swords. With two long swords and the momentum of running thunder, she faced Nangong Weidao under the hood. Whoa! "Wow!" Two bodies were added to his side, and he stood up with a scarlet iron sword in his hand. Nangong Weidao gave a cry in his heart. Although his skill was only half restored, under the pressure of hatred, he was extremely murderous. So, with a loud roar, he threw his sword into the crowd. As a result, the situation changed greatly, and the two girls in red, who were about to be exhausted, were relieved of their pressure. Although they were unable to attack like before, they were able to protect themselves. The main force of the attack moved to Nangong Weidao. The old woman in red also virtually alleviated the crisis. Blood! Corpse! Stump! The scene was so tragic that it made people tremble. The number of moving figures is decreasing, the number of corpses is increasing proportionally, and the sound of chestnut ears is gradually lowering. In the end, there were less than ten people left in the "Golden Dragon Gang", and the rest were either dead or wounded, "Red Back Door". The three women, too, were exhausted. Nangongwei's face was about to spurt blood, and his iron sword was waving wildly, almost crazily. Retreat! The Golden Scorpion stood up unsteadily and gave orders. As a result, the living retreated in confusion, and the wounded were still groaning. Nangong Weidao just recovered 50% of the internal yuan, and reported exhausted, internal injuries began to attack, he wanted to kill, but unable to do so, both sides have left the scene. Nangong Weidao leaned on the ground with his sword, holding the figure shaking to fall, his mouth overflowing with blood, and his eyes turning black. The terrible massacre is over. The setting sun and the scarlet on the ground became a terrible color. At this moment, a white figure appeared and went straight to Nangong Weidao. Nangong Weidao looked at it and was shocked out of his body. He said to himself, "It's bitter!" Come, it is "white clothes boy face". It was very difficult for him to move at the moment, and the skill of the "boy in white" was only slightly inferior to that of him, and it was impossible to resist. "The boy in white laughed and said," It's a pleasure to meet you, immortal scholar! " Nangong Weidao gritted his teeth and said, "What are you going to do?" I remember I said last time that I would look for you again one day, but it's a pity that we met under such circumstances, which would be a pity for you! "There's no need to make sarcastic remarks," Nangong Weidao shouted angrily. "What do you want?" The "boy in white" looked around and said, "It's not safe here. One of the two parties who left just now must turn back after getting help. We have to change places first." "What's so light?" "Of course, now take the sword!" Nangong Weidao glared at the other side and returned the sword to the scabbard. "Yin Yin smiled and said," Your brocade dress is a bit strange. It can avoid swords and hidden weapons, and naturally it can also maintain acupoints, right? " "How's it going?" Said Nangong Weidao in a chestnut voice. "Nothing,Automatic nail machine, just saying, if you want to control your acupoint, of course you can't point through your clothes." 。
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A Dream of a Thousand Years: The Complete Version "Brother Zhan, you are so bad!" Lan Qin showed a shy look on her face in Gao Zhan's arms. Say you love me. I want you to say you love me. Gao Zhan threw Lanqin on the bed and pounced on him like a wild animal. Of course Lan Qin loves the emperor. Who else can Lan Qin love if he doesn't love the emperor? Lan Qin Jiao said with a blush. Say you love me. Gao Zhan suddenly stopped kissing her on her chest, and his eyes were rippling with lust and bloodlust. I love you, brother Zhan, I love you. Lan Qin could not remember how long she had not seen such a Gao Zhan, but such a Gao Zhan made her feel a little afraid. Do you really love me? Jing son, I killed your man, you see he is lying in the Zhaoren Palace now, Jing son, do you still love me? Gao Zhan looked a little absent-minded, but kept calling Lan Qin Jing'er, Li Jing'er was the eternal pain in his heart. Because Li Jinger said she loved her husband, she said she loved Gao Yang, she said she did not love Gao Zhan. Gao Zhan took a look at the beautiful woman in front of him, thinking that Li Jing'er would like to return to Li Jing'er, and that he would like to return to Li Jing. He roughly tore open Lan Qin's clothes and began his day's hard work. Lan Qin closed his eyes at a loss under his body. His work seemed to be accompanying Gao Zhan every day. There was nothing else. But even so, she still asked Gao Zhan to really love herself once. She only regarded her as Lan Qin, not Li Jing'er. Say you love Gao Yang, say you don't love Gao Zhan, say. Gao Zhan said to Lan Qin while doing the physical work without any trouble. I love Gao Yang, but I don't love Gao Zhan. Lan Qin whispered,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, her voice full of sadness, she closed her eyes slightly, enjoying the pleasure that this man brought her, but her heart slowly became more bloody. Gao Zhan suddenly stopped his crazy move and looked at the blue harp under his body, which was completely different from Li Jinger's appearance. It turned out that he was infatuated with the woman who had been dead for a long time, even though the blue harp just sounded like her. For the first time, he gently turned around and let him lie on his chest. Lanqin, the humble woman,wire nail making machine, seemed to be frightened by Gao Zhan's actions and dared not move. In order to return to Gao Zhan, she indirectly killed her husband, in order to return to Gao Zhan, she would rather Gao Zhan as a dead woman. She shed two tears, in Gao Zhan's chest, burning pain and light acid, Gao Zhan just looked at this woman who was completely different from Li Jing'er, as if one day, Li Jing'er had cried like this. The Death of Gao Xiaowan, King of Hejian (13) On the dark road, Zheng Zixin and Gao Changgong approached each other step by step, Feng Xiaolian approached Gao Xiaowan's death step by step, and Gao Yuning approached Feng Xiaolian's despair step by step. Gao Yuning and Gao Changgong walked on the way out of the palace, but they heard Feng Xiaolian's voice in the distance: "Sister, Nail production machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, what's wrong with you, sister?" Gao Changgong didn't really hear it at first, but Gao Yuning would never forget the voice, the Aoki feeling he had been hiding in his heart about his aunt. Mother Gao Yuning looked up at Fengshen Junyi's father, and it was his mother who came. Father dressed in black looks like an elf in the dark night, but this big elf is not angry at the moment, I think I am still sad about Gao Xiaowan. Zi Xin. When Gao Changgong heard Gao Yuning calling his mother, he came to his senses and rushed forward to see Zheng Zixin fall to the ground. Three years, three years, approaching day by day, Zheng Zixin also became weak day by day. How did Zixin come out? Gao Changgong was a little angry, after all, his brother had just died, and now his wife had fainted here. It was my fault. I asked my sister to help me find a way to rescue the King of Hejian, but I didn't want my sister to faint on the way. Feng Xiaopian was so anxious that he almost didn't cry. Chang Gong, how is brother Xiao Wan? Zheng Zixin heard the call of her husband in her ear and turned around, but saw that she was already in Gao Changgong's arms. The third brother, he.. Gao Changgong was too sad to speak. What happened to brother Xiaowan? Gao Yuning, you tell me, you tell me what happened to brother Xiao Wan? Feng Xiaolian finally couldn't hold back his tears. The third uncle is dead. He's dead. "Gao Yuning cruelly said such a fact, perhaps it is better to say it, just say it, say it without suspicion, say it without illusion, and say it can give up earlier." You lied to me. You lied to me. You're all lying to me! Feng Xiaolian pushed Gao Yuning to the ground, a person running crazily forward in the autumn night, she didn't know where she was going, but she didn't want to stop, there was no Gao Xiaowan in the world, she was empty, there was no Gao Xiaowan in the world, her existence became superfluous, she was because of the existence of Gao Xiao Wan. Her life has no meaning. Her sister is accompanied by her brother-in-law, her mother is accompanied by her father, and she is accompanied only by her own shadow. Father, you take mother back first, I go after … Chasing little aunt ~ "Gao Yuning said the three words awkwardly, little aunt, what a strange name, little aunt, what a ridiculous name.". Gao Yuning did not know how long he had walked, but he saw Feng Xiaolian shrinking in the corner, silently shedding tears. The moonlight reflected her once bright eyes, which were now like the quiet autumn water of the Lanling Palace, dim and without waves. The day gradually began to rain, not heavy, like a person quietly leaving the pace. Gao Yuning had no time to take care of the smell of blood on his body,Coil nail machine, so he walked into Feng Xiaolian. Small. Small. Miss Feng, the autumn night rain is cold, or go home quickly ~ "Gao Yuning does not know how to call her awkwardly.".
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Rebirth 80: Big Brother Wants to Be Good, Su Zhan Su Zhan squints his eyes, enjoying such service, and the whole person is a relaxed and trusting attitude. Just blowing, Su felt the heat flow disappear. When I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of quiet and deep phoenix eyes. For no reason, Su's heart panicked for a moment. Third brother She looked at the face that was getting closer and closer, and suddenly felt a mysterious danger. Trying to get away, her hands were already on both sides of her shoulders, fixing her on the sofa. How. What's the matter? Su stared at the thin lips that almost clung to the tip of his nose and nervously forgot to breathe. Huahua? The deep voice is like a gentle and tender voice, which easily makes people intoxicated. Ah Su heard his voice, but there was an unreal feeling, as if the soul and the body had been separated, the speed of the heart beating suddenly accelerated, almost unbearable. The girl looked away in a panic and her eyes fell on the young man's Adam's apple. Is the third brother good to you? "Good!" She nodded dully and swallowed her saliva nervously again. The third brother is so good to you, if you help a little, will you help? "Of course!" Some silly, did not realize that the scene in front of him was like a big bad wolf luring a small white rabbit. Of course, Su Zhan is definitely not a soft and sweet little white rabbit, but the color gives the soul and the mind is fascinated. That's what you said! The last word was buried between the lips and teeth of two people. Su's eyes widened slowly, unable to believe what was happening in front of her. She protested to ask the young man what he was doing, but instead opened the door to the other side, and the protest of "whine" was swallowed up in a not unfamiliar atmosphere. The girl's struggling hands were held firmly by a pair of hands and pressed on the back of the sofa. Fingers crossed, cool fingertips rubbed the back of her hand, and the thin cocoons on her fingertips rubbed against her sensitive back of her hand, causing a tremor. The eyes are covered, and because they cannot see, the other senses are more acute. The other side seems to like the residual mint flavor in her mouth, the hot tongue with the momentum of sweeping thousands of troops, fanatical but astringent sweeping every nerve in the mouth,Nail machine supplier, and then, just slow down the steps of aggression, carefully tasting her taste. After many years, the familiar scene suddenly staged, still let people blush and heartbeat badly, Su Zhan admired himself very much, this time even in the mind can calculate, this is not the first kiss in the end. It seemed that after a long time, and as if only a few seconds, Su finally regained his freedom. Third brother Su did not know how to communicate with this person, the heart in the chest is still beating violently, do not know is nervous, or because of serious lack of oxygen. Uh The voice of the other side seems to be more cold, so that Su almost can not go on, nail manufacturing machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, but this matter still needs to be clarified, can not be so muddleheaded to let things go like this. This is my first kiss! It is also a shame to say that after two lifetimes, the first kiss was lost on one person. Su Zhan's inner truth was mixed, and he foolishly emphasized the importance of the kiss with the other party. Me, too The other side spits out these three words coldly, then gets up and goes to the table. Su Zhan sat on the sofa thinking for a long time, only to understand that the other side wanted to express the meaning is "you do not suffer losses!" I strangle an X, Su Zhan turned his head and looked at the back of each other's head with atmosphere. Third brother, this account can't be calculated like this? The other party turned around, his cold eyes passed on his inner thoughts, giving her a chance to defend herself. On that pair of eyes, Su Zhan is dumb, do not know how to say, and finally can only blame each other: "You take the initiative to kiss me!" " As soon as this sentence was spoken, Su felt that time had stood still for a moment, and for a long time, the other side said slowly: "You don't suffer losses. I'm Xiu Chengjin!" Chapter 273 Xiu Chengjin, you have gone too far. Su only felt a breath stuck in her throat, unable to go up or down, she asked herself to live two lifetimes, this should be the most unnecessary operation she had ever seen. So what if you are Xiu Chengjin? Can Xiu Chengjin take care of his relatives. Sue sat down opposite someone and squared off for a good talk. Third brother, you can't be like this. She was very aggrieved. For the first time in her previous life, she held hands with the opposite sex. It was him. Of course, it was not a formal hand-holding. She was being besieged by Xiu Lingjing with several little sisters. When she was at a disadvantage, she did not expect that the Iceberg Prince, who always looked at people with his nostrils, appeared and took her hand out of the crowd. Naturally, no one dared to stop Xiu Chengjin. At that time, he was still young and his mind was simple. He just felt that this person was not as cold as he looked on the surface. Well, this is not really the first time to hold hands. That's all right, but the first kiss was also taken away by this person. At that time, because of the sudden power failure, Xiusanshao kissed the wrong person. Ok, this is an unintentional mistake, and we can also ignore it. After all, he was more embarrassed than himself at that time, and his ears were red with blood, as if he was the one who had stolen his first kiss. Later, the more important first time, the obligation between husband and wife, well-it seems that there is no way to care about it. Su Zhan calculated to calculate, to calculate their own speechless, do not know how to say. Just because she stopped talking doesn't mean the other person has nothing to say. You promised to do me a favor! "Ah.." Su Zhan remembered, as if he had really said this, then frowned and said: "How can I help you like this?" Not everyone has two first kisses, a few years ago in the study that time, Su has tried to ignore,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, did not expect to have such an operation. I have a favorite person, has not done this kind of matter, looks for you to practice! "You have someone you like again?" The amount of information was so large that Su Zhan missed the point. What do you mean ''? "Again '? The other side frowned and looked puzzled. Is it still the "Dream Wedding" of the New Year's Eve party? " 。
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Wudang system Then Szeto Rui pointed to the woman next to him. The woman was much taller than Zhu Miaoxue. She was wearing a green robe. She had a very good figure and slender legs. A green belt showed the thin waist. Two green ribbons were attached to her long hair, which made her more beautiful. But give a person a kind of cold feeling, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Fang Lin one eye, no longer pay attention to. This is Jiyue Ballad, the descendant of Cangyue God, who is the fourth saint. Then there was a tall and straight young man, about the same height as Fang Lin, more than 1.8 meters, wearing a white crown, clothes like snow, sword eyebrows, straight nose, dark eyes some sharp, waist wearing a long sword, completely like a handsome swordsman. This is Kong Ya, the second saint, the descendant of the wind God. Finally, there was a man in a red robe, who was somewhat enthusiastic and introduced himself: "My name is Zhu Lingqi, a descendant of the God of Fire." Fang Lin said hello to them one by one, several people seem to know each other, but do not like each other very much, but Zhu Lingqi, a lot of enthusiasm, immediately chatted with Fang Lin, the other three are standing quietly, seems to be waiting for something. Szeto Rui was originally a small magic star, although now changed, but several other people do not know how much he changed,socket screw plug, but also ignore him, Fang Lin felt more and more embarrassed, completely feel very distant. Fang Lin and everyone said hello, the rest of the people are better, Ji Yueyao just nodded, did not even say a word. At this time, the wooden door was pushed open again, into a black-robed man, black-robed man has some old, hair,car radiator cap, mixed with root black hair, you know, people who practice martial arts are not so fast old. The black-robed man looked very thin. Szeto Rui whispered to Fang Lin, "This is the leader of the Hall of Light. All the leaders of the Hall of Light have only one name, and that is Guangming. His seniority is even higher than my father's." Fang Lin immediately respect, the seniority is even higher than the Pope, that is to say, this is absolutely the patriarch of the Holy Church. Guangming opened his mouth and said, "The six saints are all here. This hadith is different from the past. It is not a hadith in the past. This time, it is the real hadith!" Fang Lin listened carefully, and all this was the point. Do you know why you want the Hadith? Because now the situation is not simple, a thousand years ago, genius, a thousand years later now, the same genius countless. Whether it is the Great Yu Empire, or the major sects, or even the major religions subordinate to the Holy Religion, there are countless geniuses. This is the most glorious age. Fang Lin is frightened, but he has a system task in the body, so many geniuses, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, his pressure is heavy again. The old man went on to say, "There are many geniuses. This is a threat to the Holy Religion. The Holy Religion has always been in the first place. Similarly, as the most talented people in the Holy Religion, you should represent the Holy Religion and overwhelm all the so-called geniuses. Forty-five days later, the Dayu Dynasty will hold a fighting meeting to invite all the geniuses to fight!" That is to say, this hadith is a special training before the competition. Fang Lin is frightened, but he basically does not need it. As long as he draws a lottery, he can practice the skill to a great success. There is no need for any special training. The old man of light then opened his mouth and said, "The first scene of the hadith is that the six of you join hands to deal with me. As long as you can hold on to a wick of incense, you can start the next training. If you can't hold on, then you will always fight with me!" The breath of the old man of light is released, and the strength of the peak of the congenital later period gives everyone a burst of oppression. Pangdun's voice came and said, "That Kong Ya is the oldest. He is already twenty years old. His strength is congenital. The rest are seventeen or eighteen years old. His strength is the day after tomorrow. Of course, Szeto Rui is only in the middle stage." Fang Lin was frightened, even if there were six people, they would not be rivals at all, not to mention that they were not familiar with each other at all, and they did not seem to like each other very much, and they would lose. Kong Ya took the lead and pulled out his sword. He turned over and stabbed the old man directly. Fang Lin knew that everyone had to work together. Everyone knew this. They pulled out their weapons one after another, and coincidentally, all of them used their swords! As soon as Zhan Lu of Fanglin pulled it out, the old man of Guangming opened his mouth and said, "a peerless sword!" Fang Lin was frightened, and Chunyang swordsmanship was used immediately. The crowd hit the old man from different directions. With a wave of his sleeve, the old man directly overturned Szeto Rui. In the middle of the day after tomorrow, Szeto Rui was directly thrown away. Kong Ya shouted loudly, and the innate sword gas immediately broke out, "the wind swept away the clouds!" The unique learning of Fengshen, the first form of Fengshen swordsmanship! The rest of them also made a move. All kinds of moves, are out of place, Fang Lin helpless, their own strength gap is so big, will be defeated. But Fang Lin also wants to fight, see the strength of the Lord of the Holy Church, congenital later, Fang Lin is excited to think about. The first form of Chunyang Swordsmanship, Ziqi Donglai! The old man actually used his bare hands to defuse all the attacks. Kong Ya seemed to have a strong fighting ability. He turned over and came to the side to attack. Several sword lights were released. The strength of the congenital early stage was comparable to the peak of the congenital early stage. It was stronger than Fang Lin. Fang Lin Chunyang sword gas, everyone is a little shocked, just that sword, is absolutely swordsmanship practice to the realm of Dacheng, and the strength of the Taoist priest is the day after tomorrow, but the fighting capacity is faintly better than Kong Ya! Bright old man laughed, he also saw the strength of Fang Lin, body flash, backhand palm, Fang Lin was stunned. There are no earth-shaking moves, every move is very common, there is no powerful attack of oppression, but any action, seems to be hidden mystery, casually, will stun everyone. The bright old man smiled and said, "These are all good seedlings." He took a look at Fang Lin, "holding the sword, swordsmanship, seventeen years old, strength to achieve the day after tomorrow, combat effectiveness comparable to congenital, peerless evil!" If the Pope had heard this comment, he would have been absolutely frightened. The old man is not as strong as the Dharma Protector and the Pope, but his teaching ability is absolutely first-class, whether it is the Dharma Protector or the Pope, really count up,DIN screw plug, in fact, are his disciples! Chapter seventy-three mutual understanding, only war! [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: 2012-8-2016: 59:27 Words in this chapter: 3903.
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Then Szeto Rui pointed to the woman next to him. T After Qi Shijie told his mother what had happened, he said, "Mother, please forgive the child for being unfilial. He didn't listen to your orders and caused trouble for you." Aunt Yang said sadly, "I don't blame you. You are all right.". It's my fault. Oh, how I regret it! Did she regret that she should not have spoiled her brother too much in the past, or did she regret that she had made a total mistake in dealing with this matter? She did not say it, but her heavy heart was revealed in a deep sigh! "Mother," said Qi Shijie, "let's go together." "Where are you going?" Asked Aunt Yang. "Heaven and earth are so big," said Qi Shijie. "Is there no place to live?" He originally wanted to persuade his mother to go to Chaidamu with him, but knowing that his mother's feud with Meng yuanchao had not been eliminated, it would not be possible to persuade her to reconcile with Meng yuanchao overnight. So he begged his mother to leave the capital with him first. With a blank air, Aunt Yang suddenly said, "You can go. I want to stay here." Qi Shijie was taken aback and said, "Mother, why don't you go?" "Your uncle was brought up by my sister, who was also my mother," said Aunt Yang. No matter how he becomes, he is still my brother, and I still have to do the last bit of responsibility for him! "Mother," said Qi Shijie, "you've suffered all your life for your uncle,metal stamping parts, but I'm afraid he may not have the love of his own flesh and blood." Aunt Yang said resolutely, "If he has the heart to harm me, that's the retribution I deserve!" Yang Yan was excited and said, "Aunt, this is my sin. Let me do what you want to do for you." "No," said Aunt Yang, "you're not guilty. You left the Yang family before you were born. Your father's fault, my fault,CNC machining parts, cannot be borne by you. She took a break and went on to say, "Besides, although I have sealed my sword for many years, I am the number one person in Jianghu."! Jianghu people are the most important. I have promised Chief Escort Han that I will do my best for him to save Zhenyuan Escort Agency. How can I break my word? Just at this point, Han Weiwu came in. Elder sister, I appreciate your kindness. You'd better avoid it. Whether Zhenyuan Escort Agency can be saved or not, I'll accept my fate! Han Weiwudao. Aunt Yang burst out laughing and said, "I know that my friends in Jianghu gave me the nickname Hot Hand Avalokitesvara. With my nickname Hot Hand Avalokitesvara, how can I be afraid of trouble?". But Lao Han, are you afraid that I will get you into trouble? Han Weiwu aroused her heroic spirit and said, "Well, the elder sister is not afraid of things. How can I, Han Mou, be timid?"? I'll do whatever I want with them. Elder sister, let's sum up! "As the saying goes," said Han Weiwu, alloy die casting ,Magnetic Drain Plug, "the poor don't fight with the rich, and the rich don't fight with the officials. A small Zhenyuan Escort Agency can't beat them. But there is no such thing as a word of reason. If they deliberately framed me and charged me indiscriminately, there may not be no one who dares to speak fairly. "Yes," said Aunt Yang, "the Escort Agency opens its doors and does business in all directions. Never find out the details of the guest before giving him bodyguards. If there are really anti-Qing righteous people who have come to the Escort Agency and are arrested by them, they can't use it as an excuse to accuse the Escort Agency of rebellion. Besides, they don't have any evidence. If they dare to act foolishly, Lao Han, you can scatter the heroic post and ask the Wulin colleagues in the capital to comment with them. I think they have some scruples. "The day after tomorrow," said Han Weiwu, "will be the day when I close my door and seal my sword. I have already sent out invitations to Wulin colleagues to watch the ceremony. This invitation can be used as a hero post. Aunt Yang said, "It is reasonable to say that even if Jie'er and Yan'er are suspected of being rebellious, they will not involve their relatives and friends.". But, of course, it's better to be careful. Jie'er, Yan'er, you and Miss Long don't live in the Escort Agency these two days. Please ask Lao Han to find a reliable family for you to live in temporarily. Qi Shijie said, "Don't worry about Old Escort Han. I already have a reliable place to go." Han Weiwu was an old Jianghu man, and when he didn't say it, he didn't ask. "Old Han," said Aunt Yang, "there's one thing you don't know. It's quite good for your Escort Agency. ” "What's the matter?" Asked Han Weiwu. Aunt Yang said, "Min Chenglong has been seriously injured by Wei Changqing. My unworthy brother has also given Wusuhe more than ten whips. The day after tomorrow, I don't expect to be able to recover from the injury." Han Weiwu was surprised and said, "What's going on? Wu and Wei are the chief and deputy chief of the department. They are your brother's immediate superiors. Your brother is loyal to them, not to mention Min Chenglong.". Why did our own people hurt our own people? "They brought it on themselves," said Aunt Yang. Now repeat briefly what her son had just told her. Before I knew it, it was already bright. Qi Shijie said, "We should go, too. Mother, take care of yourself." "You don't have to come to the Escort Agency to ask for information," said Aunt Yang. "But the day after tomorrow, you can sneak in with the guests. Of course, it would be better if we could change our appearance. "Don't bother telling me," said Qi Shijie. "The boy knows." Then Han Weiwu gave them the address of the contact person, and they left. "I'll see you out," said Han Weiwu. Remembering something, Qi Shijie asked, "How is Elder Martial Brother Song?" When he returned to the Escort Agency, he had never seen Song Pengju and Hu Liankui, so he had this question. "Peng Ju is badly hurt," said Han Weiwu, "but fortunately he is not in danger of dying. Lian Kui gave Min Chenglong a few whips and a little flesh wound. Now Lian Kui is taking care of his brother. Qi Shijie sighed: "There is a saying that is really true: Evil people have their own evil people grinding.". Min Chenglong was cruel enough to hurt his younger martial brother, and now he has received the retribution he deserves. Han Weiwu also remembered something and said in a low voice, "I heard that your uncle's other two disciples, Fang Liang and Fan Kui, have also arrived in the capital, but they have never been to the Escort Agency." "I already know about this," said Qi Shijie. Han Weiwu saw them off from the back door, when it was already bright and there were pedestrians on the street. Han Weiwu breathed a sigh of relief and said,deep draw stamping, "If they had come to search, they would have come long ago. There were no soldiers in the street. It seems that they didn't dare to act too recklessly." Qi Shijie went ahead and led them out of the city through the west gate. Yang Yan was a little curious, but it was inconvenient to ask him on the street where there were many pedestrians.
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Crossing Miscellaneous (2) "I'll go in and see him." I looked at him and was a little surprised at his reaction. See what you've done to him? The son is unexpectedly sharp today. What does that have to do with you? I was bored, and I rushed to speak. He is my master, and his happiness and anger are of course related to me. "He is also your master, and the servant must have the master's consent to enter the master's room. You are so proud of him because he looks up to you. It's really shameless!" "If the master fainted on the ground and could not allow you to enter, would you not enter?"? You just let your master pass out on the ground like that? Said I was spoiled and arrogant, I think you are holding a chicken feather as an arrow! He was so angry that he gave a cold drink, "Get out of the way!" Who do you think you are? It's just a cheap embryo who betrays his sense of shame and tempts his master to hurt each other! The evil words of the son came out, and the cold light in his eyes froze his bone marrow. I didn't want to quarrel with him any more, which was meaningless, so I stopped answering and stepped forward to push open the inner door, but I suddenly reached out my hand and gave me a hard push, which was so strong that I could not stand after a few steps back, and sat down on the ground and knocked over the pot on the medicine stove. The boiling juice spilled all over my thigh. The pain made me cry out in pain and instinctively turned over to get up from the ground, with wet trousers sticking to my legs as if I had been burned by a red-hot iron. I clenched my teeth and slanted my head to look at him. Seeing his eyes full of cold, I said, "Get out of here." Not caring to haggle with him, I limped out in pain. I saw Zhuang Qiushui passing by the door with the medicine he had boiled for Chu Longyin. As soon as he saw me like this,car radiator cap, he said, "Stand still." As I said, I stopped and saw him stride into the room, put down the medicine bowl, and then returned to carry me into the room. Take off your pants and I'll get the medicine. Zhuang Qiushuimu ordered and turned to go out of the room again. I went to close the inner door in pain so as not to wake up Chu Longyin. Then I took off the trousers stuck to my legs as if I had taken off my flesh, and my clothes were wet with sweat. Fortunately,Stainless steel foundry, I wear underwear similar to boxers, which is nothing for me as a modern man, but for Zhuang Qiushui. He's a doctor, and he doesn't have any extra thoughts, which I trust him completely. Zhuang Qiushui quickly fetched the medicine box and asked me to sit on the edge of the bed. He put the injured leg on the chair and carefully applied the medicine for me. After a while, he tidied up the medicine box and said, "It's very hot. I'm afraid it will scar even if it's cured. Unless there's a secret medicine in the palace, it won't leave a trace." "It doesn't matter," I forced a smile. "After eight or ten years, it will be gone. Please help me to hide it from the master. I can't make trouble for him any more. Zhuang Qiushui took one look at me and then said in a wooden voice, "After a while, there will be blisters on the wound. You can't wear clothes. It will last about seven or eight days. I'll change the dressing for you tomorrow morning." I pull his arm to hold at once: "Gentleman need not come over, die cast light housing ,die casting parts, be afraid the master sees what want to ask, I go to gentleman there is." Zhuang Qiushui nodded and carried the medicine chest out of the room. Enduring the pain, I took out a long gown from the bundle of my clothes and put it on. Fortunately, the gown had no slits like a dress, which could cover my legs. Because I wore boots on my feet, my calves could also be covered. I went into the inner room and looked at Chu Longyin. Seeing that he was still sleeping soundly, I closed the door and came out. I re-entered the next room. Ignoring Ziqi's attempt to stop me, I stood outside the inner door and said in a deep voice, "Chu Fengxiao, I have something to say to you." Where is different Zi Kui came up and pulled me. I kicked the door with my foot. I just raised my voice and said, "Chu Feng Xiao!"! I have something to say to you! Did you hear that?! Open the door — I have something to say — Ziqi desperately pulled me away from the door. I had a wound on my leg, and I couldn't resist him at all. I was about to be pushed out of the door by him, but I saw that the inner door had finally opened. Chu Fengxiao, dressed only in his middle clothes, stood pale and weak, and said to Ziqi, "Let him go.." Let him come in. The son looked at me coldly and finally let go of his hand. I strode into the inner room and closed the door with my backhand. Chu Fengxiao staggered to the edge of the bed and leaned against the bed rail. He closed his eyes wearily and whispered, "I know what you're going to say. If it's these words, you don't have to talk any more." I looked at his haggard appearance, my heart could not help softening, and the impulse just now was gone. After settling down, I opened my mouth in a deep voice: "Although you don't want to hear it, I still want to make some words clear to you. I don't want to cause more harm to you and him because of any misunderstanding.". Today's result is not what the master wants to cause, I started with him before he knew you were interested in me, so you can't blame him for robbing you. What. You know better than me how much he loves you. He even thought of giving me to you-but I didn't agree. I forced him to choose either to accept me or to disappear forever. "The most important thing is that he knows I don't like you, so he wants to use a two-pronged approach, before you know about me and him, he hopes you can give up this wishful feeling because of my refusal, and when you gradually lose that affection for me, we will tell the truth, then at most three people are a bit embarrassed, will not hurt you." He doesn't want to hurt you-that's his intention. He wants to protect you. He doesn't want to hurt you. "You know that this result is not much better for him than for you. He is as painful as you are. He even takes all the blame on himself. He feels sorry for you, does not take good care of you, and hurts you.". I'm not sure how long he can hold out like this. The person who tied the bell must untie it. If you also love him, if you can understand him, I ask you to help him untie this knot in his heart. Don't let him blame himself any more. Whether you think my request is unreasonable or shameless, I just don't want to create a gap between your brothers because of me. You have anger, resentment and hatred,Investment casting parts, all directed at me, scold me and beat me whatever, I will never complain. My only request is that you don't blame him. He really loves you. 。
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My cat is my girlfriend. "I said I was in Korea these days, and I wasn't with anyone except Brother Xiaotian. I just came back to Ningxia today." Jiang Cheng continued. Jiang Cheng has already said so, even if Lin Jiangnan is not smart, she should also understand the meaning of Jiang Cheng. Is Jiang Cheng explaining to her? And he said that he had just returned to Ningxia and came here. Did he come to find her? But why did Jiang Cheng do this? "Why do you want to explain to me?" Lin Jiangnan couldn't help asking in a low voice. Jiang Cheng frowned. Shouldn't I explain it to you? Jiang Cheng said as a matter of course. Lin Jiangnan, ".." My God, what does the male God mean? She felt that her IQ was suddenly not enough at this time. Online solution, urgent ah. Lin Jiangnan's drooping head at this time has flashed through countless possibilities. When Jiang Cheng saw Lin Jiangnan's appearance, he knew what she was thinking in her cerebellum now? He could not help smiling, and then touched Lin Jiangnan's head with his hand. Jiang Cheng's palms were dry and warm, and his palms against her head were also a warm touch. Lin Jiangnan looked up at him, but he did get a little close to her, so she raised her head and her eyes could only fall on her resolute and clean chin. I have some.. I don't understand.. What do you mean. Lin Jiangnan asked Nuo Nuo. Isn't it right for a boyfriend to explain to his girlfriend why he hasn't shown up recently? "Boyfriend!" Lin Jiangnan was a little confused in an instant, and she didn't notice that her voice was broken at this time. I We When Yes It's the kind of.. It's a relationship. Lin Jiangnan asked tremblingly. Jiang Cheng looked at Lin Jiangnan's frightened face, smiled, and then reached out to push the broken hair on Lin Jiangnan's cheek to the back of his head. What, you've already kissed him, and you still want to repudiate him? Lin Jiangnan is now the whole person is confused, feeling like a dream, such a dream, she did not know how many, but after waking up the sense of loss is only clear to herself. She shook her head. I guess it's another dream. Is it true that I miss him too much these days, so I even dream about him. But if it's a dream,non standard fasteners, it's too real. Lin Jiangnan said to himself. Hey, no, no, I can't be tempted. It's just a dream. Lin Jiangnan, wake up quickly. Wake up quickly. Lin Jiangnan closed his eyes and patted his slightly cold cheek as he spoke. Jiang Cheng listened to Lin Jiangnan's soliloquy, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He suddenly reached out, then took her hand off his face and held her cheek slightly up against him with his hand. He bent down and covered his lips. Lin Jiangnan's heart was numb, and the warm touch on her lips made her open her eyes, and she looked at Jiang Cheng in front of her. She could clearly see his beautiful eyelashes, long and thick, and the high bridge of his nose against hers. Jiang Cheng just tasted it, titanium machining parts ,Steel investment casting, slightly pursed her lips and loosened them. His lips left her slightly, and his hand was still on her cheek. How's it going? Are you awake? Do you still think it's a dream? Lin Jiangnan blinked his big eyes at him, as if he had not yet reacted. Jiang Cheng looked at her appearance, can not help laughing, really too cute. He didn't give her a chance to react. His warm fingers suddenly ran across her lips, and she felt the coldness of his fingers. She looked into his eyes, and there was a burning honey in his eyes. While Lin Jiangnan was still immersed in Jiang Cheng's tender and sweet eyes, the sudden kiss came like a storm, and her breath was full of his elegant fragrance. His teeth hit her lips, and with a slight force, he easily pried her lips open, and his strong lips and tongue were wrapped around her tongue and rubbed. Lin Jiangnan at this time feel the body soft fierce, the brain is also a blank, as if nothing can remember the same, she looked at his burning eyes, obedient slowly closed his eyes. Lin Jiangnan hugged Jiang Cheng's waist, instinctively wanting to hold it a little tighter, a little tighter. At the end of the kiss, Lin Jiangnan's cheeks burned with shame. She buried her head in his chest and gasped gently to calm her heartbeat. Jiang Cheng hugged her tightly. So, do you still think it's a dream? He asked softly in her ear. Lin Jiangnan's ears were tinged with a faint blush, and she shook her head vigorously in his arms. Jiang Cheng smiled, he pushed Lin Jiangnan slightly away with his hand, his hand on her thin shoulder, trying to say something to her. But as soon as he pushed Lin Jiangnan away a little distance, Lin Jiangnan's hand on his waist could not help tightening slightly, unwilling to leave anyway. Jiang Cheng wanted to bend down to see her. But Lin Jiangnan kept his head down, and then his whole body leaned toward Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng was so stubborn that she could only throw herself into her arms and hold her waist tightly. What's the matter? He put his hand on her back and patted her gently. Lin Jiangnan was silent for a long time, after a while, Jiang Cheng heard Lin Jiangnan stuffy in his arms, issued a stuffy voice. I can't see it. My face is too red now. The author has something to say: Vegetarian for a few days is not for such a big piece of fat meat, right, right, good time? Chapter 34 18 In the evening, Lin Jiangnan came home dizzy, and she even felt that her walking legs were soft. I'm going in. Lin Jiangnan stood in the doorway and said to him. Jiang Cheng looked down at her. OK Lin Jiangnan took out the key from his pocket, opened the door,die casting parts, and was about to enter when suddenly Jiang Cheng's voice rang again. Have you eaten? "Eat.." Ate it. Because Lin Jiangnan's mind is not particularly clear now, she answered Jiang Cheng's question without thinking, and did not notice that Jiang Cheng used affirmative sentences rather than interrogative sentences. And the man who brought you back? 。
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Step light dust No, Boa likes her mother because she is good to her. Boa will never leave her mother.. Ah, mom, Boa is a little sleepy and wants to sleep. Mom, hug.. "Huh?"? Why do you suddenly want to sleep? As soon as the light dust was worried, the words came out. Uh? Who wants to sleep? Ye Xinyi and Ye Laotou all gathered around. Light dust hugged Baoer, but this guy looked like a big dog, but he was so heavy that he almost didn't hold him steady. Be careful, be careful! The night old man picked up the treasure carefully and said, "It ate the green spirit fruit. It's going to grow up, so it will fall into a deep sleep.". Let me take it back for you first! Son, you take my disciple to see your master first. "Master, where are you going to take Boa?"? How long will it be asleep? If he wakes up and doesn't see me, he'll be sad! Light dust remembered that this little guy even had to take a bath with her, and if she woke up and her mother was gone, what else would it be? Don't worry, he didn't wake up so soon. He had to sleep for ten days and a half months. I'll take it to my place first, and I'll ask your brother to send you here later. The night old man was about to leave with Baoer in his arms when he suddenly turned around and ordered Qingchen mysteriously, "Good disciple, don't forget to ask him for a gift when you meet your uncle later!" Night Xin also could not help but once again rose red face,brass tube fitting, there is such a father, he has no way. Qingchen smiled disapprovingly and winked at Shifu, saying, "Don't worry, Shifu!"! The disciple will not disgrace you. The old man of the night left proudly. This disciple is really to his taste! Much better than the son, if the son married home as a daughter-in-law, that would be even better,stainless steel tube fitting, ha ha. Chapter Four Two Heavens Finally came to the door where the Lord of the Luo Xuan. Night Xin also went in first to inform, and then went in with light dust. Luoxuan is actually the residence of the master. Since the fall of Zongmen, the magnificent Council hall in front of it has been abandoned, and the former master of Zongmen has slightly renovated it, which integrates office and life. Nevertheless, when the light dust came in, it still felt that the hall was very grand. First of all, the hall is very large, and it is not a problem to seat at least one or two hundred people. Secondly, the hall has very good lighting. Sunlight shone through the open windows and skylights, shining the gilded sculptures on the walls and pillars, making the whole hall look really bright. Master Martial Uncle looked like he was in his forties. He was tall and handsome. He had three strands of beard on his lips. His good-natured smile gave people a feeling of gentleness and kindness. Qingchen thought he was more like Brother Ye's father, but his master looked too old. In a word, the master uncle gave her a very kind and gentle feeling. Night Xin also went to his master's side after the announcement, ball valve manufacturer ,12 needle valve, light dust to see Xia Wenting and Feng Wenyu two people have been one step ahead of them, now standing beside the uncle. The younger generation pays a visit to Martial Uncle with light dust! Qingchen went in and knelt down respectfully and kowtowed. To tell you the truth, when Qingchen came here, the most unaccustomed thing was the etiquette of kowtowing to people at every turn. However, she was willing to kowtow to Shifu just now and to the Master of Martial Uncle now. To be a master is to teach everything he has learned all his life, but to be a disciple is nothing? There is truth in the old saying that one day is a teacher and one day is a father. Elder Martial Brother received a good disciple! "The master sighed and laughed gently." All right, get up, sit down and talk! Sit down, all three of you! With a greeting from the master of the gate, Ye Xinyi's three brothers and sisters also sat down on both sides. It can be seen that this martial uncle is really gentle to people. It turned out to be the daughter of the Bu family. A thousand years ago, the Bu family was also a famous family of cultivating immortals. Qingchen is still young, right? I heard from your Elder Martial Brother that the skill of lying on the moon you practiced was originally secretly passed on to your father by him. As soon as Qingchen heard this, he was worried that Martial Uncle would make trouble for Brother Ye. He immediately replied carefully, "Back to Martial Uncle, my father died early, and he was murdered. When he hung the Jade Pupil Jane on me, he didn't tell my mother what it was.". I was naughty when I was a child. I broke my hand and accidentally met Jade Pupil Jane. Only then did I know how to lie on the moon, but I didn't know where it came from. I didn't know the secret of Langhuan until I met my elder brother two years ago.. Master Martial Uncle nodded and said with a sigh, "Martial Uncle knows. It's not your fault.". Xin also violates the rules of the gate. From tomorrow, go to the secret room of the Hall of Punishment to practice in seclusion. When you reach the seventh floor, you will come out. "The disciple took the order!" Ye Xin also kowtowed respectfully to his master, looking as usual. Light dust looked at the gentle appearance of the master uncle, and saw the elder brother look unchanged, thinking that seclusion practice should also be good for the elder brother, did not take it to heart, so also did not see Xia Wenting and Feng Wenyu eyes of worry and horror! "It's good that you can practice like this, and now you have practiced to the second level, right?"? In the future, if your master doesn't make it clear, it's the same to ask Martial Uncle. Come on, these two green fruits are for you. It's a gift from Martial Uncle. The rule in our school is that every disciple who enters the school should be given a green spirit fruit when he first enters the school. Your master has only one disciple for so many years, and your uncle has given two. Martial Uncle will find you a storage belt later, so that he won't say I'm stingy. Ha ha ha ha.. The master's uncle joked gently and casually. It was obvious that although the two brothers had completely different personalities, their feelings were quite good. Thank you, Martial Uncle. Qingchen took Bi Lingguo and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Martial Uncle, in fact, I have reached the peak of the fourth level of the Sleeping Moon Skill. I should have entered the fifth level, but there seems to be something wrong.." "Have you reached the fifth floor?" Almost everyone was startled and stared at her as if they were looking at a monster. Why, what's the matter? Light dust blink, is there anything wrong with the fifth floor? "The fifth floor!"! This time the eldest brother to be happy crazy, no wonder he cheated you to his door early. Although the Master's tone was somewhat regretful that Qingchen was not his disciple, he still could not hide the happy look on his face. He immediately got up and grabbed Qingchen's hand bowl to carefully examine the progress of her skill. Finally, with a deep sigh,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, he said with a happy smile, "We have received another talented disciple from Langhuan Secret Realm!"! It's only seventeen, seventeen. 。
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Zhang Xiaohua-The First Chaos in History (Complete I say: "You are foolish, steal him to want with me again now how to do?" Shiqian took a glance at the driver's car, curled his lips and said, "Recognize it." In order to fulfill my promise, I opened a running water seat in the canteen at noon, and everyone was full. Fortunately, farmers are now rich and do not care about a meal, so there is no grand occasion for thousands of people to turn out to catch up with the banquet. But the presence did not go, they eat to eat on the surprise called: "Ah, this pig is raised by my family!" " I don't know how to tell. The leaders went to the canteen to inspect with a smile and left without eating. I was going to ask them to set up the "Eight Immortals Building". Lao Zhang said, "I have the face to support you. Don't do that. Save money to pay the teachers." I didn't get it here, and the tiger got nothing. Originally, he was going to pull Dong Ping to set up the "Eight Immortals Tower", but Dong Ping heard that only Wuliangye was available in the Eight Immortals Tower, so he didn't go. The 50 young people who followed him were all very angry. It seemed that they still wanted to stretch out their hands with Dong Ping. They were just catching up with 300 people queuing up to come out for dinner. Only then did they eliminate a fierce battle. The tiger, however, was not discouraged and sent his phone number to Dong Ping in vain. After that,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, he roared away happily with people. I look for Liu again, this boy probably know what I'm thinking, early pull the black widow slip away. I had to stop Duchenne's two female disciples alone, and Yu Ji was with them. "Hello, beauties," I said with a cheeky smile. The department flower and another girl giggled. Yu Ji and they are chatting happily, I so suddenly come out,needle valve manufacturer, can not help but glance at me. She had changed her clothes and was carrying a sword. Although she was joking, there was still a kind of melancholy that could not be erased from the tips of her eyebrows and the corners of her eyes, so she had a kind of charm. I think of Xiang Yu told me that the beauty of Yu Ji is not outstanding, but there is a kind of charm that people can not extricate themselves. Department of flowers and another girl, of course, are charming little beauty, but compared with her, are inferior to a lot. I pretended not to care and asked the department flower: "Is this woman your classmate?" Department flower says: "Yes, our school art department learns a dance, her name is..." Yu Ji stopped her with a cough and said indifferently, "My name is Zhang Bing." Zhang Bing? Is there a difference between what others say and what you say? Why not Yu? I suddenly asked Zhang Bing, "Do you know Liu Laoliu?" The flower and the girl covered their mouths and laughed when they heard the name. I pointed to the distance and said to both of them, 14 needle valve ,14 tube fitting, "Who do you think that is?" Tie Hua turned his head and said pleasantly surprised, "Ah, Li Bai!" And then she ran that way. Song Qing and Li Bai were walking to the canteen. Lao Li seemed to have drunk a little more. His face was red and his footsteps were staggering. The remaining girl looked at me with a smile, said "I'm going too" and ran with me. What kind of eyes? Do you think I'm a lady-killer? She may not be the only one who has this idea. I found that Zhang Bing's hand holding the sword moved to the hilt. In this way, she can draw the sword with the other hand to ensure that it can be pulled out at once. So I took two steps back, with my toes turned outward, to make sure that I could run in the opposite direction as soon as I dropped my legs. When Zhang Bing first heard the name "Liu Laoliu", he did not have any reaction. He should really not know it. My first task now is to find out whether Zhang Bing is a traveler like Li Bai and Qin Shihuang or a native modern man. Liu Bang said she was Concubine Yu, in fact, might as well change "yes" to "like"-like Concubine Yu! Some two people look like imagination, this kind of thing is common everywhere. But why does she have such a strong classical temperament and sad color? What is the difference between two similar people and one person if they have the same temperament? Is it.. It suddenly occurred to me that Liu Laoliu had said a word to me about Concubine Yu. He said that Concubine Yu had been reincarnated. He did not say the following words, but swallowed them back. Is Zhang Bing the reincarnation of Concubine Yu? I thought again, no! If a person is reincarnated in addition to memory, everything else is the same, that is not to say that I Xiaoqiang last life or this virtue? This is not terrible, terrible is the next life or this virtue, life after life as a cockroach-that is too desperate to live, I still do something bad after death into the hell of a nose. This problem I have not care to want to do not understand, I pulled out the phone, while dialing "7474748" while pretending to ask casually: "What do you think of Xiang Yu?" As soon as the question came out, I pressed the dial button to Zhang Bing, and only two words were displayed on the phone screen: rogue. This woman's thinking is really too vast, how can Xiang Yu and hooligans hook up? Did she think of the overlord? …… However, I immediately understood that the word "hooligan" refers to something else, and it is the area below. Hey, if you are a beautiful girl, walking in the street, suddenly there is an old man who looks a little wretched and is nearly 30 years old and asks you: Miss, what do you think of Xiang Yu? I'm sure that's your first reaction. What moved me was that at the last moment of the effective time of mind reading, a question mark came out after the word "hooligan". It seems that there are only doubts about my character, and there is no qualitative analysis. I immediately said with a straight face, "Let's talk about Yanagishita." I don't know if this name can save my position in her mind, but now mind reading can only be used once on the same person. Zhang Bing took one look at me and said coldly, "You should discuss this topic with Xiaojing." Xiaojing refers to the flower of the Chinese Department. Her official name is Wang Jing. Is Miss Zhang's home local? Zhang Bing looked at the passers-by, hugged his shoulders and said, "Right." "Where is it?" I asked shamelessly. Knowing a little more now will have a great impact on the next plan. I haven't decided yet whether Zhang Bing will tell Xiang Yu about it if Zhang Bing is the only one. Before I moved, I lived in Jiefang Road. I remember that there were bungalows at that time, and there were underground wells at the gate of each courtyard. As soon as I heard this, my heart cooled. It seemed that Zhang Bing was indeed a native. That was fifteen or sixteen years ago. If I hadn't grown up,38 needle valve, it would have been impossible for me to know about the underground well. Where do you live now? Zhang Bing did not speak, with a smile looking at me, meaning very clearly: "Do you think I will tell you?".
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Rou Fu Di Ji Roufu stared at her face for a long time, then his eyes moved to her feet. Baby accidentally looked up and found that Roufu was quite interested in observing her heavenly feet. Suddenly, there was a burning feeling on her face, and she immediately tried desperately to hide her feet in her skirt. Rou Fu smiled and did not talk about it. She only said to her, "Caiyun, did the empress give you your name?" "No," replied the baby. My father took it, and the empress didn't change it. "That's great," said Rou Fu, delighted! Then I can give you a better name. "I don't like Xi'er's name either, but it was given by the empress, so I can't change it." The baby nods meekly: "So have Laodiji." Rou Fu thought for a moment and said, "Then you will be called Ying in the future. You used to be called Caiyun, and Ying means clouds around the body." The baby suspended her work and knelt down again to thank Diji for giving her a new name. Rou Fu said with a smile, "The baby is really nice. If I could change the name my father gave me, I would keep it for myself." After a pause, he looked out and said to himself, "If you can choose your own name, you can choose your own husband, and you can decide whether to bind your feet or not.." The baby also had a sudden palpitation. Her name can be chosen by herself, her husband can be chosen by herself, and whether to bind her feet or not can be decided by herself-this is also her wish,pipe fittings manufacturer, but even Roufu, who is an imperial concubine, can hardly achieve such a wish, which is even more extravagant for her humble status as a little maid of honor. She continued to bind her feet for Rou Fu, and she savored the words "it's up to you to decide whether to bind your feet or not". Roufu hates foot binding probably because she is young and does not understand the importance of foot binding for women. How can a noble woman not bind her feet? Even the daughters of middle-class families will try their best to get a pair of slender feet in order to find a good husband, and the humble origin of women is usually written on that pair of heavenly feet, which is clear at a glance. Di Ji is really born in the blessing does not know the blessing, she will not understand,38 tube fitting, if "does not bind the foot can be decided by oneself", that baby's decision will certainly be contrary to Di Ji's. Can you read? Do you know how to write the word'baby '? Roufu suddenly asked again. The baby shook his head in shame. Roufu smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. I can teach you." After wrapping, Roufu immediately jumped out of bed and ordered people to prepare ink, paper and inkstone with great interest. Then he picked up the pen and wrote two beautiful characters on the paper: "Baby." Can you see it clearly? Come on, you try to write it. Rou Fu handed the pen to the baby and looked at her encouragingly. Baby hesitated for a long time, and then took the pen nervously under the repeated urging of Roufu. She held the pen with trembling hands and was about to fall on the paper, but Roufu could not help laughing: "Hey, the pen is not held like this!" The baby, of course, did not know the correct posture of holding the pen. After taking the pen, he closed his five fingers in a panic and held the penholder tightly in the palm of his hand. Now hearing Roufu's ridicule, he was surprised and ashamed. He quickly let go, and the pen slipped to the ground. Rou Fu himself bent down to pick up the pen. He first held the pen for the baby to see, and then handed it to the baby again. He said, hydraulic fitting supplier ,tube fitting manufacturer, "That's it. It's very simple. Try it again." Under her guidance, the baby was finally able to write in the right posture, but when he really wanted to write, he found it more difficult and did not know where to start. Finally, she listened to Rou Fu's instructions with trepidation, and finally managed to finish writing the rather simple word "baby" with the attitude of drawing and copying. Unexpectedly, as soon as he breathed a sigh of relief, he heard Rou Fulang's laughter again before he came to his senses: "It turns out that such a beautiful word can also be written so ugly." The baby's heart fell to the bottom of the valley, and when he saw all the people around him laughing with Rou Fu, he trembled like a cold winter. He was both sad and embarrassed, and his eyes began to turn red. Don't be sad, I'm not laughing at you! When Rou Fu noticed that she didn't look right, she immediately took her hand and said, "Don't worry so much.". The first time I wrote, my handwriting was even uglier than yours. My brother, the Number One Scholar, laughed for half a month and said that I had no future if I wanted to practice calligraphy. If I followed the Taoist priest to learn how to draw charms, I could consider it. ” And let people put on new paper, ordered her to practice repeatedly, while watching and said: "Later I teach you to read and write, learn well, you can also ask my brothers to give advice.." Many of them are very good at calligraphy, not to mention my third brother Kai, brother Zhi is also good, they are my own brother, will come to see me from time to time. I heard that Brother Jiu's running script is very beautiful, but I haven't seen it. The last time I saw him, I was just a little older, and now I can't remember what he looked like. Chapter 2 Wu Fei Ying · Drum Awakening Dream Section 3 Zhao Kai From then on, as expected, Jou-fu often taught the infant how to read and write, and the infant's attitude was always very serious. She soon had a photographic memory of the words she had learned and the books she had read, and she was extremely enthusiastic about practicing calligraphy. In addition to practicing with Jou-fu, she would also get up at dawn every day when everyone in the palace was still asleep. He practiced calligraphy on the marble floor of the courtyard with a pen dipped in water in the faint morning light, then washed the pen before others got up and quietly put it back in the study. So every time Rou Fu sees her new handwriting, she is pleasantly surprised: "Baby, you are really talented!"! It's getting better every time. The baby usually bowed his head and answered, "It was the emperor who taught him well." One day at dawn, as usual, the baby squatted in the courtyard to practice calligraphy. After finishing the calligraphy that Rou Fu taught her yesterday, she practiced writing her name "baby" repeatedly. As I was writing, I heard a gentle and melodious male voice behind me: "Is this your name?" As soon as the baby startled, he turned his head and saw Zhao Kai's handsome smile. With one hand behind him and the other holding on to a half-open folding fan, the chilly morning breeze lifted a few wisps of hair hanging from his ears, brushed his flawless cheeks and smiling lips, and inadvertently helped the fragrance of his clothes spread wantonly in the air around him. "Good morning, Your Highness," the infant saluted blushingly. "It's not too early for me,stainless steel needle valve," Zhao said with a smile. I didn't get up early, but came back late. I passed by here and saw you writing, so I came to have a look. 。
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